Castle Recap – Terrorist on a Train! Season 7 Episode 8 “Kill Switch”

Castle Recap - Terrorist on a Train! Season 7 Episode 8 "Kill Switch"

Tonight on ABC Castle starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday November 24, season 7 episode 8 called “Kill Switch,” and we have your weekly recap below for you.  In tonight’s episode, subway riders are taken hostage by a man with a gun, and Esposito [Jon Huertas] is one of the unlucky passengers.

On the last episode, when Castle and Beckett learned that a murder victim may have been poisoned at an Old West-style resort, they visited the resort posing as newlyweds to uncover the truth. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “when subway passengers, including Detective Esposito, are taken hostage by a mysterious gunman, Castle, Beckett and the team must uncover the gunman’s agenda before it’s too late.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in for CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of this new season.

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Castle tells Kate he’s excited about going off to their first crime scene as man and wife. There’s a dead guy on a park bench with a bullet hole through his head. Ryan says a jogger found him an hour ago. His name is Paul Reeves, no one heard the shot and there was no surveillance. Javi says it looks like a mugging gone wrong but Castle asks why he would shoot him instead of just robbing him. Kate finds singed backpack threads she thinks was used to silence the shot.

They bring in Paul’s brother who was staying with him while he waited on his condo escrow to close. He says Paul was a GAO investigator but he doesn’t know more because Paul couldn’t talk about his job. He says his brother never went to the park to drink coffee and says the guy was a workaholic and this was out of the ordinary behavior. He says he and his brother had a beer last night which was also unusual and he told him about work.

He says Paul told him there was a big meeting he was worried about and he got a disturbing call from someone involved in one of his cases. He says he thinks the meeting was this morning. Paul’s boss tells her she didn’t know about any meeting. She says Paul was in the healthcare division and audited facilities with government contracts. They ask for his files and see he had 20 investigations going against medical equipment, storage and medical care places.

Castle says he thinks Paul uncovered a scandal and the greedy contractor lured him to the park to kill him so his findings never came to light. Kate asks if he has any suspects and he says no. Ryan comes over and says he checked Paul’s calls and found an incoming call from yesterday morning from a payphone. Ellis pulls nearby footage and says the caller was Jared Stone, a hacker. Ryan says he was an Occupy protestor that released data on a major bank before.

Castle says Jared uncovered the scandal in question and then contacted Paul. He says he thinks Jared is a whistle blower that may be in danger. Kate says there’s no evidence but says to bring him in for questioning. Javi says he thinks he has an address for him. Javi asks Ryan about life with a kid and Ryan says he’s loving it all. Javi asks if he thinks he would be a good dad since he had no role models. Ryan tells him that he thinks he’d be great.

Javi says he wants to move forward but Lanie wants to keep it casual. Javi says his biological clock is ticking and Ryan thinks he’s teasing him and calls him a jackass. They pull up and notice Jared. Javi gets out to follow the guy on foot. He heads into a subway station and Javi calls Ryan to fill him in. He says he lost visual and tells Ryan to stay put. He sees the guy and says he looks scared. He tells Ryan which train the guy got on and he gets on with him.

A subway cop is hassling a kid who has a marker and she is ticketing him for potential vandalism. Javi approaches Jared who pulls a gun from the subway cop’s belt and yanks the emergency brake. He tells Javi to put his gun on the ground. He does. He makes him kick it over to him and he does. Jared tells them to step back and tells no one to move. Jared calls Javi a tool of the 1% and Javi says he misunderstands.

He asks Jared to put the gun down and then sees the earbuds in his pocket. He yanks his phone out and ends the call and tells everyone else on the car to shut off their phones and get down. Ryan yells for Javi as the call is cut off abruptly. Jared tells everyone to stay down and they won’t get hurt. One guy begs them not to hurt them and Javi tells them all to stay calm but Jared says he’s not in charge, he is. He wonders why the conductor isn’t coming back and thinks others are evacuating.

He asks Javi who he was on the phone with and he says a friend – another cop – but that doesn’t mean anything. Jared says he needs to think. The subway cop tells Javi she can’t believe he took her weapon. Marisa, the cop, introduces herself. One of the guys on the car says he’s a salesman and can help Jared get what he wants. Gates comes to tell them all that Jared took Javi and others hostage.

Castle wonders why he would do that. Gates says to get her all the info they can on Jared so she can give it to the negotiation team. The negotiator shows up and introduces himself to Ryan as HRT lead Captain Bigelow. He fills Bigelow in on what they know about Jared and says Javi is solid. He gets a call from Kate and tells her he’s sorry and shouldn’t have let Javi go alone. She tells him to fill Bigelow in and then go to Jared’s apartment to find out why he’s doing this.

