Big Brother 16 Recap Donny Evicted: Week 9 Episode 29 “Live Eviction and HoH”

Big Brother 16 Recap Donny Evicted: Week 9 Episode 29 “Live Eviction and HoH”

Tonight on CBS BIG BROTHER returns for an all new episode in their 16th season. On tonight’s episode another houseguest is evicted from the Big Brother house and it is going to be either Donny or Nicole.

On the last episode, Cody won the Power of Veto and he was toying with the idea of vetoing one of his own nominations and backdooring Frankie Grande. Cody contemplated putting Frankie up on the eviction block and getting him out the house now; however, his puppet master, Derrick, ultimately shut down the idea and reminded him that they were gunning for Donny. Cody finally called the Power of Veto ceremony; the houseguests gathered around and he announced he would not be using the POV and would be leaving Donny and Nicole up for eviction. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we recapped it all, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a house guest will be evicted from the Big Brother House.  It will be either Nicole or Donny and once the eliminated player leaves the head of house hold competition will be held.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 8pm with another great episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother?

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Donny and Nicole are on the block tonight. Julie says the house guests “fear the beard” but wonders if the house guests will keep her. Nicole knows she needs three votes to stay in and hopes that the target stays on Donny. He says Team America is his only hope but doesn’t think they are loyal to him. Cody is folding clothes and thinking about Donny. He says sending him home was the best move since he’s the strongest player.

Derrick scares Nicole and she says she wants to talk to him about what he’s doing. He asks what she thinks he’s doing. She says she feels awkward after getting evicted. He tells her they are going to keep her and he hopes she won’t put him up if she gets HOH. Privately he says he’s not sure he’s ready to send home a Team America member.

Nicole tells Christine that it was bizarre that it was her first instinct to come hug her. She tells her she missed her so much. Christine says she’s voting for Donny to go and Nicole says she has no hard feelings. Frankie watches the girls get cozy and wonders if he needs to rethink sending Donny home because Nicole has a strong social game.

Nicole says Donny has played a very good game and Christine agrees. Frankie and Derrick lay out in the sun and Derrick says they are a before and after picture of a tanning commercial. Frankie says he wants to keep Team America together and says he knows Nicole will come after him. He decides to talk to Derrick about it. He whispers to Derrick about who Donny would put up if he got HOH.

Derrick says he wouldn’t put up Cody because he likes him but Derrick says if they save him, Donny wouldn’t be able to put them up. Frankie says he doesn’t think that he and Derrick are Donny’s targets. He says it’s better for all of them if they put up Nicole. They discuss Caleb as well. Frankie comes to see Caleb and tells him that Nicole is doing a good job reintegrating.

Caleb says he knows where she stands with them and Frankie says she wants him out of the house. Caleb wonders who she would put up with him and he says it wouldn’t be Christine since they’re getting close and Caleb says maybe him or Derrick. Caleb looks at her playing pool and thinks. There’s a new Team America envelope in the diary room.

Frankie read the envelope and says that to find out if America liked their last mission, they have to answer Apple Pie when Julie asks if they are a have not what special food they would request. If Julie says yes, America said yes and they will get the $5,000, this is the #BBApplePie information. Frankie says he hopes they impressed them.

Frankie goes to tell Donny and Derrick about what he read. He says for both of them to answer Apple Pie if they are asked the question and if she says yes, they get the money, if no, they didn’t get it. Caleb talks to Derrick and says they may make a big mistake this week. He says Nicole is smart and athletic while Donny is just smart. He says they can crush Donny more easily.

Caleb says should they consider who’s the bigger threat. Derrick says he agrees. Derrick doesn’t want anyone to think he’s the mastermind behind this and says Christine won’t flip her vote, but he, Frankie and Caleb can vote to keep him. Caleb goes to talk to Cody. Frankie is there and tells Cody that Christine and Nicole have been renewing their friendship.

Frankie tells Cody that Nicole wins HOH. Cody says it’s lose-lose. Caleb says Nicole is stronger. Frankie says Donny has no social game. Cody says they have tried to get Donny out many times and haven’t been able to. Caleb says he wants Nicole to go, Cody says Donny. They ask Derrick and he says he’s torn because he doesn’t want to say what he wants in case it can be used against him.

The house guests are assembled and Julie greets them. She asks Victoria how she’s feeling and she says it’s better. Julie says it’s the last week for have nots. She asks Frankie what special food he would request. He says apple pie. Julie says it’s an overwhelming no. They ask Cody what he misses and he says his dad. Julie says they have a little taste of home.

Caleb’s brother has a video message for her and then Victoria’s mom. Cody’s dad is on screen and then Nicole’s mom. Next is Frankie’s family including Ariana and then Donny’s brother saying the whole town is pulling for him. Christine’s hubby says he loves her and then Derrick’s daughter and wife tell him they love and miss him and he cries.

