Queen Elizabeth Appalled by Prince Charles’ Putin-Hitler Blunder: Picks Prince William and Kate Middleton For Next King and Queen?

Queen Elizabeth Appalled by Prince Charles' Putin-Hitler Blunder: Picks Prince William and Kate Middleton For Next King and Queen?

Prince Charles really can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth, can he? At this rate, it’ll be less of a public relations embarrassment to put Prince George on the throne, mostly because George is beloved by the public and won’t go around making stupid statements comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. Of course, George doesn’t even know who Putin and Hitler are yet, but with all his seniority and status, Charles really should know better. Also, what Putin is doing in Ukraine is not even similar to what Hitler was doing with the rest of the world, and his comments show Charles’ severe lack of diplomacywhen it comes to politics and international relations.

Even if Charles genuinely believed that Putin was similar to Hitler, does he not realize that Russia is still a major world power? Do we see President Obama going around and making generalized statements insulting wold leaders like this? No matter his feelings on Putin or what’s going on in Ukraine right now, Obama’s managed to conduct all his business with aplomb and grace, something which seems to have gone right over Charles’ head.

First of all, isn’t the first thing they teach you when you come of age in the royal family public speaking and diplomacy 101? Even though the monarchy is no longer in charge of running Britain’s international affairs, that doesn’t mean that they still don’t represent the country in important ways. And unfortunately, Charles continues to bring attention to the monarchy for all the wrong reasons, and eventually, Queen Elizabeth will be under pressure to put someone else on the throne – even if there’s no way anyone’s getting on that throne before Charles. He may be a public embarrassment right now, but it would too much of a departure from tradition to even think of putting someone else on the throne (or would it?) – even if Prince William and Kate Middleton handle themselves with much more public relations savvy and intelligence.

Charles, on the other hand, is causing one gaffe after another, and he seems incapable of understanding the intricacies of global politics, something that the Queen has maneuvered with delicacy for so long. There have already been plenty of doubts over his ability to rule, but if this latest controversy is anything to go by, it’s that he can’t be trusted to go on tours without a cue card of what to say.

  • flyonthewall

    Aplomb and grace?
    Those are the words of a mental misfit, badly in need of a frontal lobotomy.

    • eechaze101

      Clearly you must be one of the Obama haters. But you ought to respect the opinion of others even if you do not agree with them. Your choice of words shows you lack decorum

  • blabbermouth

    We do know that Putin had the powers
    when the entire Polish government were killed while landing at a Russian airport–to lay a wreath on Polish soldiers graves, on Russian territory.
    Just how lethal Vladimir is, is yet to be known.
    Will it be Putin, or Obama, who ebdanger millions, with their egotistical personal power struggle.
    Putins a thug and Obama’s the ultimate hipster.
    Can Obama create enough mayhem, to get the heat off his own hide, and public opinion , back in his corner.
    Charles would have better described Putin,
    by comparing him to
    a person with the typical small guy syndrome.
    A person who might slaughter half the world, just to prove he’s a big guy. Napoleon, another little monster.
    Adolph idolized Napoleon.
    One wonders who Putin idolizes.

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  • micmac

    No, they were sent away for several reasons, the main reason to allow the new nanny to learn the ropes without Kate fussing around the newly weaned baby. That was quite understandable, especially as the hiring of the nanny was a bare month before the Australian tour. And Kate’s hemlines were down to her knees, almost dowdily so.

    • Pro_bono_publico

      Kate needs to contemplate wearing non-thong underwear when she’s wearing a lightweight skirt outdoors and subject to having her bum exposed by the breeze.

  • micmac

    Yes I do have my doubts about Putin. But it seems the job share between Prince Charles & Queen Elizabeth is off for the moment. And it also seems Prince Charles doesn’t want looming kingship interfere with his right to free speech.

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  • anon

    But it’s ok when the son of a Important american is placed on the board of the most successful oil company in Ukraine?. Or is it only not ok when it’s Russia and Putin?. Is it also ok for America and the UK to be engineering the crack out of Afghanistan? Double standards everywhere. Putin has nothing on the evil that we do. Not saying that Putin is a saint but we are all as bad as each other. Open your eyes.

  • anon

    Ok idiot Hitler was an artist and a extraordinary soldier before his rise to power. Do your research before talking utter Shit. Thanks bye

    • Pro_bono_publico


    • Pro_bono_publico


    • Pro_bono_publico

      He was a glory hound corporal and a mediocre water-colorist. Get your facts straight.

      [MODERATOR: Why are my comments being flagged for review?]

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  • John Culley

    Queen Elizabeth’s mother had a number of unflattering things to say about Hitler during the London blitz of 1940 so I doubt if the Queen is annoyed by the fact that Prince Charles agreed with Hillary Clinton’s comparison of Putin to Hitler.

  • John Culley

    The problem is perverted paparazzi photographers and their minions and not with the Middleton sisters. Princess Margaret had the same problem with the wind while wearing a long skirt back in 1959.

  • Dilla

    Being a new working moyher it pains me having to leave my baby just to go to work..and when i go out with my hubby for some alone time but that doesnt make me a bad mother..We need our tine too..Doesnt men we love our child any less. You basically know nothing about being a mother and yet you got some nerve to criticize..Silly

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