LeAnn Rimes Prepares Assault on Brandi Glanville Over Her Wanting To Be “Molested as a Child”

LeAnn Rimes Prepares Assault on Brandi Glanville Over Wanting To Be "Molested as a Child"

Does Brandi Glanville believe she is untouchable? She shouldn’t! And she continues to give Bravo more and more ammunition to fire her with, or at the very least suspend her while she goes to rehab.

Why you ask? Well…. our good friend Brandi has done it again. Every time we think of how Eddie Cibrian cheated on and dumped her, we forgive her for something ignorant or stupid that she has done or said… only until she does another ignorant or stupid thing and the cycle begins all over again. Many of us have even learned to like her outspokenness and have firmly placed ourselves in Team Brandi’s corner in the love triangle that is the “Brandi-Eddie-Leann” show. Well, Brandi, you just gave LeAnn Rimes and Eddie a whole lot of ammunition for the next round.

We’ve all learned to take most of Brandi’s off-colored, racist, and ignorant comments with a grain of salt, for the most part. But these comments are just awful. In what Brandi, 41, describes as comments meant to be comical, she told guests of her podcast, comedians Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine, that she “wished she had been molested as a child,” feeling hurt and overlooked because her sister was lucky enough to “get felt up by the school principal.”

Really, Brandi? With all the terrible, horrific things that our children are faced with every day, including their own schools where they should feel and be safe, do you really find any humor in this? Trust me, I am not overly sensitive when it comes to off-the-cuff dumb celebrity comments, but I have to wonder who could find any comical reference in such a horrifying topic. I wonder how her sister is doing now as an adult. I cannot imagine she was not traumatized or affected by someone in a position of trust, her principal, violating her like that. Brandi even shared that she felt slighted because the principal didn’t “pick her” despite how hot she was. Do we really want principals in our school that look at our children as being “hot,” instead of as students that they are supposed to take care of and protect? You are one sick puppy Brandi, and these comments prove it.

As a mother herself, I have to wonder if Brandi would have made the same comments had her child(ren) been a victim of such a horrifying crime such as child molestation. There is humor, and there is a point where humor just drops off and goes in a completely wrong direction. Leave it to Brandi to be driving right off a big, ugly cliff, spiraling down deep until you hit the bottom (yes, you have hit rock bottom, Brandi) where you are met by your ex and his country crooner wife, LeAnn Rimes. Maybe she’ll even write a song about you and your missteps. You certainly give her enough material to write about. She has already filled an entire album with songs about you. The remarks made on your podcast, as reported by Fox News, “I was actually stalking you online, Jim, and we have something in common! I, too, wanted to be molested as a child and was passed up,” were so sickening, even your most loyal fans are considering a move to Team LeAnn.

No doubt LeAnn, 31, and Eddie will run with this story. They will surely not be able to withhold their disdain for her disgusting comments, just as her Twitter followers were not. Blasted on Twitter after the comments surfaced, Brandi provided the obligatory apology, of course stating how she didn’t mean to offend anyone, explaining that her show is a COMEDY. RHOBH loves all the drama the egomaniac brings to the show, but will comments like these hurt the show’s ratings? We have seen time and time again that pressure from viewers have forced networks to make decisions that will surely have an impact on ratings. If Bravo thinks for a moment that her comments will prove too offensive for even the most loyal Brandi fans, they won’t hesitate dropping her. Housewives only stay on the show as long as they are relevant and can keep ratings high. This may be the backlash that finally ends Brandi’s run on the show.

Parents to young sons Jake and Mason, she and Eddie have battled since their divorce about the well-being of their children, with both sides trying to look like the better parent. Eddie, driven by LeAnn, will surely take these comments and use them against Brandi in an effort to challenge her parenting skills. What do you think CDLr’s? Are Brandi’s children in good hands when their own mother thinks child molestation is a joke? And how much longer will Bravo tolerate her and her inability to keep quiet?! Maybe this would be a great time for her to join the ranks of so many celebrities before her and GET TO REHAB!

  • gessie

    Frankly, I don’t know if rehab would help. I think she is sick. And her apology, “If” I offended anybody……..ah, if? You offended the entire civilized world.

    • Angel 2009

      And MeAnn isn’t sick?! You two must be kindred spirits on the road to mental oblivion.

    • twifan2

      She bants that ‘if’ word as much as the F one. :/

  • tootie

    Excuse me, but I would never move to “Team LeAnn” no matter how pissed or annoyed I could get at Brandi. Even if I wasn’t “Team Brandi” anymore, I wouldn’t switch to Team LeAnn. LeAnn can and always will F off.

  • Angel 2009

    Brandi needs to take a sabbatical and take a long hard look at how she wants to direct her life and career because right now, she is hurtling into breakdown territory. Granted she is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but the “molestation comment” was flat out disturbing and wrong.
    Team MeAnn? Never! Her personal life and career is already deep into imploding.

  • rmh2014

    This article is way overboard. The assumption that any time Brandi slips up, Eddie and Leann should try to use it against her is wrong. They are not her supervisors in life. Also, the comment that Brandi’s biological children might not be safe with her is ridiculous. Talk about reaching. Slow news day?.

  • daisychain

    Brandi just validated every sick and twisted teacher, coach, principle etc who thinks it’s ok to touch a minor…she is just sick twisted and wrong…shame on you bravo

  • daisychain

    Maybe now people will start to realize that maybe Eddie was drawn to Leann because his wife is F” crazy, stupid, drunk’n whore and he wanted better for his children…

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