Beyonce Divorce From Jay-Z: Cheated With Rachel Ray, Rita Ora and Rihanna? (PHOTO)

Beyonce Divorce From Jay-Z: Cheated With Rachel Ray, Rita Ora and Rihanna? (PHOTO)

The day had to come when Beyonce was going to learn the real story and divorce Jay-Z, right? Not the lines and lies that Jay-Z has apparently been feeding her for years, but the truth. She has supposedly suspected that he has cheated on numerous occasions but Beyonce has opted to believe her man when he explained why he was MIA so much – at least until now. After that elevator surveillance tape was leaked to the public a few weeks ago it changed everything. Solange Knowles served to prove to the world that she thinks Jay-Z is a cheater and wants her sister to divorce him ASAP. Now the whole world suspects that Bey isn’t the strong woman that she pretends to be and she had to do something about it.

According to the June 16 print edition of Life & Style magazine Beyonce has finally gotten to the bottom of the lies. Over the years she has heard rumors about Jay hooking up with Rihanna, Rita Ora and every other protege he has had and now she knows that there is certainly some truth to the rumors. I guess the first step towards becoming that strong woman that Bey portrays on stage is to face her own reality and she is finally doing that. We expect a final split between the Beyonce and Jay-Z after their ‘On The Run’ tour concludes.

Sources say that facing the fact that Jay has cheated repeatedly ultimately leaves Bey with no choice but to divorce him. She has stayed in the marriage for this long because she chose to believe all of his lies. Now that the truth has been laid at her feet she can’t continue to live a life that is rooted in lies and distrust. Do you think that Bey and Jay will play the happy couple while touring together this summer and then announce a split once they come in off of the road? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


11 responses to “Beyonce Divorce From Jay-Z: Cheated With Rachel Ray, Rita Ora and Rihanna? (PHOTO)”

  1. Jennifer Collins says:

    I would take the money and tell his big titty lips to kick rocks.

  2. lizzy says:

    They’re just RUMORS people. I doubt Rita Ora would go around telling people “I fucked Jay-Z!”. How embarrassing for your soul.

  3. 420somewhere says:

    Seems to me you just as weak as she is,, Id rather be alone for ret of life than to deal with someone else’s short coming as you call it,, when you cheat your not only breaking to God your also breaking someone’s heart. How can you give a person a second chance when he’s cheated more than once… and I think I’ve said enuff good day

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  6. Keith says:

    Its really sad how most women will put up bs when they love a man I mean she has know he was a cheater for a long time like most women do about their men but she stayed anyway hoping he would change like most women do but they never do they only get worst! This is why most men disrespect women and think they are stupid because if you give them good sex and they fall in love with you, women will do the most stupid idiotic thing to stay by the mans side! And if that have a kid together she will really put up with amazing non sense!! See women could stop that from the start but once they get that good sex and they fall in love its a rap!! Sorry ladies its nobody fault but your own. There are strong women out there that wont but they are very few. women have to learn that they cannot love any man more then they love themselves! If there is a female out their that is not stupid like most females when it comes to good sex and love, I would like to meet you. I can do stupid at all when it comes to females. Yahoo search (My Real Life Story – How a woman can get over a man) and get in touch with me from their, if your about something.

  7. Bonnie Cooper JW says:

    Aren’t a lot of his songs about messing around with various females? That’s the lifestyle she new he had before she married him…, im not saying its right but if you fall for a self proclaimed ‘thug’, your asking for it, don’t ya think? ??

  8. bdette says:

    I agree with 420somewhere. I know my worth and Im not about to accept no man that will commit a mistake twice on top of that something that will break my trust. If my man show any type of interest in a woman that’s definitely questioning what he feels for me. If you assume that someone like 420somewhere will be single or alone then u expect the same for me. Well guess what, I been with mines for 7years n I dare him lay a finger on someone else his life will definitely be coming short. Im a woman that dont play but I take care of business when it comes to my relationship there for I dont believe in any shortcomings unless I slack on my job as a woman

  9. Keith Shaun says:

    i agree witchu, but i feel like she done messed around too….come on, its beyonce, just like girls want jayz cuz he has alot of money, men (that look better than jayz) want beyonce and i know she has slipped up somewhere along the line, she be a liar if she said otherwise

  10. perfectly_ann says:

    I think it’s best for them to get divorced . He the one who got her like she is now . I love beyonce she is beatuiful I know beauty doesn’t matter , but Jay Z don’t desrve her !

  11. Pweedy Athii Goboza says:

    I don’t think she will play a happy couple with him, I think she will make it clear to him that she’s really serious about divorcing him… She’s believed him for so many years and now she’s just too tired of being the fool.