LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brandi Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brandi Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

The New Year is usually a time for fresh starts, where we put the past aside and our best foot forward. Usually. For some it is just more of the same – like LeAnn Rimes – who has started off the New Year in a very unhappy way. LeAnn is currently vacation with her future ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and like 8 other people because they never go on vacation alone (which doesn’t seem like the actions of a so in love couple to me), and yet she is spending all her time on Twitter arguing with people. Hate to break it to you LeAnn but that is not what happy people do.

One of her arguments started when someone tweeted LeAnn about how that gym selfie might be an old picture. The person wasn’t rude (and by their other tweets is clearly not a fan of Brandi Glanville so this was NOT a Team Brandi vs. Team LeAnn thing) but LeAnn took it as such and Ms. I don’t engage – once again engaged:

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brani Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

Oh my, it seems someone is drinking and tweeting again, “take one off …” you are so classic LeAnn. Also LeAnn lies so much she cannot keep track of her previous lies. What @KellsBells840 was referring to was the time that LeAnn took a picture of her gas fireplace and tried to act like Eddie built her a fire – when really all he did was flip a switch:

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brani Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

But this is just one of many instances where LeAnn has blatantly lied on Twitter, and like one person on Twitter told LeAnn – when you are caught lying about little things no one will believe you even when you are telling the truth.

Here was another instance of LeAnn lying on Twitter. After returning from a quick trip to Taiwan where she butchered Michael Jacksons legendary song Billie Jean it was being reported that Eddie wanted a break from LeAnn and was staying with his parents. LeAnn tried to squash those rumors by tweeting a picture of her dog Eveie cuddled up next to someone and tried to pass it off as Eveie being cuddled up next to Eddie – when in truth it was an old picture:

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brani Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

And it was LeAnn’s own friend that provided evidence that it was an old picture when he quote retweeted the older tweet:

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brani Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

But really LeAnn proved years ago that she has zero integrity and thinks nothing of lying, cheating, bullying, gloating, and exploiting. She has also proved she spends a lot of her so happeeee life showing just how unhinged she is on Twitter. We are only two days into the New Year and she has been really going at it. Here is another exchange:

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brani Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

OMG LeAnn really!?!? First of all you didn’t create the phrase “bless your heart.” It is an old Southern expression that is often – not always – used as a passive aggressive insult (and LeAnn knows all about passive aggressive insults). That expression has been in use long before there even was a LeAnn Rimes … and really LeAnn shouldn’t talk about “stealing” since she is infamous for copying other women such as Brandi, Piper Perabo, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Jenna Dewan, and even Eddie’s other mistress Scheana Marie.

Also LeAnn’s Happy New Year tweet was not just a very odd way to say Happy New Year but actually applies most to her. Practice. What. You. Preach. LeAnn.

LeAnn also proved within two days of the New Year that she is still stalking Brandi’s every tweet. Less than two hours after Brandi tweeted that her boys Mason and Jake would be hitting the slopes with her father for his half of the break, LeAnn went and tweeted that she was eating lunch with Jake. She provided no pictures so if Jake was or wasn’t at lunch is up for debate… but I digress and here are the tweets:

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brani Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins


Then Brandi tweeted about Cabo so what did LeAnn do you ask … well she tweeted a year old picture of her, Eddie, and another couple vacationing in Cabo because that is what an insecure stalker would do:

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brani Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brani Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins

If the first two days of 2014 are any indication of what we can expect from Ms. Rimes this year then hang on because it seems this crazy train is moving full steam ahead.

Image Credit: Twitter and FameFlynet

33 responses to “LeAnn Rimes Stalking Brandi Glanville and Lying as New Year Twitter War Begins”

  1. susie collins says:

    You might also want to check out Leann’s assistant’s Twitter @Kikicaldas. She follows Brandi Glanville….

  2. HI 50 says:

    Choo choo!! Crazy MeAnn train. All aboard! She NEVER fails to give the public her cheap entertainment. Inbreds are notorious for unstable behaviors due to low cognitive abilities.

  3. HollywoodHiccups says:

    What is wrong with LeAnn?

  4. TouristMeetsTraveler says:

    I honestly at this point think LeAnn is as bad as Brandi and Brandi is as bad as LeAnn. They both need to shut up.

  5. Angel 2009 says:

    Intriguing write up, Julie! Rather confounding and pathetic that MeAnn’s star-struck and fawning Twitter minions continue to consume every little piece of fantasy B.S. she habitually feeds them these days. She’s making fools out of them all and yet they still continue to soothe and stoke her damaged psyche.

    • julie.zelko says:

      Mahalo :) And I continue to be amazed that anyone still believes her lies or can condone her awful behavior. Because of her Twitter we now know it isn’t just speculation but it is the truth!!!

  6. allie says:

    It is so incredibly childish to fight with someone on Twitter

  7. Pamela says:

    Yep, there is a lot of speculation that she uses old photos all of the time.

  8. Mary Andraso says:

    This chick is going to have a MAJOR meltdown when Eddie is gone for good. But she will continue to show old photos and act like her and Eddie are still together. What a sad pathetic life.

  9. Mary Andraso says:

    Doesn’t Holly (Day One fan) also say “God bless?” Hmmmmm??????

  10. julie.zelko says:

    lol omg talk about a facepalm moment!! TY for pointing it out! and yes her antics are entertaining!

  11. gessie says:

    You are so pathetic. Writing an article about whether Eddie built a fire or flipped a switch. I swear, you belong in a mental hospital. Why don’t you worry about your idol Brandi Glanville, who is now roundly despised by everybody in L.A., as in you will never work in this town again despised. Your obsession with Leann rimes is very odd. She needs to take out a restraining order on you.

    • julie.zelko says:

      Your obsession with me is what is odd. I am a writer on a celeb site writing abt a celebrity who is a trainwreck and obviously by the views ppl are entertained by the mess she is. You however comment on everyone of my post just because. When ppl stop clicking on her stories that is when we will stop writing about her … until then we will carry on.

    • dls says:

      If you don’t like what you read leann, go post somewhere else. You are not a nice person yourself! You knew what the article was about so why did you click on it?

  12. Janie Gibson says:

    This woman is a ticking time bomb.. I hope Ed has taken steps to protect those boys. I think LeAnn feels she has nothing to lose. She’s the type that will not stop until she gets what she wants and will be crazed and go after the kids. This isn’t a game & she is coming unhinged.

  13. dls says:

    It took me a sec, but then LOL LOL LOL

  14. Slim Pickins says:


  15. Slim Pickins says:

    OMG! Cracking me up! “I obviously know the chicks cheese has slid WAY off her cracker, but this is priceless! “

  16. Slim Pickins says:


  17. tym2go says:

    She is crazy but we haven’t seen crazy yet. Wait til she rns out of money to support Eddie and he leaves.

  18. julie.zelko says:

    Mahalo :) Yesterday she was still engaging in some Twitter wars … one would think someone so happy who is on vacation would be able to ignore it and stay above the fray! Twitter has definitely been her undoing! Thanks again .. JZ

  19. julie.zelko says:

    Mahalo :)

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  22. Teresa Garcia says:

    Ugh that troll just needs to be punched in that huge nose of hers. LR is a disgrace. So caught up in flaunting that stolen meat, she is missing said meat screwing other whores.
    Smh she seriously needs to lay off the booze and drugs.