Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce After Tour Concludes: Rachel Roy Cheating & Solange Elevator Fight

Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce After Tour Concludes: Rachel Roy Cheating & Solange Elevator Fight

Beyonce and Jay-Z may still be trying to pass off an illusion of having the perfect marriage, but the public’s starting to see the cracks in their relationship. Solange‘s attack on Jay-Z opened up the world to see a whole different side of Beyonce and her family, and I guarantee you that everyone involved in that is suffering deeply for it – and that includes the woman who reportedly started the whole thing by flirting with Jay-Z, the infamous Rachel Roy.

In a way, you have to feel a little sorry for Roy, who was best known as a fashion designer before last week. But now, she’s been touted as the woman who tried to steal Jay-Z from Beyonce, and whether that’s the truth or not seems to be almost irrelevant. It’s what the media deigns to make true, and legitimate sources close to the situation also claim that Rachel definitely had something to do with Solange hitting Jay-Z in the elevator.

While there may have been other circumstances involved in motivating Solange to attack Jay-Z, the primary consensus seems to be that Solange saw Jay-Z flirting with Rachel. In a fit of rage, and defending her sister, she clearly lost her cool and let Jay-Z have it. But unfortunately, the whole world now knows that her sister’s marriage isn’t perfect, and what’s worse is that sources continue to claim that Rachel still has her sights set on Jay-Z. These sources add that Jay-Z’s supposed attraction to Rachel poses a threat to his future with Beyonce, and although Beyonce’s trying her best to ban Rachel from ever meeting her husband again, it’s a lot easier said than done.

In the end, it’ll really be up to Jay-Z on whether or not he’s willing to sacrifice his marriage for a fling with Rachel. There’s only so much Beyonce can try to prevent him from ever seeing Rachel again, but Jay-Z’s decision will have to be made on his own terms, not his wife’s and not the public’s.


23 responses to “Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce After Tour Concludes: Rachel Roy Cheating & Solange Elevator Fight”

  1. mareo147 says:

    They are not divourcing it was just a fight between brother in law and sister and law thinking that J was cheating B.Both Solange and Jay all the time but not everytime its a little family rivalry nothing new

  2. JavitaVerve says:

    This downhill slide is beginning to hark back to the Bobby Whitney days and we may likely be witnessing the Whitnification of Beyonce now. The references to Ike and Anna Mae in songs, the ghetto stance (Bow Down BiA**es) … the persistent diva stances & “queendom” proclamations … it’s all so …. WHITNEY & BOBBY now. When one must announce to the world they are “drunk in love” … they are like not.

    • ShoNuff says:

      Agreed. And Rachel Roy is accomplished. Beautiful. Intelligent. Refined… No need to call herself a “Queen” cause she oozes regal – naturally!

      • umadornah?! says:

        Please, refined and regal but chasing another woman’s husband, beesh please! Try typical aggressive,thirsty white whore!

        • thebutcher says:

          BeyawnHACK is black trash. Who seriously demands pictures of them removed from web pages because she didn’t like how she looked in them?

      • fashionoutlier says:

        Rachel has a history of messing around with married/committed men. She was foolin’ around with Damon Dash while he was with Aaliyah

        • kay says:

          A strong and dedicated man would not allow a woman to “mess” with him…. most men don’t invite this….not always the woman’s fault

  3. JavitaVerve says:

    Gawwwd, the Obamas must be so embarrassed right about now.

    • thebutcher says:

      Seriously? Why do you ignorant republiCONs ALWAYS have to bring our president into everything? Get over it, you lost the last FOUR elections

      • Satrdayschild says:

        Voted Demo. Both times. Luvvvv my Prez. Don’t approve of the riff-raff hired help (sangers) tho.

  4. Jazalei says:

    Bullshit .

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  6. kay says:

    exactly….that’s just what someone wants you to think..her image is done

  7. kay says:

    I heard Jay z defended Rachel Roy and was mad at Solange for yelling at her. Solange thought it was disrespectful for Jay z to defend another woman in front of Beyonce so that’s why she was upset lol

  8. miss mersades says:

    Beyonce is that chick Rachel Roy is a hater.

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  14. tytt says:

    Jayz is a cheater becuz in 2011 rumorss was going around that he was flurting with some woman bey u need to get blue ivy and get on becuz u got time to put up with no cheater and he go on about his rping bus. and please dont get back with him igghht peace this is my word of adive keep making good songs and it was funny when solange attack him in that elevator

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