Big Brother 16 Spoilers: 2-Night Premiere, Plus BB Fans Vote For Which Houseguests Will Compete This Summer!

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: 2-Night Premiere, Plus BB Fans Vote For Which Houseguests Will Compete This Summer!

The highly anticipated Big Brother Season 16 premiere on CBS is just ten days away. Just like in previous summers, the reality TV rumor mill has worked itself into a frenzy. Some sources are reporting a Blood Vs. Water twist, and other Big Brother spoilers are teasing veterans of the show will be going against newcomers, and pretty much every site out there has posted an article claiming the Reilly Sisters will be returning (I think we speak on behalf of almost all CBS viewers when we say we are sick of Rachel’s face being plastered all over our televisions).

There is, however, a new Big Brother rumor making its way around the internet that has been reported by multiple sites, and sounds like it may actually be legit. CBS has announced that the premiere of BB16 will be a two night extravaganza from June 25th-26th. Rumor has it that on June 25th a slew of new houseguests and veterans will be introduced to fans, way more potential players than any other season.

Big Brother fans will be asked at the end of the show to vote for the houseguests they actually want to compete in Big Brother 16 and on June 26th the winners will be revealed — and the players that received the least amount of votes will have to go home before the competition even starts.

Every reality television series has made huge attempts to get the viewers at home more involved in the process via social media and voting online, so it wouldn’t be much of a shock if Big Brother did the same thing. And voting in the houseguests you actually want to watch all summer would be a great way to get America invested in the show. And, if one of the houseguests turns out to be spewing hateful racist things, fans at home would have no one to blame but themselves…because they chose to put that person in the Big Brother house.

What do you think about being able to pick and choose who will be moving in to the Big Brother house this summer? Do you think there is any truth to that rumor? If you do have a chance to vote in players, would you be more likely to vote for veterans or fresh new faces? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Big Brother 16 spoilers.

8 responses to “Big Brother 16 Spoilers: 2-Night Premiere, Plus BB Fans Vote For Which Houseguests Will Compete This Summer!”

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  2. MissTrees says:

    I seriously NEVER have to see or hear Rachel again EVER! Do they think we like that idiot? She is disliked and is not FUN to hate. Neither she or her creepy husband is a good sport or enjoyable to watch.

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  4. victor soma says:

    I’d love for some hg to get a klan hood in the HOH basket (it its not a veteran season)

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