The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Feb 24-28: Katie And Ridge Betray Brooke


This week, February 24th-28th, on CBS’ popular soap opera Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke and Ridge will have to deal with the fall out of their almost wedding. Just as the pair was about to say their vows Katie Logan Spencer faked fainting to post-pose their “I Do’s.” Here is what fans can expect to see next week on B&B.

Brooke has broken up her fair share of marriages, she can tell when there is something off in a relationship. Ironically, the tables have turned, and this time there is something off with her own relationship. This week on The Bold and the Beautiful Brooke will begin to suspect that there is something going on with her fiancé Ridge and her sister Katie. Brooke decides she wants to move on with her life while she and Hope jet off to Paris, France for a business trip. Ridge and Katie will have to decide if their love for each other is strong enough to pursue a relationship and commit the ultimate betrayal of Brooke. Although Brooke may deserve it after she stole Katie’s husband Bill, Katie and Ridge are a little less heartless than Brooke and Bill. Meanwhile, Bill will learn that Brooke and Ridge never married, but it may be too late for him to win Brooke back seeing as how he got drunk and slept with Quinn.

Also next week on The Bold and the Beautiful Thorne Forrester will struggle to keep a dark Forrester Family secret hidden, and Aly will not be happy with a recent business deal at the company. According to CBS, Hope and Watt will land themselves in an awkward position and Thorne will enlist the help of another character to keep his secret a secret.

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3 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Feb 24-28: Katie And Ridge Betray Brooke”

  1. jean says:

    Nothing would be sweeter than ridge and Katie getting together. Hope is an airhead and Liam isa pansy so maybe they belong together. Wyatt is too normal for her.

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  3. shanna says:

    Wyatt is way more suited for hope. Liam is a wuss.