Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Devastates Kylie Jenner: Ashamed of Dad’s Gender Reassignment

Bruce Jenner's Sex Change Devastates Kylie Jenner: Ashamed of Dad's Gender Reassignment

Can you imagine being 16 and finding out that your father believes in his heart that he is supposed to be a woman? That he has spent his whole life trapped in the wrong body? Not only that, but that he has decided to do something huge about it and go through the whole process of gender reassignment. Well that is exactly what Bruce Jenner is forcing Kylie Jenner to deal with and rumor has it that she’s not coping well. As a member of the Kardashian family Kylie already knows the value of social networking sites but in playing the game she is also seeing a lot of negative comments about Bruce.

Kylie is crushed by all of the people making fun of her father and she’s also embarrassed by his current appearance. The end result is that Kylie is avoiding being seen with Bruce and just doesn’t know how to cope with being made fun of because he is her father. If you think back even to when the news of Bruce’s split from Kris Jenner broke, Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner seemed to be on their father’s side. They were spotted spending an awful lot of time with him just a few short months ago. Now it’s exactly the opposite.

Ignoring Bruce isn’t going to change anything so how should Kylie cope? We have heard that those close to both Kylie and Kendall are trying to nudge them towards therapy. Do you think that is the next logical step? Would you be seen in public with Bruce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


5 responses to “Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change Devastates Kylie Jenner: Ashamed of Dad’s Gender Reassignment”

  1. lola says:

    the next micheal jackson

  2. sheri s says:

    Bruce should be accepted for who he is, not for what he looks like. Kyle and Kendall are two spoiled rotten rich kids who thinks the world revolves around them. Wait to see there faces when they realize it does not,
    If Bruce chooses to look female, wear makeup and blow dry his hair and get manicures and even if he choose to have surgery to become female none of that changes who he s as a person, what’s in his heart, and it defiantly does not change the love he has for is family.
    Kylie an Kendall both want to be seen as individual’s and dress in there own style even if some don’t agree but they want to be unique and not have people judge them, well Bruce deserves the same to be who he is and accepted for being himself. Bruce you want to cut your balls off, and make changes you go for it, the only one who needs to be happy with who you are and what you choose is yourself.

  3. GhostDog says:

    An entire family of irrelevant douche-bags. Go away all of you, please

  4. Jerrybear says:

    The guy will make a hideous woman. He already was a weird looking man with all the terrible plastic surgeries.

  5. Katie Kay says:

    Personally, I could care less. He wants to be a woman, who cares, I don’t. I’m not like oh good for him, be you. On the other hand I’m not like oh fuck him he’s a freak. WHO GIVES A SHIT NONE OF US EVEN KNOW HIM, why get your panties all in a bunch over someone you will never even meet and if u saw them on the street would probably tell their security to remove you if you tried to talk to them????
    The only reason I am even writing this is because my ONE issue with all of this, it’s extremely sexist. I have no idea how no one have even noticed this?!?! He feels like a woman? Can anyone explain exactly what that feels like???? Is it that feeling whenever it’s late at night and you’re walking to your car and scared? That’s the only actual feeling I can think of that SOME boys don’t since their stronger. Also, if someone likes the color pink and other “girly” things they should turn into a woman? You can like fashion and those types of things without needing a vagina to do so. That’s what is wrong with society and it’s fucking people up. Basically, this is telling ME since I don’t like this most girls do… I hate the color pink, I can build things, i own power tools, i could care less about fashion (I wear a tank top and shorts most of the time), and i barley wear make up… Does this mean I should turn into a man and get a dick? NO IT DOESN’T, THIS MAKES NO SENSE.