Beyonce and Jay-Z Marriage Fights and Drama: Solange Knowles’ Tell-All Book?

Beyonce and Jay-Z Marriage Fights and Drama: Solange Knowles' Tell-All Book?

Solange Knowles is reportedly writing a tell-all book about Jay-Z‘s marriage to her sister, Beyonce. Um, I have my doubts about this. First of all, would she really betray her sister this way? It’s been days since the news of her attack on Jay-Z in the elevator leaked, and Solange has refused to discuss it in public. It’s possible that she’s saving it all for the tell-all, but if she truly was defending her sister that night, then I don’t think she would hurt her by revealing the truth to the whole world.

See, nothing matters more to Beyonce than public perception and public image. In her mind, it’s better that everyone thinks her marriage is perfect than actually admitting that she and Jay-Z have their troubles, just like every other married couple. The video of the Solange attack probably threw Beyonce’s whole team into disarray, for fear of her wrath. For someone who so neurotically and meticulously controls her press, it was definitely a huge slap in the face – and there’s no way she would give the go-ahead for her own sister to write a tell-all about it.

Of course, this report originates from In Touch Weekly, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt. It could very well be that Solange was upset at Beyonce for choosing Jay-Z over her after the Rachel Roy fight, and she might be angry at her sister for going back to her husband after he allegedly cheated on her. If Solange really does feel betrayed that way [which would also make sense considering Solange’s deletion of Beyonce from her social media], then it’s very possible that she decides to write a tell-all about the situation. However, don’t ever expect this book to get to publication – Beyonce and Solange will have made up by that time, and even if they haven’t, Beyonce will move heaven and earth to stop that book from reaching the public.

  • lynn lee

    you guy’s are so ‘full of sh*t”!! Who says Jay and Bey don’t have a happy marriage and Solange’s outburst had anything to do with the Carter’s relationship? The incident probably had nothing to do with Jay and Beyonce? The author sounds like all those other ‘misery loves company’ people who are either in bad relationships or have a history of them so they want to believe or ‘wish’ the Carter’s were also having problems also. Some relationships are just as the seem ‘good’. There are so many other problems relationships can have besides ‘cheating’ and ‘deceit’ but most ‘loser’s pick the worse offense. There’s a great saying ‘people will believe all the bad things they hear about you without a doubt but question the good they hear’. I hope you guys apologize for keeping ‘messy lies’ going and thinking and speaking for the Carter’s when you find out that they are as happy and in love as they seem to be.

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