Beyonce Refuses To Be Kim Kardashian’s Bridesmaid: Declines Wedding Invitation Says Kardashians Too Tacky

Beyonce Refuses To Be Kim Kardashian's Bridesmaid: Declines Wedding Invitation Says Kardashians Too Tacky

Has Beyonce turned down Kim Kardashian‘s invitation to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding to Kanye West? Man, that would be hilarious. We know Beyonce’s not the biggest fan of Kim, and the only reason she’s put up with her for so long has been because of her friendship with Kanye. But imagine how she’s feeling now that Kanye went and proposed to Kim, and now she’s stuck with her for at least a couple more years.

Anyway, a source tells Star, “Kim has been boasting to pals that Bey wants to be a bridesmaid, but Beyonce turned her down flat. Bey doesn’t want anything to do with the Kardashian clan. From sex tapes to crack addicts, they’re too controversial. Beyonce doesn’t even take Kim’s calls, so she was shocked when she got a voicemail begging her to be a bridesmaid. This is a woman who doesn’t care how close a friend you are, all she cares about are big names.”

Damn, Star isn’t holding back on their shade, are they? Also, Kim has already reached out to Gossip Cop to claim that she hasn’t gotten ‘that far in wedding preparation‘ yet. Um, so what? Whether the story’s true right now doesn’t matter, it will come true eventually. You know Kim won’t be able to resist from asking Beyonce to be a bridesmaid, and you know there’s no way Beyonce’s touching that, even with a ten-foot pole. Kim will have to find some other ‘big names’ for her bridesmaid list, although I’d expect to see a few of her sisters on there.

What do you guys think of this story? Do you find it hilarious that Kim would even entertain the thought of Beyonce being one of her bridesmaids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

8 responses to “Beyonce Refuses To Be Kim Kardashian’s Bridesmaid: Declines Wedding Invitation Says Kardashians Too Tacky”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Don’t believe the Star rag story for a second but it’s still worth a chuckle.

  2. jackalexandria says:

    A third marriage means very little, by now your friends are sick of buying you wedding gifts and then there is every possibility it wont last more than three months. This family are fading fast, and I for one am glad about that.

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  4. Sharmagne Weston says:

    I don’t believe Kim has asked Beyoncé yet. I believe Beyoncé’s peeps are putting the word out…do not ask.

  5. mimi says:

    I don’t think that story is real. She would not even think of asking bey to be a bridesmaid. Im sure all of her sisters will be there for that. Come on now! Ppl just wanna make Kim look bad. Stop!!

  6. Berry cakes says:

    a “class act” such as Beyonce shouldn’t have even said anything when asked about it even if she felt that way

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  8. Mo says:

    I think Beyonce should stay clear of all cameras and photos that will be released to the public. She is too much of and idol to be on a reality television show. Kim needs to stop being so needy for attention and cherish certain moments in a more private way. Sometimes you can get caught up in all the cameras and hype and once people stop caring that she is married to Kanye she will probably desire a new relationship. Beyonce should go as a friend but not partake in Kim’s reality show filming to make money off her wedding.