Casey Kasem’s Body Missing – His Widow Jean Kasem The Corpse Thief?

Casey Kasem's Body Missing -  His Widow Jean Kasem The Corpse Thief?

Casey Kasem died a month ago; however, he has yet to be buried — and now we’ve learned that his body is missing! While nobody knows for sure, many are pegging Casey’s widow, Jean Kasem, as the one responsible for the body’s disappearance. Apparently, Jean took the body from the funeral home the day before a judge instructed that the body remain there so an autopsy could be done. If you’ve kept up at all with this story, then you know the way Jean’s handled this situation has been, erm, a bit shady.

Jean is actually at the center of an alleged  elder abuse  investigation, currently being conducted by the Santa Monica PD. It’s for this reason that the autopsy was so crucial. And now you see why Jean’s sudden disappearance — and with her husband’s body no less (allegedly) — looks extremely suspicious.

Jean has always been at odds with the children, so it will be interesting to hear what they have to say in the coming days regarding Jean’s supposed vanishing. Casey’s daughter Kerri does have an idea where she might be, however . . . Kerri believes Jean has fled the country.

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  • janie

    This is so despicable and disrespectful to this man. Does his wife have mental issues?The fued is over, he’s gone… What’s the point of this, other than his wife looking deranged. He deserves better than this! It makes me think his daughter was right all along. She must be devastated, I would be if that were my dad.

    • Nick

      Yeah, it’s a really strange situation!