Carrie Fisher Headed For Drug Relapse After Years Of Sobriety? – Report

Carrie Fisher Headed For Drug Relapse After Years Of Sobriety? - Report

Carrie Fisher has spent decades of her life dealing with mental issues and addiction problems, but she’s been sober for the past few years, barring a few incidents here and there. However, a new report from the National Enquirer suggests that Carrie might be headed for a drug relapse, if the rumors are true.

According to the report, Carrie’s friends are worried about the former Star Wars star because she’s constantly making trips to a shady apartment in Los Angeles. Although she’s denied buying drugs during these trips, eyewitnesses have reportedly spotted her making exchanges with two women in a car, and visiting their apartment once. The eyewitness tells the Enquirer, “She was a mess, frazzled hair and a long black coat. And she certainly was acting weird.”

Apparently, Carrie’s behavior was also worrisome during these visits, as theses sources add that she seemed hyperactive and agitated. Granted, those are symptoms of hypomania in bipolar patients, which is also a cause for worry, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a relapse into drug addiction. However, it is odd that she’s meeting some unnamed people in a dilapidated apartment complex in Los Angeles. What could she possibly be exchanging or buying, apart from drugs? She would be getting her medicines and prescription pills from the pharmacy, and even if she wanted to buy something extra, I’m sure she has assistants who would do that for her. Usually, when celebrities are caught going somewhere this sketchy, they’re either doing it for drugs or because they’re having an affair. It’s hard to imagine Carrie having a relationship she’d want to keep quiet, which really only leaves drugs as an option.

Of course, this is the National Enquirer, which means the probability of this story being accurate is less than 10%, if we’re going by their recent trajectory.

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