Julie asks him how much she’s grown since he’s been gone and Derrick just cries. Julie says she’ll be back for the live vote. Then Julie asks us what everyone really thinks about Christine’s flirtmance with Cody. In Tucson, we see Tim, Christine’s husband. They’ve been friends since they were 12 and married for two years.

He says it’s so surreal seeing her on TV. He says he would change the hand holding – that he doesn’t like. He says he thinks her relationship with Cody is a little odd and some boundaries have been crossed. He says Cody is a good looking guy but says he is too (he’s so not). Christine’s mom says she really doesn’t like how her daughter is acting like around Cody and wants her out.

Tim thinks he’s being disrespected and we see them saying they love each other. Christine’s dad says it makes him uncomfortable. Her brother says he doesn’t think it’s as bad as it looks. We see Cody’s family next. His dad Paul says he’s just a flirty guy. He says they’re Italians and are just touchy feely. Cody’s sister thinks his flirting is strategy. She thinks the Christine thing is too much though.

Paul says people just like him a lot and thinks his son is leading her on. We see Zingbot making the crack about Christine’s husband. Tim says that was something both Christine and Cody needed to hear. He says he’s going to tell her what he really thinks about her behavior and says he’s going to bro hug Cody and play with his hair to see what all the fuss is about.

Derrick says at the finale Tim is going to kick Cody in the nuts. Julie invites us to vote between #BBHolla or #BBTs where the guests can vie for $5,000 dollars or face hollas or be punished by wearing the same five dumb t-shirts for the rest of the competition.

It’s time for the live vote. They get to make their final statements. Donny thanks God, says he loves his family and GF and tells the house guests that he would love to keep playing with them. Nicole says she loves and misses her family, loves the house guests and would love to stay. Cody doesn’t get to vote. Christine votes first and she votes to evict Donny. Of course.

Victoria votes to vote out Donny. Frankie is next and he votes to send Donny home. Caleb twirls Frankie around then comes and votes for Donny. This is crap. What is wrong with these people. Derrick is next and he says he has to vote for Donny. The votes are in and it’s unanimous that Donny is going home. The HOH challenge will follow and it’s going to be an endurance challenge.

Donny and Nicole hold hands as Julie makes the announcement. She tells them that Donny has been voted out. He hugs Nicole then Christine. Derrick and Cody hug him too. Then Frankie. Nicole is crying as he goes. He hugs Caleb and they all tell him they love him. That was the warmest send off they’ve given anyone and then he comes out to an amazing round of applause from the crowd.

In the house, they say that was emotional and impressive. Nicole says she didn’t expect it. Frankie is upset. Donny is upset too. Julie asks how he feels and Donny says he’s emotional and she asks why. He says his feelings are hurt, he just saw his brother and he has a big heart. Julie says she sees that and asks who in particular hurt him and he says Team America.

He says America voted them a team but he doesn’t blame them because he knows it’s an individual game. She asks if he played not in an alliance on purpose. He says with his age and how he looks, he knew he would be at a disadvantage but says he has an art at befriending people. She says he was on the block seven times and asks why he was such a target.

Donny says likeability is an issue because everyone that’s been voted out has really liked him. Julie asks why he didn’t stay up late to bond with the others. He says he has nothing in common with them and would have nothing to talk with them about in the wee hours of the night. He says it was better to get his sleep for competitions.

Julie says they have accused him of being an actor, ex-military, a doctor and a genius. He says he was a grounds keeper but had to resign to come play and he hopes he gets his job back. Christine says she’s been trying to get him out. Caleb says he’s been trying to get him out and that he could have won it. Frankie says he wanted to keep him and Derrick says they same and he wanted to keep him too.

Julie says she has good news and the CBS series The Bold and The Beautiful want him to guest star on the soap opera. He tells her she looks beautiful. That is so bizarre. What the heck do they want Donny on the soap for? I totally hope they cast him as an evil-genius, ex-military doctor – all the thing the other house guests think he is.

It’s time for the Head of Household competition. It’s called Sloppy the Snowman. You fill up a cup with liquid, run to fill up the head of a snowman and a piece of coal rises to the top. If you get that coal, you win HOH. There is a smaller snowman you can choose instead that will let you win $5,000 and harassment with shout outs for the rest of the summer. Once the HOH wins, the reward is off the table.

The course is super slick and they’re sliding around as they fill their snowmen. Victoria is slowest. Caleb is rock and rolling. It doesn’t look like anyone is going for the reward. The course is slightly slanted uphill as well, so that’s a bummer too. They are all breathing heavy and Christine is struggling quite a bit. Cody relaxes and watches.

Julie shows us that Sunday we’ll see who wins HOH and then POV on Wednesday then Thursday will be another double eviction. Julie plays some of the holla taunts as the house guests continue to race to fill and Victoria takes yet another spill.