Beyonce Begins Diva War With Katy Perry Because She’s Dying Of Jealousy – Katy’s The New Queen Of Pop!

Beyonce Begins Diva War With Katy Perry Because She's Dying Of Jealousy - Katy's The New Queen Of Pop!

Has Beyonce started an epic diva war with Katy Perry? While this supposed war might not be blatant to all, something seems to be going down, especially given that Beyonce chose to release her new “Pretty Hurts” video and single the exact same day as Katy released her new single, “Birthday.” Some are suggesting that Beyonce has begun to feel the pressure of Katy’s immense success and her complete domination of the pop music industry. Is the Queen B feeling a bit jealous, nervous perhaps, in light of Katy’s chart-topping tunes?

“Partition,” a song by Beyonce, flopped on the charts; the highest spot it reached was #23 on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry experienced a very different journey, having spent several weeks at #1 on the chart. And the sales for that annoying magical and glorious song have been huge — close to 5 million copies sold.

It’s interesting to consider Beyonce’s jealousy. Even though she might not be feeling these strong emotions, the facts are there: Beyonce’s titles aren’t faring as well on the charts as they did once upon a time.

Do you think the release of these stars’ songs were timed accordingly — strategically placed in an effort to have one epic chart topping battle? If so, poor sweet Beyonce’s losing big time. Katy’s “Birthday” vid has over 2 million views, whereas Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” is just under 550K. Yikes. What a big difference!

Watch both vids below and let us know who you think is the true pop diva!


4 responses to “Beyonce Begins Diva War With Katy Perry Because She’s Dying Of Jealousy – Katy’s The New Queen Of Pop!”

  1. Kim Dellacroce says:

    Oh sure, the thought of Katy Perry has Beyonce shaking in her boots! And of course Beyonce is thinking about Katy Perrys moves and has started a war with Katy because she’s jealous of her. *sarcasm*roll eyes*Any smart person will not buy into those bogus claims and/or story. Its just not in Beyonce’s nature to be jealous of other women especially when she helps uplift other women all the time. Beyonce aka The queen of Pop is confident within herself cause she knows she is really talented and never ceases in helping others to be great. Beyonce is a flower.
    Katy Perry herself even knows who is the biggest pop star in the world. She said for herself that Beyonce is. It is the person or people behind this bogus and ridiculous article who is/are jealous. Is it a coincidence that you all have come out with this bogus story at the very same time when certain notice of Beyonce gracing the front cover of TIME magazine comes out? And when she has been declared The queen of pop? LOLz Beyonce is “the” queen, GET OVER IT! Smh

  2. katr says:

    Beyonce did probably did that intentionally I prefer Katy Perry

  3. Brianna Lee says:

    Dark Horse, Roar and Birthday are hits and likes but Drunk in Love is stupid