Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Aly Forrester Is NOT Crazy, So Why Does She Hate Wyatt?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Aly Forrester Is NOT Crazy, So Why Does She Hate Wyatt?

This week on CBS’s popular daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, viewers seen a new and potentially crazy side of Aly Forrester. While Hope and Wyatt were in Paris, Aly began acting erratically about their relationship. She even took it as far as to try to fire Wyatt from the company, hit him when he made jokes about hooking up with Hope, and then stormed into Hope’s room while she was in bed with Wyatt and began screaming for Wyatt to “get off from her.”

It’s no shock to Bold and the Beautiful fans that Aly is a little on the strange side. When Aly was young her Aunt Taylor ran over her mother Darla and killed her, and then became her step-mother. That’s enough to mess up any child. Also Hope hinted at Aly’s awkward teenage years, and constantly being bullied and teased, which could have also contributed substantially to her mental health. On top of those two things, Aly worshipped Hope and looked up to her, and we all know Hope let her down and fell less than gracefully from the pedestal Aly had placed her on. Between Aly’s tragic childhood, horrible teen years, and feelings of betrayal from Hope, it makes sense to viewers that Aly has finally snapped. But, what is with her hatred for Hope’s boyfriend Wyatt?

Yesterday Bold and the Beautiful executive producer and head writer, Bradley Bell, dished on Aly’s storyline in an interview with TV Guide. According to Bell, Aly is not crazy, “she’s complicated.” Bell also teased that, “Aly was so taken with the message behind the Hope for the Future fashion line — being a good citizen, being environmentally aware and, especially, waiting for marriage to have sex. At first, Hope really believed in all this. Now she’s out there having sex and juggling men. Aly is very unhappy with that. She liked the good, decent Hope and she’s going to try to steer her back to more conservative values. In her mind, Hope has turned into Miley Cyrus!” Bell also stated that, “Over the next few months, we’ll watch this child become a woman — and a real Forrester to be reckoned with!”

So, it makes sense that Aly is a little unstable, considering her background, and although it is a little hard to sell, we see why she is so angry with Hope. But, that still doesn’t explain why she hates Wyatt so much? At one point she was pushing for Wyatt to hook up with Hope because she had a crush on Liam and wanted him all to herself. Could Aly know something about Wyatt that Hope doesn’t know? He has only been on Bold and the Beautiful for about a year, and we don’t know much about his history except he is the son of Quinn and Bill. Maybe Wyatt has a skeleton in his closet and Aly knows what it is?

Why do you think Aly hates Wyatt so much? Leave your theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • Kimberly

    Hope and Wyatt are wonderful together,and Brook is getting what she deserve. ” What goes around comes around. ” Ally just needs a man maybe she should hook up with Liam. Everybody else needs to get like Hope get some love in your life and quit hating!!!!!!

  • abbybabe

    I have a feeling that all this hatred Ally has for wyatt ,may turned into love !!

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  • Racquel Garnette

    Hope and Wyatt are not wonderful together. Hope should be with Liam but no the writers screw that up and pair her up with Wyatt. It won’t last. Pretty soon Hope will be going back to Liam. Liam was fighting for her but she didn’t want to hear of what he has to say. As for Brooke she can go back to Bill. Bill and Brooke had a good romance back and forth. Katie and Ridge deserves to be with eachother. The writers are confused and they care too much about partnership so much. The writers just need to pair up a couple together and make last forever. Stop going back and forth. Maya and Carter hasn’t been on the show for a while. General Hospital is getting nice over there. The Young and the restless and bold and the beautiful is garbage now. All those shows wanted to do is messed up the characters all the time. Make up your mind of what you want. If you are going to pair a couple together make it last for a year. Stop caring about partnership so much. We would love to see the business side now. Thomas created a good fashion line from before and what you guys do is tear it down. Making Rick and Caroline ceo of Forrester Creations is the dumbest idea you guys ever make. Give Ridge back his company and fire Caroline and Rick. Caroline has no fashion experience and so does Rick. Rick doesn’t know how to put on a good show. Thomas was the only one who made the best fashion line for his father. These writers only care about the logan family then the forrester family. The writers needs to think with there heads not with there hearts. If Thorne and Thomas worked at there own fashion line company that will be a great idea for the show.

    • Pam

      When she goes back to Liam I hope he treats her like the dog she is. I hope he cheats on her or does something to hurt her again, while Wyatt moves on happy with someone worthy of him.

  • Teri

    Hate Wyatt. He is a sleeze and so is TV Mom. Eric is acting stupid, like and old man please change this story line Eric is a vibrant exec.

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  • Christine Beckford

    I for one actually like Quinn n Wyatt they bring real tough heat in the families n I think Wyatt n Hope r good for each other, to me they bring a since of balance n I don’t think that Wyatt is a bad guy he just made some mistakes n its not like anybody in that Forrester clan made any type of mistake n as for Liam I think he should be with someone else it gets tiring seeing the whole Liam n hope back n forward thing I mean it gets old n I think they both should try something new n bring some interesting in the scene

  • Heathert1221

    Can’t stand Wyatt and Quinn suck of hearing about them . I agree with some if the others I lived the person Hope was when sad he was with Liam I can’t stand the slutty character line she as n pi w with Wyatt can’t wait till she comes to her senses!

  • Paradise Martin

    Liam and Hope Brooke and Bill , Katie and Ridge (only because of the new Ridge) Wyatt and Aly and who cares about Quinn she just looks scarry

  • Phyllis Herbin

    Hope is a slutt I can’t stand her just like her mother

    • Pam

      You’re so right about that. The think that gets me is she is in a relationship with Wyatt yet she’s at Liam’s house every chance she gets knowing he will try to kiss and sleep with her. She cares nothing for Wyatt. he only used him to help her failing line and get Liam jealous so he can chase her more. She’s enjoying this, even if it destroys Wyatt. She’s heartless.

  • sandra

    hope and Wyatt are good together… its okay for liam to cheat on her and marrysomeone else twice but oh hope is trying something new and she is a slut. she tried to save her relationship with liam but he chose stuffy twice. now she has someone and he wants her back. Wyatt is in love with her and not another woman.. hope needs to marry Wyatt and that’s that…

  • Pam

    Hope will go back to Liam week of the 25th of April. My prediction. She’ll be one of the two couples who sleep together and the other, probably Aly. All these wholesome girls sure have some messed up values. Sick of watching sL@$

  • Pam

    That’s exactly my point as well. All these other characters have done horrible things beyond anything Wyatt could do, yet they try to paint him as the bad guy. Why? I think it has to do with his last name not being a Forester, Spencer or Logan yet. You can treat people like trash and it’s acceptable if one of these last names are yours. What a great message.

  • Pam

    Seems like Liam is the psycho, not Wyatt. In terms of Aly, no one has the right to put their hands on anyone, especially a grown man she doesn’t even really know. They weren’t friends or lovers so what gives her the right to back hand this man in his face. I don’t care what he said, Aly has disrespected him over and over, but the minute Wyatt says anything he’s the bad guy. That fool provoked Wyatt and if he was violent like Liam, he would have grabbed her and pushed her off. Some guys would knock her teeth out.She thinks because her last name is Forester she can run around and abuse people. I’m glad that Oliver will use her because if she’s so pure and proper she wouldn’t be in her bedroom with a guy she hardly knows kissing him on her bed, then turns around talking about values in girls. Sick of the pretense and fake image these sluts try to put out. When they get caught in anything the first thing they’re taught to do is shed a few tears and everyone will back off and forgive them.