Big Brother 16: Frank Eudy and Pro Wrestler Sid Vicious Join Cast – Scarlet Veto Twist

Big Brother 16: Frank Eudy and Pro Wrestler Sid Vicious Join Cast – Scarlet Veto Twist

Summer is officially here, and that means the season premiere of Big Brother 16 is right around the corner, scheduled to air on CBS on June 25th 2014. So far the reality TV franchise has been pretty tight-lipped pertaining to Big Brother spoilers. But, we managed to track down a few interesting details for those die-hard Big Brother fans.

Rumor has Season 16 of Big Brother will be similar to Survivor’s Blood Vs. Water theme, and will feature teams of relatives living in the house this summer. Pro Wrestling Scoops announced that BB alum Frank Eudy from Season 14 of Big Brother is slated to return to the house this summer. Frank made it to 8th week of the competition before he was eliminated and sent to the jury, however he was voted fan favorite for the time on the house and was very popular among Big Brother fans.

It would make sense for BB to want Frank to return, seeing as how he has a slew of fans. And, he is rumored to be bringing his famous father with him. Frank is the son of Sid Eudy, professional wrestler, also known as Sid Vicious. If the rumors are true, then Frank and Sid will surely be a force to reckon with during Season 16 of Big Brother.

There’s another Big Brother spoiler floating around the internet that could potentially change the entire game this Summer. Big Brother Canada just tested the “Scarlet Veto,” and rumor has it the new twist will be featured in Season 16. The “Scarlet Veto” will work just like a normal veto and can save someone on the chopping block, however it can be used after the regular veto. The “Scarlet Veto” is hiding within the house and whoever finds it is not allowed to tell anyone else where it is, or else they will be evicted.

So Big Brother fans, what do you think about Frank Eudy and Sid Vicious appearing on Season 16 of Big Brother? Were you a fan of Frank, or are you hoping the spoiler is totally wrong? What do you think about the “Scarlet Veto” twist? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Big Brother Season 16 spoilers.

7 responses to “Big Brother 16: Frank Eudy and Pro Wrestler Sid Vicious Join Cast – Scarlet Veto Twist”

  1. Sam says:

    It’s you duty to love Frank Eudy! I’d love to see big Frank back!

  2. Christian says:

    I hated Frank. Blech!

  3. That guy who hates Spike says:

    As a BBCAN fan, I’m happy to see that BBUS is taking some inspiration from above (literally). If the rumour is true anyways.
    However, if the rumour IS true, it would also mean that Big Brother would play more similarly to Survivor, considering Blood VS. Water might turn into a staple idea for Survivor, rather than a one-off twist. Plus, immunity idol’s power is very similar to the Scarlet Veto, in term’s of it’s power and how to obtain it.
    Yet, I suppose you can also say that BB16’s rumoured twist is also like BB6’s twist. Which had a player and their close one competing. The difference is that this would be an all-star’s season as opposed to BB6 which had a new cast.
    Rumours like these tend to be false most of the time though, considering that these rumours basically mean they took inspiration from what they’ve seen and know (Blood VS. Water, Frank Eudy’s famous father, Scarlet Veto) I would think BB16 would have some ideas and original twists for themselves.

  4. Patrick Lange says:

    If this was true, wouldn’t Sid and Frank be kicked out from the cast? I think it’s against the rules to leak out this information before the show even begins. Sid is pretty much breaking the rules by telling people that his Son joining the cast.

    • Sheryl Frieman says:

      I hate the fact that BB after dark is on TVGN. Boring. Maybe they understand that bleeping bad words is just plain unnecessary.

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