He doesn’t want to leave the scene but she talks him into it. Lanie comes in upset and Kate reassures her and says they will get him out. Gates calls them in and says they have eyes on Javi. They have access to a security feed and Ellis says it’s a pilot program. She says Jared won’t know that there is a camera on him. Marisa wonders why Jared is toying with his play list and Javi says he’s trying to calm himself down.

Jared takes a hit from his asthma inhaler and Marisa says she can talk to him since she’s in Kevlar. Javi says he’ll do it and she says detectives always think they’re better. He says they are. Javi tells him that no matter what happened with Paul, this doesn’t have to happen. Javi tells him he can still walk out of here but Jared says it’s too late and there is no turning back. Javi says HRT will wait for him to get tired then they will breach the car and take him down without mercy.

Jared says HRT won’t come near him once they know I have this. He unzips his jacket and shows Javi he’s in a bomb vest. The passengers are horrified and all slide further away from him. Castle and the others see that and Gates says he has a dead man switch in his left hand. Kate says he’s a terrorist. Gates says she’s going to call Homeland and see what they have on him. Javi asks the guy what he’s doing and says there are no one percenters there.

Javi says these are working people he doesn’t want to hurt. Jared says he doesn’t but he will if he has to. He tells Javi to take a picture and send it to HRT. The guy who rented to Jared lets them in and Ryan tells the cops with him to sift his stuff. The landlord asks them to take off their shoes since the carpet is new. They just glare at him. Gates says Homeland has nothing on him and Castle says he thinks the guy was headed somewhere else.

Kate says Jared was going to a wealth management seminar full of one percenters. Kate says he had a back up target as well – the opera. Gates tells Kate to pass this on to HRT. She also says Jared called the Maldives from the cell phone. Gates gets a call from HRT who wants to know what kind of pizza Javi likes. Kate tells her and she walks away. Castle asks how a non-violent protestor turns into this and do the Maldives and a GAO investigator fit.

Ryan finds a receipt for a shredder then notices the shredder. He asks the landlord if he bought it and the guy says no. Ryan digs into and sees he was shredding documents. He says they need to piece them back together to see what he was trying to hide. Jared asks Javi how he found him and if he knows about White Knight. The phone rings and Javi tells him it’s the negotiator and now is the time to ask for what he wants.

Jared takes the call and says hi to Bob, the negotiator. He tells him he’s fine and that the people on the car are fine. He asks if they are hungry and Jared asks if they are. The people say they are hungry and Jared tells Bob this. Then Bob asks if he has demands and Jared says he wants Aaron Wilson released from prison and to call back with a plan to get him out. Gates, Kate and Castle have no clue who that is but know they need to find out ASAP.

Kate doesn’t find Aaron Wilson but finds an Erin Wilson – a female hacker that was convicted for looking into banks. Erin was Jared’s hacking and activist partner. Castle says the Maldives are non-extradition so that’s why he was likely looking. Ryan tells them they are putting together a letter they found. One line they recovered says read, memorize, destroy and they think it may have to do with Erin.

Javi asks Jared who Erin is and Jared says she’s his soul mate. Javi tells him he should tell Bob that but Jared says he needs to keep control. Javi then asks about White Knight. His phone rings and Jared finally answers it and asks what they are doing for Erin and what’s taking so long. He says they sure got her into prison fast. He tells at Bob to shut up and tells him to fly her to the Maldives and he wants to hear how he’s going to make that happen within half an hour. He agrees to take food but says no cops.

He tells him to put the food on the edge of the platform and someone will get it. He points to a husband there with his wife and tells him to go get it since he knows he’ll come back. Kate tells Castle she talked to Erin who has no clue that Jared was going to try and get her out. Kate says they found a deleted directory on his computer named White Knight.

They hand out pizzas by ingredient and read off Javi’s. He takes it and sees a note on the lid. He flips it up and reads it. It tells him to watch the lights and when they flicker a second time to secure the dead man’s switch. It says to nod if he’s in. He does and the camera sees it. Gates tells them that HRT doesn’t think Jared is going to let them go and the Erin thing is a ruse to by time.

Ellis says Jared won’t see them coming since they are coming through grates above not through the subway tunnels. Marisa read the note and asks if they should tell the others. He says no. He asks why she became a cop and she says it made sense after she got out of the service. He says him too. He asks if she’s married or has kids and she says no to both. She tells him to quit trying to comfort her and he says he was just trying to get to know her.

