Is Bruce Jenner Really Becoming a Transgender Woman – Are His Breasts Growing? (PHOTOS)

Is Bruce Jenner Really Becoming a Transgender Woman - Are His Breasts Growing? (PHOTOS)

Has Bruce Jenner already taken the next step in his alleged quest to become a woman? According to the National Enquirer, yes! The tabloid reports online that Jenner, 64, underwent a procedure called a ‘laryngeal shaving’ on January 19 at the Beverly Hills Surgical Center. The procedure softens the appearance of the Adam’s apple, which, according to Enquirer’s undisclosed source, is one of the first steps taken by men who are seeking to a sex change.

Enquirer’s super reliable undisclosed source also says that Bruce has consulted with plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Stephen J. Pincus about making the transformation from man to woman. National Enquirer also states that photos of Bruce that were recently printed in Enquirer’s print edition, depict the former Olympian leaving the surgeon’s office on Rodeo Drive at around 10:30 am, just after his surgery, with his jacket zipped up, supposedly to hide the bandages from his surgery. Which makes a whole lot of sense, since patients who undergo a laryngeal shaving are under strict orders not to talk for several days after the procedure. Kind of makes consulting a plastic surgeon rather difficult if you can’t talk.

According to National Enquirer’s consultant, Dr. Sherman Leis, most transgender hopefuls began undergoing hormone treatments to grow their breasts and to give their hips a more “full, feminine look.” Dr. Leis says that these treatments usually began after the patient has undergone the so-called first step of having their Adam’s apple trimmed. The physician, who has not actually treated Bruce, himself, says that he normally advises his patients to undergo a year of mental health evaluation to ensure that a sex change is something they really want.

Enquirer’s undisclosed Kardashian “insider” says that Jenner has already begun hormone treatments, and is developing breasts. “Bruce says he’s finally do what he wants to do…” says the source, “…he tells his kids life’s too short not be authentic to yourself.” The source also adds that Jenner will likely not receive breast implants because he doesn’t want to embarrass Kendall and Kylie, though I’m pretty sure they can handle it with a mom like Kris. Since we all know how reliable the National Enquirer is, you can bet it won’t be long til the former Olympian officially trades his running pants for a sports bra. After all, everything the Enquirer says is true, right?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet