The War Continues! Beyonce Shuns Kim Kardashian Because Of Rita Ora Diss

The War Continues! Beyonce Shuns Kim Kardashian Because Of Rita Ora Diss 0903

Kim Kardashian has tried to play it up that Beyonce is one step away from guest starring on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but after the frosty reception Beyonce gave the reality star this weekend at the Made In America festival, I’d say Kim shouldn’t hold her breath. According to reports, Beyonce ignored Kim for most of the festival and the two barely spoke at all which has got to be awkward as all hell since their significant others are best friends and around each other most of the time.

But before you jump down Beyonce for meangirling poor little Kim, the sex tape star got her Calabasas girl on and ignored Beyonce right back. Entertainmentwise writes: “(Kardashian) didn’t make any efforts to go speak to Beyonce either.” She apparently clung to her token friend with the eyes that are too close together, a.k.a. Jonathan Cheban. Beyonce eased up a bit and the two women “made small talk in the dressing room, but you could tell Kim was uncomfortable. She clung onto Kanye the entire time and didn’t say much.(Kardashian) was talking to Jonathan, and Kanye was talking to Jay-Z and Beyonce.”

Naturally! You don’t think Beyonce would hang with Cheban do you? I’m not one to support social classes but some people should know their place! But why the cold front? I thought the ladies were all buddy buddy now?

Well, it turns out Kim got a little twitter happy and p-ssed off the reigning king and queen of music. This is where the story gets absolutely asinine, so since it’s concerning Kardashians, is probably totally true. reports that Kim tweeted about her brother Rob Kardashian needing a good woman even though he’s supposedly dating Jay Z’s Roc Nation singer Rita Ora. Beyonce was partying with Rita throughout the weekend. Do you think Rita took offense and Beyonce took her side? Beyonce may be the biggest thing in music but she’s still a girl and a friend. It could happen.

Oh, but that’s not all. Kim also compared reality TV to rap music, “saying they were both misunderstood.” So Kim’s a pop culture/music expert now? Why does anyone take anything that woman says seriously? She’s a sex tape star! Well, apparently, Kim’s brilliant assessment didn’t sit so well with Jay-Z since his trade is based off of talent unlike Kim’s. The last thing anyone wants in life is to be compared to Kim Kardashian (see also: Prince Harry).

But are these reasons enough for Beyonce to throw Kim so much shade? I believe the Rita Ora story over the rap music comment. But seriously, the day women fight over Rob Kardashian is the day we all need to kick our own asses. I genuinely believe Beyonce is a good person though. I don’t think she’d start sh-t unless someone needed a little smack down. Obviously, Kim is a famewh-re of the greatest degree and her ego along with Kanye’s has got to be insufferable. Beyonce can share the spotlight. She’s got no problem sharing attention with her rich friends like my girl Gwyneth Paltrow. But she probably can’t stand it when women crave attention like Kim. Have you ever been around someone who keeps talking and you know they want you to ask them about themselves but you just can’t bring yourself to do it because you know they want it SO BAD! Is that just me? Well, that’s how I think Beyonce must feel around Kim. Kim wants it all so bad: to be accepted in the exclusive circles, to be married, to be known as a business woman. Hell, she even wants a star on the Walk of Fame. I’m sure Beyonce has to leave the room at times and just grab a beer because that sh-t is tiring.

So we can chalk up Beyonce’s cold shoulder towards Kim to so many new evidences but really the women are just too damned different! Check out how each of them dressed for the festival below. Beyonce looked so chill and Kim looked like she was going to a fashion show. I would have ignored Kim for that reason alone!

What do you think about the new Beyonce and Kim feud rumors? Do you believe the rap/Rita Ora comments are the real reason behind the snubbing or are the women just too different to be friends?

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6 responses to “The War Continues! Beyonce Shuns Kim Kardashian Because Of Rita Ora Diss”

  1. […] Bey supposedly confronted Kim this week in Philly about her limelight hogging ways, a bitch fight that you can totally see happening. I can just imagine Bey rolling up on Kim and telling her to cut it, can’t you?  Of course Bey’s camp is now trying to say it never happened. According to TMZ, “They love each other — they talk fashion, family, Beyonce’s baby all the time.” […]

  2. MyOwnOpinion says:

    I really think B believes that the way K got in the spotlight and how she chooses to stay in the spotlight is way over the top and their set of standards/morals differ as well as the desperation and constant drama Kim uses is above B and those she chooses to surround herself with. B & J not only respect Kanye for his talent, but as a friend they both truly love. B & J do not hate Kim, I’m sure there are some sort of common ground they share like (b—s—) in the media, so they focus on that for the sake of the album and tour and the love of a friend… At some point we all come accross a situation of wishing the good qualities of a Friends significant other went accross the board and really bite our tounge and endure the awkward get togethers until They become unraveled or More space naturaly occures between the couples as this person becomes a Permanent fixture, or you make it a goal To focus on the positive and grow to like that person or who they are as a couple. Simple, but the media makes things so ridiculous that the common ground they share with this media war among the women may facilitate in creating a bond/friendship…

    • Megan C Hermon says:

      Haters make this wonderful world a negative place. I think both woman are amazing! They both WORK FOR THIER MONEY. Jealousy will destroy your beautiful souls…. Just saying.

  3. disqus_TatpVMruVS says:

    First everyone did what did to make it to the rich life,so stop all the hating on how kim get hers. Beyonce aint mother Theresa and she damn sure aint representing God anymore. Her & jay pp killing ass have no room to look down their nose at no one. Now that he done devil worship for years I guess he ain’t gotta promote that cautionary tell of hard knock life.
    Beyonce aint gotta kick everyone out the group to fake dance on stage.
    Who cant booty bounce and alter der music.

  4. Sha Har says:

    Beyonce was never at war with this woman. She don’t know Kim. Kanye is their friend. BEY don’t have to befriend this vile woman. Beyonce is working and focused on her family. Jay & BEY are living their lives without the tomfoolery.

    Kanye is stuck with this nasty woman and her family. Oh well..

  5. PrincessB Cooper says:

    Boo WHORE