LeAnn Rimes Plots To Get Brandi Glanville Fired From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Using Twitter Posse?

LeAnn Rimes Plots To Get Brandi Glanville Fired From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Using Twitter Posse?

Is LeAnn Rimes plotting to have Brandi Glanville fired from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Rumor Fix reports that an unnamed “insider” says that LeAnn and her posse of “Brandi-haters” are at least partially to blame for the rampant online rumors that RhoBH star is super worried that her big mouth is going to cause her to get the boot from the popular reality series. Radar Online recently reported that a source told them, “Brandi is fully aware of what a big mouth she has….She’s also aware that it might be too much for Bravo…

However, Rumor Fix also reports that their “insider” says that there is absolutely no truth to that particular rumor. “Brandi is not worried about getting fired from RhoBh,” the sources reported, “….It’s all coming from LeAnn. There’s no truth to it.

Brandi’s “big mouth” did put her in a bit of hot water, recently, when she made the now infamous child molestation “joke” (really?). She reportedly told comedian Jim Florentine, who attended a Catholic school that later came under fire for claims of child molestation, “I, too, wanted to be molested as a child and was passed up…I was in Lutheran school.” Brandi later apologized for her “joke,” citing lack of experience as the reason for her poor taste in judgment. I’m still not totally getting why someone who is also a parent, herself, would even think that child molestation is funny in any way. But that’s just me, apparently nowadays, nothing’s off limits.

It seems to me that Brandi doesn’t need Leann’s help in getting axed from RhoBH. Still, Rumor Fix’s “insider” says that Leann and Eddie’s upcoming new reality show is the reason for LeAnn’s recent “attacks” on Brandi. “With LeAnn and Eddie’s reality show right around the corner, what perfect time for the country singer to be stirring up the drama pot again…” The source also reported that Brandi is “laying low” and not responding to LeAnn’s “antics,” and also that Brandi has been shooting scenes for the next season of RhoBH during the hiatus.

Personally, I think that BOTH of these women have some serious growing up to do, for the kids’ sake, if for nothing else. LeAnn needs to remember that Eddie is a man, too, who can have pretty much any woman he wants, and if he gets tired of her drama, it would be nothing for him to leave her like he did Brandi. I’m also sure that that is exactly what Brandi wants to happen. But then, it seems to me at least, that they both lose, right?

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7 responses to “LeAnn Rimes Plots To Get Brandi Glanville Fired From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Using Twitter Posse?”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Don’t understand why anyone would think that Eddie is such a prize – he lives off of MeAnn’s bank account, doesn’t have much of a career and really not all that good looking. Scheming lazy man ho.

  2. resolute2012 says:

    I doubt LeAnn is doing anything to get Brandi fired that thousands of her ex-fans are not doing. Brandi has ruined herself all on her own and we just don’t like her and her filthy, stupid mouth and actions anymore. We want her fired with or without LeAnn’s help.

  3. allie says:

    She tries so hard, and she looks awful

  4. LadyJustice says:

    You are delusional..Brandi did this herself, not LeAnn. Your anon source is Brandi! A person who can’t accept responsibility. Where is your cold hard proof LeAnn is behind Brandi’s non-stop potty mouth? late night public naked & drunk photo sessions on the streets of LA? (Times 2) The racists comments to Joyce? The child molestation comment? You need to FIRE your source. Your job is to tell the truth here. No, I’m not buying the blame game this time! LeAnn Rimes had no more to do with Brandi’s downfall, and spiral out of control than she has to do with the weather. This sounds exactly like Brandi, always blaming LeAnn for everything that went wrong and goes wrong in her poor little life! FYI- LeAnn Rimes Twitter is very public and not a single word has been said, let alone could be misconstrued towards Brandi. Contrary to popular belief, Brandi isn’t the center of LeAnn’s universe like Brandi would like to have others think. I personally believe at this point, it’s the other way around! Brandi is obsessed with LeAnn. I could care less about either of them. I just know what I saw and heard and it came from BRANDI herself! LeAnn was no where around. Nice TRY!

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