Big Brother 16 Spoilers Power of Veto Ceremony Week 7 Results: Nicole Joins Donny For Eviction after POV Winner Zach Saves Himself

Big Brother 16 Spoilers Power of Veto Ceremony Week 7 Results: Nicole Joins Donny For Eviction after POV Winner Zach Saves Himself

Big Brother spoilers for Week 7 POV are rolling in courtesy of the live feeds of the BB16 house. And, there have been some crazy twists so far this week! Week 7 kicked off on Thursday August 7th when Christine and Nicole won the Head of Household competition. The Big Brother 16 spoilers from the live feed revealed that Christine and Nicole nominated Donny, Caleb, Frankie, and Zach for eviction. According to the spoilers, Frankie and Caleb won the BOTB competition, so they are no longer up for eviction and Nicole was officially dethroned, leaving Christine the reigning HOH.

Although the Week 7 Power of Veto competition won’t officially air on CBS until Wednesday August 13th, we already know who won! According to the Big Brother spoilers, the POV competition has been held and Donny and Zach were both gunning for the victory so that they could take themselves off the chopping block. Bad news for Donny fans, Zach won the Week 7 Power of Veto!

So, whether or not Zach will use the Power of Veto this week is kind of a no-brainer, he would be a fool if he didn’t save himself from eviction. The real question at hand is, who will Christine put up on the chopping block in Zach’s place. Christine has emerged as quite the snake on Big Brother 16, sure she has made multiple alliances, but it seems pretty clear that at the end of the day the only person she is looking out for in the BB16 house is herself. So she might shock everyone and put up a major player like  Derrick. Or, she could go the safe route and nominate one of the weaker players like Victoria or Nicole.

Are you happy that Zach won the POV, or were you hoping that Donny won it? And, who do you think Christine will put up in Zach’s place? Share your predictions in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Big Brother 16 spoilers and recaps.

Update: After the Week 7 Battle of the Block competition, Nicole was dethroned and the remaining nominees on the block were Donny and Zach. In an unexpected twist Zach won the Power of Veto, and saved himself from eviction. As acting Head of Household, Christine put Nicole up on the block in his place at the Power of Veto Ceremony.


    You fool, she can’t put up Frankie he won BOB

  • ashamed.2.b.from.oc

    If Christine puts up Nicole, I will be done with these damn ass kissers!

  • Fan24

    I know Frankie is safe this week but am so over him.
    He is such a want to be hanging on to little sisters fame.
    Watch his infamous utube vids all Arrianna and now he played the Arianna card to impress the clueless house. such a fake!

  • Jared Groner

    Derrik really needs to go big time trust me here

  • Ellisia Thomas

    That witch, Christine, and the rest of them evil Detonators have been running since week 1. They’re just as shady as the 3 am alliance last season. I am through with this stupid season. Sucks just as bad as last season. BB house is being dominated by snakes and rats

  • zoe 16

    This has been the worst BB of all the seasons and I’ve seen them all how stupid can Nicole be when Frankie, and Zack told her about the stupid cop, Cody, Christine and cowboy and she still believes in all the cop tells her I can’t believe that a nurse could be such a dummy.

  • Levashia Miller

    No YOU pay attn… He won’t the BoB!!! Geez Louise!!!!

  • betterthingstodo

    And here’s all the proof the smarter people need that the show is rigged for ratings. Total scam!!!! Deleting from my Dvr que!

  • Joe

    Its all fixed.

  • Miss Jenn

    I Won’t be watching this bull anymore, I didn’t start watching it to see the Frankie Grand show. I don’t know or care who his sister is but I sure am getting tired of seeing strings being pulled for him

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  • circ64

    Do you think that Julie Chen will tell the houseguests about the death of Robin Williams on Thursday? I know they’re not suppose to know anything going in the outside world while in the BB house, but since this is a major event this week, I think they should make it an exception. I know on one eviction night every summer, while she’s talking to the houseguests, has a true or false game where she asks them questions about current events that have happened since they have been in the BB house. I’m kind of hoping she does tell them.

  • ZrankieLover

    Nicole is going! Thank goodness!!!!

  • emma49

    I feel so bad for Nicole and I think Christine is going to back door Frankie and I hope she does

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