Does Big Brother 16 Have the Worst Gameplay of All Time?

Does Big Brother 16 Have the Worst Gameplay of All Time?

Now that Devin Shepherd basically has one foot out the door, one would think the poor Big Brother 16 gameplay would be over. He is the worst of the offenders after all. His epic poor decisions have made this season of Big Brother incredibly entertaining and a bit unusual to say the least. Devin Shepherd, however, is only the beginning. The gameplay on Season 16 has been pretty bad overall, really. For every good decision, like getting rid of Devin, there are horrible ones galore.

If you don’t believe me, consider the following dumb moments from this year’s season that is barely old enough to have a personality:

Caleb Volunteering to “Save” Amber – Yes, Amber is smoking hot. I get that. Still, Caleb risking his game like by volunteering to go up and throwing a competition just smacks of ignorance. First of all, Amber has made it very clear she is not interested. Even if she was interested, Caleb will regret bombing his chances in this game down the line. A momentary crush was put ahead of potentially winning Big Brother? Say it ain’t so!

The Bomb Squad –  Devin was the ringleader, but the entire Bomb Squad formation was pretty silly from Day one. There was no rhyme or reason for the grouping other than gender and even that was shot before the group was out of the toddler stage. Add in the fact that nearly the entire house was a part of it, and the Bomb Squad was blown to smithereens before it ever got off the ground.

Joey’s Mental Break –  Initially, Joey seemed like a gamer. She seemed like she might be able to hang around and make some positive traction in the game. Then one day she simply fell off a cliff. Her mental breakdown of not only attempting an all girl’s alliance right out in the open but then admitting it to anyone who would listen will go down as one of the dumbest Big Brother moves in history. For a time, Joey was a pretty exciting option. She now sits with the rest of the Big Brother mistakes in history. Perhaps the hair dye caused a momentary reaction in her brain?

Zack’s Verbal Vomit –  Dude. We know you have a problem controlling your outbursts but at this point it is quite amazing that you are still in the house. When Zack explodes, he does so at the worst possible moments and nobody is safe. What kills me about Zack is that he assumes that everyone will be right in his corner and backing him. Usually, they would if the target he is talking about were not right in front of them. Everyone hated Devin when Zack exploded about it, but Zack chose to blow up Devin in front of the house…and then include everyone without permission. That is a big no-no in Big Brother. Never put a fellow houseguest in the cross hairs when nobody was aiming at them before.

Nicole’s Fear of Blood –  If you go into Big Brother thinking you can stay clean of blood on your hands, you are not very bright. Clearly Nicole is a sweetheart that is quite bright in other areas. Her pathological fear of hurting anyone, however, makes her a very bad Big Brother player. It is very important to stay off the radar, but you don’t want to float either. Nicole is a player that could be in a great position if she were willing to take some chances and harden up a little. She will be hurting people all the way to the end on some level so she needs to understand that. There will be blood…and there is nothing she can do about it if she wants to stay.

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