Boardwalk Empire Series Finale Recap “Eldorado”: Season 5 Last Episode

Boardwalk Empire Series Finale Recap “Eldorado”: Season 5 Last Episode

Tonight on HBO Terence Winter’s Boardwalk Empire starring Steve Buscemi continues with an all new Sunday October 26, season 5 series finale called, “Eldorado.” On tonight’s episode in the series finale, Nucky thinks about moving to Manhattan; Margaret [Kelly Macdonald] impresses a stockholder at a grain company; Willie shares his knowledge of organized crime with his boss; and Gillian [Gretchen Mol] sees a familiar face at the hospital. In 1897, a young Nucky deals with a family crisis, and comes to an agreement with the Commodore that will chart his career path.

On last week’s episode, at war with Luciano, Nucky looked to hold onto his assets in Atlantic City. Willie (Ben Rosenfield) and Eli became involved in Nucky’s war. Maranzano met his fate. Nucky read Gillian’s (Gretchen Mol) letter from the hospital. In 1897, Mabel and Nucky argued about a young runaway from Trenton, while Nucky did a discreet favor for the Commodore (John Elllison Conlee). Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Nucky looks to relocate to Manhattan from Atlantic City. Margaret impresses Nucky and a grain-company stockholder; Luciano tends to unfinished business while establishing a mob commission; Willie shares underworld details with his boss, the U.S. Attorney; Nucky visits Gillian at the hospital. In 1897, Nucky copes with a family crisis, while making a deal with the Commodore that will settle his future.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 5 finale— tonight at 9PM EST!

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After five season the series finale is airing now.  Tonight’s final episode opens on the beach with shoes and clothes in the sand and a naked Nucky walking into the water.

Nucky is swimming….

Flashback: Deputy Nucky goes to the hotel and asks the Commodore to speak.  He wants to speak about the Sheriff.  The Commodore tells him there is currently no Sheriff and Nucky tells him that he wants to be the Sheriff.  Nucky tells The Commodore that he admires him for all he has done.  The Commodore calls him, “an eager little boy.”

The Commodore tells Nucky in the end, “We do what we have the nerve to or we disappear.”  Nucky reminds The Commodore he helped him out of a jam and The Commodore asks if he is blackmailing him.

Current Time: During a meeting at Mayflower grain they are discussing whether prohibition is going to be over.  The member of the board are divided some thing that prohibition will be abolished the other part think it will stay.

Al Capone is not pleased his ledgers were taken. Al’s lawyer tells him that he has 24 hours to turn himself in for tax evasion.  Al thinks he can pay people off and get away with what he has done.  Al’s brother is nervous but Al tells him, “to relax, because they will just buy a judge.”

Over with Lucky he is recounting 10 years ago when he met with Nucky to Lansky and Benny.  Lucky is impressed with how far he has come.  Lucky tells them that if anyone is not on board with their plan they go.

With Margaret a Mayflower Me. Kennedy comes in and is upset because he accuse Margaret of shorting the stock of Mayflower Grain.  He accuse Margaret of working with Nucky to lower the stock of his comany.  She tells him it is lowering and stockholders are selling.  Margaret tells the Senators to imply to all the board members that Prohibition is staying and they will sell.  The stock will plummet and then Mr. Kennedy can buy it back cheap.  Mr. Kennedy tells Margaret he has to call his broker.

Flashback: Nucky comes home and his wife has lost their baby.  She tells him she has not lost their baby she has had a mishap.  Nucky feels he disappoints her.  She did not send for the Doctor, she did not know where Nucky was.  She washed herself up.  Nucky is concerned she is not alright.  Someone knocks on the door it is Eli their mother needs him.

Current time: Mayflower Grain Corp stock is plummeting.  Margaret tells Mr. Kennedy the stock has not found a bottom yet.  Everyone is going crazy and fighting.   Margaret waits till the stock to 3 1/2 and then she tells her broker to buy.  Mr. Kennedy is impressed with her and shakes her hand.

Al Capone is with his wife and she is nervous he reassures her all is fine.  Al goes to talk to his son.  He tells him he may be going away for a while.  Al tell him everything he has done he has done for him.

Margaret goes to see Nucky and tells him he has done well.  She asks him if he wants to know how well, he tells her, “If you want to tell me.”  Margaret tells him he made approx. $2,300,000.  He asks Margaret if she took his advice and did she invest. Margaret was more conservatiive but she did make approx $29,500.

Over with Nucky he is looking at an apartment: Nucky tells Margaret who has showed up, his circumstances have changed and there are things he will not do anymore.  Nucky asks if she wants an apology, she replies, “You don’t apologize.”  They talk and finally end up dancing.  While they are dancing a real estate agent shows up to show the place to another couple, “The Eldorado.”

Benny is pissed off.  Benny asks Lucky what they should do about their friend.  Lucky replies, “2 shooters in public so everyone sees.”  Meyer warns him not to F*** up!

Nucky is on the Boardwalk and he meets a women who asks Nucky if he knows who she is, she tells him she is from the future and she has a message for him.  She asks if he wants to hear it.  She motions that he should follow her.  She brings her to blue curtains and beckons him to come in and tells him not to be afraid.  Nucky says, “I cannot see anything, Miss, Miss….”

All of a sudden a TV appears and someone is singing, “Twinkle, twinkle little star.”

Flashback: Nucky comes home and his mother is outside she tells him she did not want to trouble him.  Nucky’s mother warns him how his father gets that way when he is drunk.  His father has hit his mother.  Nucky sees his father and comments that he hit his mother again.  Nucky takes his jacket off.  Nucky’s father pick up his rifle and points it at Nucky’s head.  Nucky says to him, “The whole family is here, even Susan show them what you are.”

