Brandi Glanville Tells LeAnn Rimes to Stop Stealing Married Men and to Keep Her Legs Closed

Brandi Glanville Tells LeAnn Rimes to Stop Stealing Married Men and to Keep Her Legs Closed

Brandi Glanville is the queen of making underhanded insults towards LeAnn Rimes, although it can be argued that LeAnn deserves it, especially since she’s the one who often stokes the fires of their feud. Anyhow, Brandi recently took to Twitter to discuss the idea of woman hooking up with married men, and it’s obvious that her words were directed towards LeAnn. As we all know by now, LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian hooked up when Eddie was still married to Brandi, which obviously left Brandi with a lot of unresolved anger issues.

Brandi revealed in a recent episode of Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, “I met the cutest boy. He didn’t have a wedding ring on, and we flirted all night… Then, I Googled his a** and found out he’s married! I guess, it’s better to do your homework before you get in trouble. If your husband cheats on you, you’re not going to want to date a married man.”

Well, then. Although it was pretty obvious that Brandi was directing this towards LeAnn and Eddie, that last sentence pretty much guaranteed it. Even though Brandi’s being a lot more civil about it than a lot of other women might be in a similar situation, it’s certainly true that Brandi’s not able to let this go. And you know what? She shouldn’t have to. LeAnn was the one who made the mistake and although they’re both to blame for their ongoing feud, LeAnn’s ridiculous vendetta against Brandi has only made everything worse.

Brandi also gave out some advice to other women, adding, “All you women out there need to close your legs to married men! We are our own worst enemies, ladies. Let’s keep this together and not allow this cheating sh-t to happen.”

Damn, you gotta feel sorry for her at this point. And worse, she found out about Eddie’s affair with LeAnn through a magazine cover. Is there a worse way to find out your husband is cheating on you? Probably not. But still, it’s been a few years at this point. It’s time to move on.

5 responses to “Brandi Glanville Tells LeAnn Rimes to Stop Stealing Married Men and to Keep Her Legs Closed”

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I think it’s time for Brandi to move on – but I share her sentiment.

  2. Angel 2009 says:

    With all the really talented and good looking men in Hollyweird, one would think Brandi could find a new love interest to occupy her time. Clinging to memories of man ho Eddie gets her nowhere.

  3. Johnson Kendra says:

    What are you talking about? It’s been 5 years and Brandi has never been civil. She talked a good game in the beginning but it was quickly revealed that it was all lies. She was using the affair to propel her own career – And she’s using it now because she has turned so many RHOBH fans against her. She is playing the heartstrings! Again! (professional victim) She has never been civil, despite the plethora of advice given to her by professionals about children blaming themselves, etc. She refuses to put those children first, as she continues to live in the past. It’s important for Brandi to realize that Eddie was never hers; being married doesn’t mean you own someone. If a man cheats on you, then he didn’t find your relationship important enough to fight for to begin with. A man doesn’t cheat when he fears losing what he has, which was obviously not the case with Eddie and Brandi, as he cheated multiple times. B continues to talk about her marriage like it was perfect before LeAnn entered the picture and that’s a lie. She admitted to bringing women home for threesomes and buying stripper poles to try an keep Eddie. She knew the marriage was in trouble long before LeAnn.. She didn’t lose a faithful loving husband and father.. She divorced a cheater who was never home with her and her children. (her words) Sorry. but you have to be an idiot to blame the other woman for your husband cheating. The world is full of women – who don’t care about a strangers feelings. If your husband wants to cheat, he will find someone to cheat with.. The trust has to be in the marriage, not by making a pact with women across the nation. lol Brandi has a warped sense of reality.

  4. Johnson Kendra says:

    Right.. Brandi doesn’t have to get over it. She can live the rest of her life in a cloud of negativity and regret, pining over a man who didn’t love her, while self-medicating her self-induced depression. That’s really showing Eddie and LeAnn. Anyone who’s ever been through divorce knows full-well Brandi misses what she had with Eddie in the beginning of her relationship. She misses what she wished it was; not what it was when he cheated. He cheated – multiple times – more than Brandi knows.. She lost nothing. It’s a shame that her wonderful fans seem to love watching her drowned herself in misery and vodka. She’s not hurting LeAnn and Eddie. She is hurting herself and her children. I wish Eddie would pull those children out of this crazy persons world. No one could live in the constant drama/victim-state without it affecting their own sanity. And if you truly believe her children don’t know and aren’t affected by her actions, you’re naive.

    LeAnn and Eddie are or were in Hawaii together. The papz just took their photo all hugged up on each other at the beach.

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