Brandi Glanville Implies Eddie Cibrian’s Penis Is Small

Brandi Glanville Implies Eddie Cibrian's Penis Is Small

Brandi Glanville is the queen of underhanded snark, and she’s very talented at dressing up insults and barbs as compliments. Take, for instance, her latest interview with Entertainment Tonight.

When asked about her sex life, Brandi replied, “Since my vagina has been tightened, I don’t want giant penises anymore.” Basically, she’s telling you that Eddie Cibrian‘s penis was tiny, and that she ‘prefers’ it that way. You see what she’s doing? Even though she’s talking about her own tastes, she’s indirectly telling everyone that one of the reasons she stayed with Eddie so long was because of his tiny penis. In fact, maybe she even ‘tightened her vagina’ because of Eddie’s size down there.

In the same interview, Brandi also admits that she would definitely be willing to have sex on the first date, if the ‘chemistry’ is there. Um, I didn’t realize Brandi was so discerning. Well, we know that she probably feels that she has ‘chemistry’ with everyone.

Finally, Brandi’s also asked about Eddie’s relationship with LeAnn Rimes, and she replies, “I’m happy that they can vacation all the time. It’s great for them, I don’t care anymore.”

Again, underhanded barb covered up as a compliment. She’s implying that all Eddie and LeAnn do is vacation, which isn’t necessarily false. But then, she plays the ‘I don’t care anymore’ card, which we know couldn’t be further from the truth. For all of Brandi’s public faux pas, she’s still someone who’s healing from a very deep betrayal, and you can’t but feel sorry for her. But then she goes and starts talking about her vagina, and all the sympathy melts away, only to be replaced by disgust and second-hand embarrassment.

One response to “Brandi Glanville Implies Eddie Cibrian’s Penis Is Small”

  1. Bryn says:

    I think you read it the opposite way? I’d take that as saying she thinks Eddie is big? I can’t believe I’m commenting on this. Lol