Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 9 HoH is Cody – Nicole Wins First Jury Competition – Zach Evicted, He Deserved It!

Big Brother 16 Spoilers - Week 9 HoH is Cody - Nicole Wins First Jury Competition - Zach Evicted, He Deserved It!

Everyone is talking non-stop on the Big Brother 16 spoiler message boards and forums about Zach Rance getting verbally abused by all of the houseguests now that his eviction is a virtual lock on Thursday. While it is true that he is being treated poorly, is it not really just a man getting what he sowed? Zach Rance has been manipulated throughout the game by Team America, and Derrick and Frankie in particular, but it has still been his actions when he went off randomly at people. The behavior being thrown back at him is a direct reflection of that.

For instance, take the pink hat situation. For those that don’t know it, Zach has worn a pink hat all summer long, and the hat originally belonged to Victoria. Victoria let Zach have it and he has worn it pretty much the entire season. After some feuding between the two, Victoria decided that now is a good time to take the hat back and destroy it by ripping it to shreds with a knife behind his back. I am sure it probably felt good to her to destroy that hat, but she might have made it even more unlikely that she win any money on the show.

This act was retribution in her eyes for the way Zach has treated her. She is doing it now only because she knows he is leaving on Thursday. Victoria is not really playing this smartly, however. Zach may be coming back in a twist and even if he doesn’t, he will be on the jury. I don’t exactly see Zach as the type to forgive and forget such a thing. At least not to the point that he would award the girl all that money. Her chances were already slim and none to win the cash so maybe she figured what the heck?

Zach has spent a heck of alot of time verbally jousting with virtually everyone in the house. His mouth has consistently been used as a weapon as well for other players. Derrick and Frankie have goaded him into blowing up at various points in the game to help themselves. Other times, Zach has simply went off for no apparent reason. He might have had a ton of fun over the summer, but it now appears he is reaping what he sowed. Zach Rance has officially put himself in the eye of the storm and his eviction is a virtual lock because of it.

Zach is about to leave the home on Thursday barring some type of miracle but he is a determined fellow. I would not be shocked if he does win his way back into the house. If not, he will almost certainly be good for some verbal fireworks when the jury comes to mete out judgement. All of these characters that are verbally abusing him (justified or not) are really screwing themselves. With his fate virtually sealed, would it not make more sense to be kind to him? What would you have to lose other than a few hundred thousand dollars?

Update: Zach is evicted at 9:20 EDT August 21 – just as we told you he would be. In the first Returning Jury Competition Nicole was victorious and is back in The Big Brother House!

Update: in the week 9 HoH Competition for a single Head of Household Cody won!

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