Jennifer Hudson Beyonce Diss for 2014 Grammys: Calls Bey “Too Old For Sex”

Jennifer Hudson Beyonce Diss for 2014 Grammys: Calls Bey "Too Old For Sex"

With the 2014 Grammy’s mere hours away Jennifer Hudson decided to use her dynamic voice to shade Beyonce in a new interview. When the Huffington Post asked Jennifer what she thought was overrated she was only too eager to respond, “Girl, I can’t. Ooooh … Singing about the same old things in music is so overrated. Sex, drinkin’, the club. Okay, especially sex. Like, we [are] grownups, we ain’t got over that, like, really? Ain’t you too old for that kind of thing? Can you talk about something else? I get annoyed with those things. But I can’t answer the last question, ohhh though I want to.”

Of course people jumped to the conclusion that Jennifer was talking about Beyonce since certain songs on Bey’s new album are of the explicit sexual nature. The songs Partition and Drunk in Love specifically are geared toward the young and dopamine infused crowd rather than the grown and classy crowd. Jennifer Hudson has never been good at using her words, so her meaning probably got lost in the delivery, just because she is less than articulate doesn’t mean she’s wrong. Recently, even the great Patti Labelle alluded to the same thing when she said that she doesn’t consider herself a diva because the title is thrown around so carelessly and given to those undeserving. That could also be considered shade since Beyonce is really the only relevant singer out now.

Jennifer isn’t fooling anyone, we all know who she is referring to and I’m glad she had the guts to speak up, even if she could have benefited from some hooked on phonics before she responded. I think what Jennifer meant was that the manner in which sex is approached these days is downright crude. I listened to both songs on Beyonce’s new album and both times I walked away feeling like I knew too much about her amorous activities… and I’m no prude. At one point I got a visual of Jay-Z and it wasn’t pretty. Immediately I needed a drink; it was either that or take a hot poker to whatever cerebral hemisphere is responsible for short term memory.

All of the legends that Beyonce likes to align herself with talked about sex in their music but it was tastefully presented. Patti Labelle was as dirty as they come but she was smart and enlightened enough to do it in French. Singers compete and give each other backhanded compliments, and no one should get in a uproar about this, except of course Beyonce’s over zealous fans whom I am convinced all got rabies from the same dog bite. How about a little history lesson, even Beyonce felt threatened before and shaded another artist, Jennifer Hudson to be exact. Back during the Dreamgirls era when Jennifer was getting all of the attention, queen (with a little q) Beyonce felt the need to remind everyone in an interview that had 9 Grammys and didn’t have to prove herself. Now that was enough shade to take on a picnic.

It’s obvious that Jennifer isn’t kneeling before the alter of the queen and her camel, and that’s pretty refreshing. Too many folks love that woman’s soiled leotards and its creepy. She should be careful though the beehive is like the mafia, talking smack about their queen is a good way to turn up missing. Invest in extra security Jennifer, and sleep with one eye open

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17 responses to “Jennifer Hudson Beyonce Diss for 2014 Grammys: Calls Bey “Too Old For Sex””

  1. Northwest lady says:

    Thank you Jennifer – I think Beyonce is so over rated and hyped up – would love for her and Jennifer to have a singing contest without studio help! Also Beyonce’s videos are so creepy. Excellent article too!

  2. David M. Bryant says:

    Thank you Jennifer, she needs to retire and hang it up.

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  4. jody says:

    but without the talent or the soul

  5. thebutcher says:

    Beyawncee has NO TALENT. She can’t even do thw national anthem. Her excuse was pure bullshit, just like her fake pregnancy

    • James Kelly says:

      LMAO bitch are you for real? I’m not a fan of Beyoncé’s latest album’ but to say she has no talent. Girl, you must have lost your fucking mind. Also, didn’t sing the [expletive] national anthem live afterwards, proving for the millionth [expletive] time that she can sing her ASS off. Sweetie you are DONE.

  6. thebutcher says:

    Queen of what, lip synching, faking a pregnancy? She’s not a musician, shaking her pussy in your face is not talent. I bet she can’t even comprehend basic music theory. Queen my ass

  7. thebutcher says:

    You call it empowerment, I call it being a cheap ho

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  9. Tiana says:

    If she said dis stuff why deny it? It’s obvious shade. And Beyoncé in love, at least she talkin bout her man. She ain’t promote the song. People found out about the album by mouth. She happy with her husband and she own it. Jennifer can have her opinion but her taste of music ain’t get her too far.

  10. g2 says:

    hudson is only relevant to weight watchers & cockeyed womens anonomys

  11. Babble says:

    I don’t care who’s better honestly. Partition did NOT flow nicely at all. The video was very sexy and I loved the burlesque undertones but when she said “Yonce on her knees” I was done. Leave that kinda stuff to Miley Cyrus and Rihanna,Bey. I am actually really disappointed because she’s one of my favorite artists and the lyrics in the song are rather sleazy if you ask me. I can deal with a little subtle hints and her being coy but she just bee-lined it straight into Ho-ville.

  12. GiftofDiscernment says:

    Are you blind? Her labias were clearly exposed during the grammies! You sound brainwashed!

  13. GiftofDiscernment says:

    2nd most used convenient reply. 1st most used reply “your bitter/ you’re a hater”. Please come up with something substantial and original.
    So because someone has money they are exempt from accountability/above criticism/can do whatever they want? Wow, I will never take my common sense and critical thinking skills for granted again, lol!

  14. jody says:

    bey is a media created famewhore fake – even worse, her faux feminism = it’s ok to sell sex, sullies legitimate feminist causes and principles – you ignorantly confuse $ and sales with quality – or as Saul Bellow said, you mistake success for virtue.