Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Brooke Burke-Charvet Resents Being Fired For Erin Andrews – Gets Tattoos (PHOTOS)

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Brooke Burke-Charvet Gets Tattoos -  Resents Being Fired For Erin Andrews (PHOTOS)

I think a lot of Dancing With the Stars fans have felt that the show needed to change something to freshen it up a bit. It’s not exactly that the judging panel isn’t working but maybe they are a little too predictable and so many believed that part of the change would be at that table. The producers decided to shake up the core but removed Brooke Burke Charvet instead of a judge and replaced her with Erin Andrews. The problem? No one really likes her. When she competed on the show she kept to herself and is doing the same thing now rather than embracing the family environment.

According to the April 7th print edition of In Touch magazine hiring Erin was actually very strategic on the part of ABC. They are hoping for a lot of side drama in the ballroom and they knew that Erin will encourage it. Rather than playing nice she is very outspoken and likes to stir the proverbial pot. In hoping for a scandalous season ABC knew that Brooke was way too nice for the job. Perhaps this is why Brooke recently got inked and is now sporting tattoos? Is Brooke trying to build up a bit of a bad-girl image? Check out the video below and decide.

Still, I guess the real question is whether or not Erin will last. Sure she may be more inclined to run her mouth, but if people don’t like her then that couldn’t easily affect the ratings and the public perception of the show. ABC doesn’t want to log into their own message boards to see a hate thread about Erin, do they? Or maybe is the scandal meant to swirl around her hiring and Brooke’s firing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Brooke Burke-Charvet Resents Being Fired For Erin Andrews - Gets Tattoos (PHOTOS)

Image Credit: Instagram Brooke Burke-Charvet

  • Paul S

    Erin Andrews is a big mistaken. No on likes her! She is awful

    • talkins88

      I like Erin Andrews a lot better than Brooke. Brooke was bland and awkward. She would just stand there and ask the contestants “How does it feel?”

  • sue

    I really enjoyed Brooke on the show. She showed style and class.
    I don’t like the show as much now.

  • bonnie sanders

    Put a cap on age. Get RID of Erin..Yuck. judges need to stop favoritism. Above all DO NOT SWITCH PARTNERS. Judges stop picking on Max. He’s the best you have. If he leaves we all leave. All these changes mean it’s time to quit watching.

  • Sophia Rose

    Being honest here… Erin Andrews? I really don’t get it – I’ve been watching DWTS for years and really enjoyed everything about it… Including Brooke!!! She has style, grace, class and her smile is so beautiful and appealing. I find Erin’s voice annoying and rather than list everything that isn’t working with Erin, I’d rather just say she doesn’t even come close to Brooke. PLEASE BRING BROOKE BACK!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • alex

    brook Burke is the hottest and the best.. Shame on you ABC for dropping her.. now we’re gonna drop you …!!!!

  • Renee Amber Hollister

    Yes (Yotto Otto) and we know bloody well the two of us are NOT the only
    ones who kicked the show to the curb. Change is Not always the best idea, it
    surly wasn’t this time. My husband said that blonde broad who replaced
    >>Dainty Brook, looks like a tranny.. Well to us it doesn’t matter anymore because We
    Took it out of our TiVo memory and our lives…be well Yotto,

  • Patricia

    Erin’s leg posture is not nice, always like an X! Don’t like her voice either

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  • Chloe Lane

    I have enjoyed watching DWTS for many seasons, but upon learning of EA replacing Brooke Burke Charvet, I promptly deleted DWTS from my DVR & will not watch again! I think anybody on the earth would’ve been a better replacement. I don’t know why they took Brooke off the show; not only is she beautiful and friendly, but a great host unlike her annoying, conceited, narcissistic & talentless replacement. I hope their ratings suffer & the replacement is promptly fired without warning; just as they did to Brooke!

  • pm

    I don’t like Erin Andrews and neither does my husband. She is terrible and we don’t like to listen to her and tune her out. May even quit watching the show. I don’t know how she ever got a spokes person job!
    We loved Brooke.

  • Guest!

    Erin is much better than Brooke… at least she actually talks to people. I don’t hate Brooke or anything, but she always seemed as though every episode was her first episode. Her interviews usually went something like “…and how does that make you feel?” “Uh, good?” -awkward pause- -awkward smile at camera- “Back to you, Tom.” I missed Samantha Harris when Brooke was hosting, but I like Erin too.

  • pcolalaser

    Erin is annoying and awkward!! If I don’t mute the tv when she is on I fast forward! Been a DWTS avid watcher for years but this season is painful with Erin as host. You just want her to “SHUT UP, PLEASE!”. C’mon producers, if you didn’t want Brooke get someone who has some class and poise! GO HOME ERIN! We are BEGGIN YOU!

  • Jules

    Shocked at all the pro-Brooke talk. Beautiful, yes. Adept at interviewing and hosting? No,no,no. Probably the most inept interviewer/host on television. It’s just not her forte.