Beyonce Boob Slip: Breasts Exposed at Super Bowl Party – Wardrobe Malfunction? (PHOTOS)

Beyonce Boob Slip: Breasts Exposed at Super Bowl Party - Wardrobe Malfunction? (PHOTOS)

One week after opening up the Grammy Awards with a jaw-dropping performance Beyonce again turned eyebrows. This time out she was at Hennessey’s Super Bowl Party grooving to Nas and Kelly Rowland on stage and as usual, Bey left some of her clothes at home. She was wearing a v-neck t shirt that fully exposed her barely there bra and it looked like her breasts were intended to be the main accessory of the night.

Bey has recently talked about some of her fashion choices and showing skin has become a very intentional plan for Blue Ivy’s mom. She’s proud of the 60 pounds that she lost after having her daughter and isn’t afraid to show off how good she looks. Obviously Jay-Z hasn’t had an issue with it either. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy performing with his barely dressed wife the other night and liked the fact that all the other guys in the audience think his wife is way hot.

Should Beyonce be turning up in random places with the twins on full display? Some have taken issue with her latest fashion choices because she’s a mom and therefore should be a little more respectable. Do you think that is true or does Bey have every right to dress however she pleases and there’s nothing wrong with her sexing up her image? Bey may be a mom but she’s also hitting an age where she is likely to be very comfortable in her skin and embracing her sexuality a bit more than she did even five years ago. Should she cover up? Check out Bey’s boob show here. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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