Nucky father is upset because Nucky’s wife is pregnant, he is going to be a grandfather and no one has told him.  Nucky and his father start fighting.  Eli pulls him off.  Nucky warns his father if he hits his mother again he will take care of him laws or no law.

Current Time:  Nucky knocks on a door, and says, “Are you there, you called me.”  Eli answers….  Nucky tells Eli yesterday he went for a swim yesterday, the first time in years.  Eli tells him it is too cold.  Nucky tells Eli he was thinking to swim and never turn around.  Nucky tells him the deal is settled and how he settled it does not matter.  However, Nucky tells Eli that they will not see each other again, Nucky thinks that is for the both of them.  Eli asks what he should do with himself.  Nucky asks Eli, “aren’t you done with me telling you.”

Eli whines that his wife won’t answer the door.  Nucky tells him she won’t if he does not try.  Eli asks Nucky why he is the wise one.  Nucky tells him because Eli needed him to be.  Nucky gives him a bag and points to a brown bag says, “there are things in there, maybe you can use them.”  He gets up and Nucky and Eli embrace.  Nucky leaves.

Eli looks in the bag once Nucky leaves and it is filled with cash and a shaving brush and shaver.

Over with Al Capone he is turning himself in but in Al Style he is dressed all in white with a huge cigar and he is posing and laughing.  All is going to turn himself in, in style.

Lucky is having a meeting with the other leaders of the families and tells them they are at a round table because there are not heads.  He tells the men that as a group they settle things from now on, it is a new way of doing things.  They raise glasses of champagne to toast.

Over with Doctor Narcisse he is coming out of church and talking to the people.    Two men walk up and shoot him.  He is dead. (guess that is who Benny arranged to be killed)

Nucky shows up at the Mental Hospital where Gillian is.  The warden tells Nucky Gillian has been preparing all day.  Nucky sits down with Gillian and he tells her whatever she wants, whatever she wants him to do it won’t be possible.  Nucky tells her he is not someone she should look too for help.  Nucky is leaving, he has arranged for Gillian to have her own room.  Nucky tells Gillian if she gets herself out there is money in trust for her but he never wants her to contact him if she gets out.  He tells her the past is the past and nothing can change it.  He asks her, “What do you expect of me?”  Gillian is looking at a bug on her hand and tells Nucky they are called Ladybugs and she wonders how people can tell they are ladies.

Nucky gets up and Gillian holds her hand out and asks Nucky to help her up.  She is clearly in pain and she says, “there is still graciousness in the world.”  Nucky looks at her oddly.

Nucky shows up at his club, he tells them he is there for his things.  They pat him down and tell him not to overstay his welcome because Mr. Luciano would not like it.

Nucky goes and opens a book and there is an old binder in it is the note to, “Bellboy Enoch.”  It is the letter from the little girl on the beach when he was a young boy.  His private phone rings it is Vic Boden at The Ritz and he tells Nucky there is a situation.

Flashback: It is during a parade and there is King Neptune and Nucky spots a young Gillian dressed up next to King Neptune.  Nucky wants to talk to her.  Gillian tells Nucky she thought it would be fun to be in a parade.  Gillian asks Nucky to let her be.  A man comes over and tells Nucky that, “he” wants him up on the porch.  Nucky asks Gillian to stay.  Nucky goes to the porch the Commodore is there he asks Nucky for his Deputy Sheriff badge and he tells Nucky to leave.  Nucky is upset, he pleads with the Commodore telling him he served him.  The Commodore tells him he does not like him.  The Commodore asks him what he is and Nucky replies, “I am what I have to be.”  

Current Time:  The manager of the hotel tells Nucky there is a polite kid who tried to rob someone.  Nucky sees the young boy who use to work for him and he tells him to thank the manager and they are going.  Nucky takes the boy aside and asks him what he did with the money he gave him.  It was over $1,000.  Nucky tells him to go back home.  Nucky gives him money again and tells him to make a home.  The boy says, “Money is the answer to everything.”  Nucky replies, “no, just the best one I’ve got.”  The boy tears the money up.  Nucky says, “Okay kid you showed me, good luck, you are going to need it.”

Flashback: Nucky is walking away and the Commodore’s man comes up to him and tells him there is a youth that needs to go in service.  Nucky asks what that has to do with him and he gives him the Sheriff’s badge.  Nucky walks up to Gillian and she asks Nucky if there is something wrong.  Nucky asks if she wants to sail around the world.  She says of course and then Nucky tells her there is a man who wants to help her (The Commodore).  Nucky tells her not to worry because he will always be there for her.

Current Time: Nucky walks on the Boarwalk and he sees a man in front of him and then he turns around and the boy is there he previously helped.  Nucky says, “Who are you?”  The boy lifts a gun and says, “Tommy Darmody” and he shoots Nucky three times.

The last scene we see a flashback of a young Nucky swimming underwater he has finally gotten his quarter, he is grasping it in his hand……..


Thoughts?  I have to say I wanted Nucky to live at the end, I’m disappointed :-( but perhaps that was the only end that could be expected for Nucky….

So to sum it up:

Al Capone surrendered himself.

Lucky created the seven families

Doctor Narcisse was killed.

Nucky was the one who originally served Gillian up to The Commodore to get ahead.

Jimmy Darmody’s son (who Nucky murdered ) and Gillian’s grandson was the person in the end who murdered Nucky.