Big Brother GinaMarie Zimmerman’s Playboy Offer (PHOTO)


GinaMarie Zimmerman, famous for her appearance on the most recent (and hottest of all messes) season of Big Brother, is making Playboy an offer: She’s more than willing to pose for their magazine. In fact, she’s so eager and willing that she’s already taken a few sample shots. You know, just to entice them, just to get it out there that she’s ready. And she’s ready now. The former pageant director was fired from her job after making some rather awful racist remarks on her run during Big Brother. [And she wasn’t the only one who didn’t have a filter on her nasty mouth.]

Zimmerman says that all of her friends thinks that she’s too old to do something like this. But GM wants everyone to know that you’re never too old to chase (or rather bare) your dreams! “People tell me I’m too old to do a lot of things … I’m a huge fan of Playboy and a collector,” she says. “So I took these pictures on my own to show people you can do anything no matter what age.”

She took a couple photos, one of her in a some lingerie while kneeling over a pile of vintage Playboys, and another one of her laying naked on a bed. What do you think of GM’s latest idea? Do you think it’s a great one or do you think she just needs to get a life now that BB is over? Chances are the show will want her to come back again in the future for an All-Stars episode, so she can probably bank on that. Until then . . . should she start looking for other work?

FYI: Many of her fans WANT this to happen. The following hashtag has already started making its rounds on Twitter: #GetGinaMarieOnPlayBoy

Image credit to Andrew Foord

3 responses to “Big Brother GinaMarie Zimmerman’s Playboy Offer (PHOTO)”

  1. Janelle Woods says:

    Now thats funny! This picture is more pornstar not playboy. Try Hustler.

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  3. Michael says:

    I would definitely buy the issue that GinaMarie is in! That grrrl is hot!!!!!