He sees a flicker and tells her the next one is go time. Javi touches the floor and they know HRT is on the train from the vibrations. Unfortunately, Jared feels it too. He calls Bob and tells him to pull back or everyone dies. He tells Bob not to screw with him. He says he can’t be trusted and is sending people in when he doesn’t know where anyone is. He spots the hidden camera and shoots it out.

Castle, Gates and Kate are horrified to lose the visual. Castle asks Kate how Lanie is doing and she says she’s distraught now that she can’t see what’s going on. Castle says they need to find out who Jared was working with and Castle says they need to go back to Paul’s files. Lanie goes to see Ellis and asks if she recorded the footage from the subway car. She asks to see it and Lanie pulls it up.

Castle has the case summaries and they decide to look for anything that would tie to Jared. Ryan comes in and says he thinks Jared is following a play book. He shows him the lines that were in a script. Kate says why would he wait to mention the Maldives. Castle says the guy is stalling for time and Lanie comes to get Kate. She says they have a problem – a new one. She plays the footage and says his asthma is getting worse. She says she thinks he’s sick with fever and chills and getting sicker.

Kate says Paul was investigating a missing flu virus and thinks it’s connected. Jared tells Bob that once Erin is in international air space, he’ll surrender. Javi says the guy isn’t looking good and if he passes out he’ll let go of the detonator and they will all be dead. They agree to make a move once he puffs on his inhaler. She unties her boot lace and Javi jumps him. They wrap up the detonator while Jared begs them to stop and says he’s not done yet.

Javi calls Ryan and says they took down Jared and it’s over. Ryan says it’s not over. He says the CDC turned up a sample of a non-curable H5N1 virus in his apartment. Ryan says they may all be infected. One of the hostages goes to open the subway car door and Javi yells at him to close it right away. Uh-oh. Looks like Jared is about to drop dead and passed the nasty bug onto the hostages.

Gates tells them that they were all transported to the hospital and are in isolation. She says they have all been given an inoculation they hope will stop it. Gates says he was hoping to go to the one percent events to infect as many people as possible since the virus is airborne and hoped it would spread around. Gates wonders how this ties to Paul. Kate says Paul was investigating the lab where the virus was stolen from.

Kate says they need to go talk to Jared and Gates says to hurry because the guy is in bad shape. Kate and Castle go to talk to him. He’s in a plastic bubble and looking bad. Kate says they know he had help and asks who White Knight is and who he really is. He says he doesn’t know and they bonded over how to get Erin out. He says he never would have detonated the vest and just wanted Erin to be free. Castle says he just wanted to start an epidemic. She says Erin was just a side show.

He asks what she’s talking about and he says he doesn’t have a disease. She asks why he called Paul and he says White Knight told him it was part of the plan but he didn’t see him or know who the guy was. Castle asks if the seminar and opera were his idea and he says no, White Knight. He’s upset that he may have infected others. Kate says this is all back to the lab Paul was infecting.

Kate says the CDC confirmed that Jared’s asthma inhaler was a delivery device for the H5N1. They wonder why the lab was ordering up millions of vaccines for a virus that only had 1,000 cases a year. They bring in Paul’s boss, Ms Jarvis, to ask about Latham Labs. She says companies that make vaccines are tracked by GAO. Castle asks why they would make so much of a vaccine.

Kate asks why she just converted all her assets to Latham stock. They accuse her of colluding with Jared. They tell her they know that her husband put away Erin and she killed Paul when he started poking around the lab. They found her emails as White Knight. Kate says she could have killed millions of people just so she could have more money. She demands a lawyer. Kate tells her she needs to find a good one.

Marisa stops by to see Javi and he tells her she did well despite being a transit cop. She cracks a detective joke and he says they make a tight team. She tells him she has a five year old son and he says she told him no family but she says she didn’t want him to worry about her being a mom. She asks about Lanie and says she reads lips. She says he mouthed the word when he was taking down the guy. She says who you think of in a moment like that is important.

Kate says Jared is going to make a recovery but he’s still facing trouble. Castle says maybe he’ll go to the same prison as Erin. Javi shows up and there are hugs all around. Ryan says he was worried and Javi calls him a wimp. Lanie comes in and tells him she was worried sick. He hugs her for a long moment and Castle says they all need to go out for drinks on him. He says they can take the subway then asks if it’s too soon. He says he’ll offer a token apology and then asks if he’s on the wrong track. They all roll their eyes at his cheesy puns.