The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Feb 26 – Will Ridge Choose Katie Over Brooke?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Feb 26 – Will Ridge Choose Katie Over Brooke?

Relationships on The Bold and the Beautiful are in complete and utter chaos this week. Quinn loves Bill, Bill loves Brooke, but Brooke is in love with Ridge, and Ridge is in love with Brooke’s sister Katie. It’s anyone’s guess who will end up with who by the end of the week. Here are your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for tomorrow, Wednesday, February 26th.

Tomorrow Hope continues to mingle in Brooke, Ridge, and Katie’s love life, and jets Brooke off to Paris with her for a business meeting. Hope doesn’t want her Mom to marry a man that is in love with her Aunt, so she is getting Brooke out of town for a few days so that Katie and Ridge can figure out whether or not they are serious about pursuing a relationship.

Bill is determined to win over Brooke now that her wedding has been postponed. Unfortunately he slept with Quinn before he learned that Brooke and Ridge didn’t say their “I Dos.” If Brooke learns that Bill slept with Quinn, it will destroy any chances of a reconciliation between them. Bill would most likely take that secret to the grave, Quinn is another story though. Tomorrow on Bold and the Beautiful Quinn will confess to her son Wyatt that she slept with his father Bill. If Wyatt shares that information with Hope, Hope will most likely share the dirty details with Brooke, and it could potentially bring Bill and Brooke’s reconciliation to a halt.

While Brooke and Hope are in Paris, do you think Ridge will choose Katie? The Brooke and Ridge storyline has been dragged out for years, are you as sick of it as we are and ready for a change of pace? Share your thoughts on the latest B&B love triangle in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.


11 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Feb 26 – Will Ridge Choose Katie Over Brooke?”

  1. jacki says:

    I can’t stand brooke and ridge together stop with the b.s and let katie be with ridge.and i think wyatt and hope do not bekong together he is a con like this crazy mother ! Please get a better story line this soap is getting boring ……

  2. Linda says:

    Please keep Ridge with Katie. They have great chemistry together. It’s a new Ridge and time for change. I don’t want him with Brooke for another 25 years. Have already seen that. Also love Thorsten Kaye

  3. Linda says:

    Agree. I did not like to hear that Brooke, Bill and Ridge are going to Dubai. Don’t care about Brooke and Bill but don’t want Ridge chasing Brooke all over the place. Let her stay with Bill. A lot of us want Ridge to stay with Katie and not get involved with Brooke again. Please don’t ruin it.

    • Shavone James says:

      No I think that it is just sick that Katie is with Ridge,its like she can’t find a man of her own! Ridge belongs with Brooke and Liam belongs with Hope….Get Wyatt and that crazy Quinn off the show or let her be with Bill and Wyatt need to back off Hope. They sickens me! Disgusting! #TeamLiamandHope

  4. Linda says:

    We can only hope and pray that B&B does the right thing. So often B&B seems to ignore what the fans want. I hope they listen to us regarding Katie and Ridge.

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  7. rhonda says:

    Yes Katie should be happy but with ridge I don’t no because he seem so much older then Katie Katie seem like a baby compared to fridge -Rhonda

  8. tami says:

    ew…..I think ridge and katie are just as stupid as bill and brook. Katie looks like ridges baby sister its like incest. Who gets with their sisters ex husband….I’m a fan of brook and ridge…they make sense….katie and ridge are stupid and they look unnatural together. I hope the writers come to their senses. Bring some new people in for the logan’s and the foresters to marry and date, I’m tired of the same people switching partners.

  9. Shavone James says:

    So agree with Liam and Hope but as far as Ridge and Katie? Ewwww Brooke is so much prettier than her as Ridge and Brooke will always find their way back to each other as does Liam and Hope

  10. Kathy Bamber says:

    hell yes Brooke has kept it in the family ewwww, then she sleeps with her brother in law eww again.