Bethenny Frankel and Boyfriend Michael Cerussi in Violent Confrontation – Report

Bethenny Frankel and Boyfriend Michael Cerussi in Violent Confrontation - Report

People can be really stupid can’t they? Like when someone says something really negative about you, don’t go out of our way to prove them right. In this instance I’m talking about Bethenny Frankel’s new man, Michael Cerussi. Her soon to be ex husband, Jason Hoppy warned Frankel that he doesn’t want her new man around their young daughter because he believes that Cerussi has a violent temper.

According to the Jan. 27th print edition of Star magazine Frankel’s discussion over this matter with Cerussi ended badly. When she told him that Jason claimed he was too violent, Cerussi informed her that he won’t hurt a person and only hurts things. The idiot then proceeded to pick up a vase worth more than fifty grand and smashed it off the wall near Frankel.

Yeah, I’m sure that did wonders to build Frankel’s trust, right? She’s already beginning to ice Cerussi out, meanwhile he has told several friends about the incident, laughing his head off because he thinks that his outward display of anger is funny. Meanwhile all that his outburst did was freak Frankel out. She realizes that her radar when it comes to men hasn’t been great and she’s not going to let anyone jeopardize her daughters’ safety even accidentally. Should Frankel kick Cerussi to the curb? Does he have to go and fast? If she doesn’t bounce him then do you think that Hoppy will use this as a reason to seriously go after full custody of little Bryn? Should he? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • elzbthstths

    No! Nonononono! The man has shown her a MAJOR RED FLAG! Bethenny has been warned! Now try and get RID OF HIM, Betthenny. It will be hard. This type never goes away easily.

  • busybeeblogger

    If this is true she needs to throw the boy toy out.