Kate Middleton’s Bare Naked Bum Photo Delights Camilla Parker-Bowles: Celebrating Kate’s Embarrassment

Kate Middleton’s Bare Naked Bum Photo Delights Camilla Parker-Bowles: Celebrating Kate's Embarrassment

As the picture of Kate Middleton’s bare butt circulates around the internet, the Princess pendulum once again swings back in Camilla Parker-Bowles’ favor. It is no secret that Prince Charles’ wife is not a fan of Kate Middleton. She has been clinging to Prince Charles for years, patiently waiting for Queen Elizabeth to step down and give her and her Royal hubby free reign over England.

Despite the obvious line of hierarchy, the media has been speculating for months that Queen Elizabeth would much rather see Prince William and Kate Middleton take over her throne, instead of his father Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Sure Kate Middleton got off to a rocky start as a member of the Royal Family, but she quickly got her footing and began cleaning up her image and winning over the people. She has been on her best behavior for over a year now, and with every day that passed that Kate was scandal-free, the more Queen Elizabeth adored her and despised Camilla.

Today’s nude photo scandal was just the break Camilla Parker-Bowles has been waiting for, and the fall from Queen Elizabeth’s good graces that Kate Middleton was bound to make eventually. Sure, Kate Middleton can’t be completely held at fault for the wind blowing her skirt up in the air. However, she is the one who chose not to wear any panties underneath her flimsy dress. Camilla Parker-Bowles may be a lot of things, but she doesn’t go to photo-ops sans her undergarments.

There is no doubt right now that the Palace is in a frenzy over Kate Middleton’s latest scandal, and the Royal Family is in panic mode. Everyone except Camilla Parker-Bowles that is, she is for sure hiding out and celebrating this momentous occasion.

  • SpringBeauty

    Is Catherine some kind of closet exhibitionist? Why wouldn’t she wear slacks, or a tight fitting garment, when she knows it’s a windy day, she will be near a running helicopter, and the ever eager press will be present? Is she a total dumbass, or is she enjoying flashing her lady bits again? At least wear a slip, and some modest panties, and use weights in your hem; the Queen has told you a thousand times. I really think this is crude, rude and purposefully done!

    • LBJC

      I think you are right.

    • Elia

      Middletrash is an “in your face” exhibitionist. I can’t believe how many times she’s done this. You think the royals would get her a good psychiatrist. I guess they love the embarrassment ?!

  • Virgilia Coriolanus

    Kate is a grown woman. She’s had her skirts go over her head at least five or six times since she became part of the royal family. How hard is it, after the FIRST TIME to ask for some weighted hems? It’s not like SHE has to sew them in herself. At this point, it’s on purpose. And it makes the BRF look bad, because SHE is representing them, every time they go on a trip, or appear in public. And no one can tell me that after the first time it happened, no one, not her stylist or anyone else who works for the royal family didn’t suggest that she have hems put into her skirts–or at least suggest that she wear more fitted skirts if she doesn’t want to put weights in them, or wear underwear. None of the other Royal Women have this issue.

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  • Elia

    Middleton’s had so many incidents like this, she could be in the Guinness book of world records. They had to blur the photo of her in the red dress coming out of the plane during the tour. God only knows what they had to blur out because it showed Middleton from the front with her dress up.
    If Middleton was a man she’d probably be arrested by now. The filthy pervert shouldn’t even be allowed around children during her very-rare “public service” or charity appearances. I’ll bet if anyone wasn’t wearing undies around George they’d be in big trouble. My God, if his nanny flashed him she’d be put in a dungeon. Imagine that scenario. George sees his nanny’s naked butt. There would be Hell to pay. So why is this Middleton-skank getting away with flashing kids and the public in general ?
    So imagine Kate coming to see your kid for a PR visit. Imagine your kid being exposed to seeing Kate’s naked butt or God knows what else. Because she can’t wear panties for some idiotic reason {EXHIBITIONIST}. In Calgary, Canada the skank had no underwear on and a child cancer victim was there to meet her. Well the yellow dress went sky high and Middleton was exposed. Prior to that, there were many other incidents so it’s not as if she doesn’t know it will happen. Like I said, if she were a man running around exposing himself in public she’d be arrested. They need to get the Duchess of Butt under control and get her some psychiatric help.