Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 4 Head Of Household Competition Results – Frankie and Cody Crowned New HOH’s

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 4 Head Of Household Competition Results - Frankie and Cody Crowned New HOH’s

On Thursday July 17th, the 3rd week of Big Brother 16 came to a close with a live eviction, the houseguests were unanimous, and sent home Devin. After the live voting, the remaining players headed out to the backyard for the fourth Head of Household competition of the season. If you have been following the Big Brother spoilers on the live feeds tonight, then you are aware that two new HOH’s have finally been crowned.

The houseguests were divided in to teams of two and locked in to cages made out of chicken wire for a competition called “Deviled Eggs.” The teams had to work together to move twelve eggs on the outside of the cages from the basket to their designated slot. The catch was, they had to remain inside their cages and stick their fingers through the holes on the fence and move them along the fence. After about ten minutes of tediously sliding the eggs along the fence, the live episode ended on CBS.

According to BB16 spoilers on the live feeds, after about an hour the competition was complete and two new HOH’s had been crowned. The Head of Households for Week 4 are Frankie and Cody. Frankie and Cody are still in what is left of the alliance formerly known as the Bomb Squad, so they will most likely be working together on their nominations this week.

During week 3 of BB16, some tension began developing between Cody and Caleb over Amber, and Cody mentioned to several other people in the house that he wanted to vote Caleb out. Frankie agreed with Cody and thought that Caleb’s infatuation with Amber was clouding his judgment in the house. So, there is a good chance Frankie and Cody might go after Caleb this week.

What do you think BB16 fans? Do you think that Cody and Frankie will try to get Caleb evicted this week? Or will they maybe even backdoor him like Derrick did to Devin? Share your predictions in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Big Brother 16 spoilers and recaps.