Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change: Begins Hormone Therapy as Next Stage in Becoming a Woman (PHOTOS)

Bruce Jenner's Sex Change: Begins Hormone Therapy as Next Stage in Becoming a Woman (PHOTOS)

I really didn’t think that those early stories about Bruce Jenner wanting to be a woman were true. I figured it was just another Kardashian scandal likely planted by Kris Jenner to make people pay attention. Plus this came out not long after they couple confirmed their split so it sounded like mud slinging to me. But as the last few months have rolled on it has become really clear that Bruce is indeed on a mission. The bad weave, coral lipstick and french manicure made that obvious.

Then we heard that Bruce was contemplating a laryngeal shave to make his Adam’s apple less pronounced and that seemed a little far-fetched until he turned up leaving a medical center on Jan. 19th with his neck bandaged. That makes it really hard to deny what is becoming a pretty obvious fact – Bruce really does want to be a chick! Not long after his shave he also began hormone therapy to alter his voice and eventually the Olympic champion will be sporting breasts as well.

All that is really left is the full gender reassignment surgery which seems to be pretty inevitable. It’s hard to imagine that he has come this far only to back out of the last step. Do you think that Kris Jenner is absolutely mortified by Bruce’s latest endeavors? Is that why she is avoiding the spotlight for the first time in years? She certainly doesn’t want to be asked to comment, right? Is it shocking to you to see Bruce really morphing into a chick right in front of our eyes? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet