Castle RECAP 3/24/14: Season 6 Episode 19 “The Greater Good”

Castle RECAP 3/24/14: Season 6 Episode 19 “The Greater Good”

Tonight on ABC CASTLE returns for a brand new episode. In “The Greater Good” the death of a Wall Street trader puts the team on a collision course with Captain Gates’ sister.

On the last episode a Japanese ballet dancer was mysteriously murdered, Castle and Beckett’s investigation into her secret life uncovered evidence that she was killed by a ninja, and now that ninja was coming after them.  Did you watch the last episode? If not then you’re in luck because we have the full detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a Wall Street trader, but the case takes a shocking turn when the they discover the victim was an undercover informant for the U.S. Attorney’s office. To complicate matters further, the U.S. attorney involved is Elizabeth Weston (guest star Salli Richardson-Whitfield, “Eureka”), Captain Gates’ estranged sister.

Guest cast includes: Salli Richardson-Whitfield as U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Weston, Laurie Fortier as U.S. Attorney Stephanie Goldmark, Rosie Garcia as Maria Cordero, Kevin Kilner as Jamie Berman.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in for CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action and while you’re waiting for the show to start, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of the current season.

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A dead guy lies on a bed and someone takes a photo of the body. Castle talks about he and Kate getting married on the Cycloen at Coney Island. Kate refuses all the weird locations. She asks how many people will fit on a coaster and they agree they need to do a headcount before they discuss the venue. She gets a call about the body and he tells her they should limit it to just family. The victim is Peter who lives alone and works on Wall Street. He was shot once in the chest. Ryan says at 10:03 pm a woman called from a payphone down the block to report it. Laney says TOD was between 8-10 pm so she could be their killer.

Castle asks why the shirt is unbuttoned and Laney says it was unbuttoned after he was shot. Castle says the person was looking for something and Laney says no defensive wounds. Security footage from down the street shows a woman on the phone. Ryan says no close next of kin but Maria Cordero lives in Queens. Kate says to bring her in while she and Castle go to Peter’s office.

Maria says she and Peter will like siblings but she doesn’t recognize the woman and says she doesn’t think he had a girlfriend. She says he was a really sweet guy and was a scholarship kid in college and a hard worker. She had not talked to him for a few days and says he did seemed stressed about something at work.

Kate and Castle come to the investment bank and talk about how bad the place is rumored to be. Castle says a friend of his worked there and then bought an island. They ask to talk to Peter’s boss and they come into the conference room to see them dump a million bucks on the table and offer it to the first guy that poaches an account from Goldman.

The boss gets pissy because he thinks she’s SEC but she explains she’s homicide and he agrees to talk. He tells them Peter is a great guy and very nice. They show him the photo and he says he doesn’t know the girl. They ask what trouble he was having at work and he says he was having his best month and his clients all liked him. The guy says he did see Peter in the stairwell with a tatted gang-banger looking guy who was handing Peter a package. He says Peter looked guilty. He says he asked him about it but he decided to let it go.

The guy explains they don’t ask a lot of questions about what their people do to get through the day. He agrees to describe the guy to a sketch artist. Laney shows them numbers written on his flesh. She also shows them a grainy materials on his chest. It’s adhesive residue – she thinks he was wearing a wire. They tell Gates about this but they don’t know who he was wearing it for so far. Just then, the woman in the photo walked in and Gates says they’re from the US Attorney’s office. Gates says one of the women is her sister Elizabeth.

The tow sisters stare each other down and the other woman introduces herself as Stephanie. Kate asks why she didn’t ID herself when she called in the body and Elizabeth says they couldn’t compromise their investigation. Castle asks what investigation and they ask to speak privately. Peter was a CI who was helping them investigate JP Harding investments. He wore it to work every day and Stephanie says they downloaded it every night and the wire was stolen so they lost some good evidence.

They show them the sketch from Jamie – his boss – but Elizabeth says he’s the target of the investigation and can’t be trusted. Peter was caught with a bag of coke last month so he took the immunity deal and was going to meet with Jamie one on one the day he was killed. They think Jamie knew he was wearing a wire and killed him. They tell Gates that they can’t risk exposing it to JP Harding and tell her to keep them in the loop. Elizabeth gets bossy with her and Gates bites her tongue and acts polite. They leave.

Castle and Kate make coffee and talk about Gates’ sister and the chill between the two of them. Castle begins his crazy speculation. He offers Kate a dollar to ask Gates. Ryan tells them Peter and Jamie had a meeting that got heated and left still in the middle of that fight. They show Jamie the security footage and asked why he didn’t tell them about them arguing and leaving together. Jamie tells them it wasn’t relevant since he didn’t kill him. They ask what the argument was about and he says business and won’t violate client confidentiality. They ask how far they walked together and where he was during the killing. He tells them he was at Le Cirque and to call his lawyer next time.

Kate checks his alibi and he was at the restaurant. Castle asks about Gates’ sister and she shuts him down. They think the sketch is fake but Javi says maybe not because the ballistics on Peter’s bullet match a gang shooting and the photo matches a sketch. They pull Maria back in and tell her about his coke possession. They show her the photo and she says it’s Hector and that he and Peter were friends in school. She says Peter cut ties with him a decade ago and wouldn’t have been in touch with him again unless he didn’t have a choice. Hmm…

Castle and Kate head to the El Baile Club to check out Hector. She tells him to be on the lookout because it might be dangerous. They go in and find people salsa dancing and Castle tells her it looks pretty tame but then they spot the heavily armed guys. Kate asks for Hector and Castle directs her to the pool tables. He makes a shot and tells her it’s dangerous and she could get hurt. He tells her whatever it is, he didn’t do it. She brings up Peter’s name and she tells him he’s dead. He’s genuinely stunned and asks who did it.

Castle says they thought he might be able to tell them. He says Peter was his best friend and he protected him from the gang. Kate asks how he ended up shot by his gun. He says Peter told him about a deal that was dangerous and he gave Peter his gun because he was being watched. They ask if that was in the package he gave him in the stairs. He says it was something to do with bank accounts and asked him to take an envelope to a mid-town bank – Suisse Federal. It was sealed but it was transfer instructions. Hector wrote down the number in case something went wrong. It was the same number Peter wrote on his hand that Laney saw. Hector’s alibi checks out.

Castle tells Gates there’s more to her sister’s witness than she knew. Javi says the bank manager told them the account existed but it’s numbered, not listed by name. Castle wonders if the six digits are the password. They log into the account online and find the balance is zero. Gates says to check the history and they see it did have $25 million the day before Hector went and then it was transferred out. They wonder what Peter was into.

Javi tells them the manager told them they can’t trace where the money went and Kate says the investigation may be dead in the water but Gates has an idea. She brings her sister in and tells her about the $25 million transfer. She asks if she knows anything about it and Elizabeth says she didn’t. Gates asks to listen to the wire tapes but her sister says they’re privileged and she can’t have access. Gates tells her she knows this is all about power and she doesn’t want Peter compromised as a CI.

Elizabeth says she has to think about the greater good and she tells Gates she could never play the game and that’s why she’s stuck behind a desk instead of running the whole place. She tells Elizabeth to give her the recordings or she’ll go over her head. She consents and tells her to bring anything she finds to her so she doesn’t screw up another one of her investigations.

Javi thinks he has something – he has a call between Peter and Hector confirming the transfer. Then Peter calls and says he wants to confirm the receipt of Armando Garcia’s funds. The next call is Peter telling some guy they are running out of time. They try for a warrant to get Peter’s desk phone records to try and find Armando.

Castle asks Kate if she has more family than he knows about. He has 400 guests on his list and she has 100. Kate reminds him that Michael Connelly critiqued his last book. He also has to invite Stephen King and Wes Craven. He wants to cut her Aunt Teresa because she wrote something mean about him on Facebook. Kate reminds him she took it down. His mom comes in and tells them she has a list of her own to add. Kate is stunned.

Gates looks at a photo in her drawer of her and her sister as kids. She starts to call her sister then changes her mind.

Kate and Castle come in debating their nearly 600 head wedding count. They ask Ryan how he cut the list and he says a lot of people hate him now. The transfer went to Venezuela and the call went to the Venezuelan Consulate. Kate and Castle head over there. He’s intrigued. The consulate rep tells them it was about a passport request but he doesn’t know about the money. He says the passport was for Armando Garcia which is Peter’s name. He says that’s his birth name and it was changed when he immigrated to New York. Turns out Peter was getting ready to go back home to Venezuela and renewed his citizenship. He says Peter asked to pick up the passport at the embassy in Mexico City and was supposed to pick it up last night.

Gates figures out quickly that Peter was never going to testify for Elizabeth. He was planning on taking the 25 mill and skipping the country. Gates says this info will destroy and taint her sister’s case. Ryan says the credit card under Armando’s name showed a charge at an internet cafe. They go to check out security footage there.

Kate talks to Gates and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s trying to figure out how to tell her sister her case has gone to crap without her blaming her. She tells Kate she was in IA and her sister was working a big case. She says there was a guy selling drugs and it would have compromised her case but Gates had to do her job even though it ruined her sister’s case.

They got the security footage but can’t see the screen. But someone comes to sit down by Peter. They think the guy sitting beside him did the transfer. It was Jamie that met him there and they try to figure out why he would give him $25 million. They think Jamie paid Peter to botch the case. They assume all of the recordings would be lies and that would set Elizabeth up for a major catastrophe in court. They still can’t figure out who killed Peter though.

They bring Jamie in and he denies the $25 million settlement. His lawyer says they have no proof. They ask why he was in the internet cafe and he says they have good coffee. Kate says she thinks Peter told him about the investigation. Jamie plays dumb and says Peter couldn’t have been wearing his wire when he was killed. Jamie says he knew about the wire and that he had already left it at the dead drop for the Feds. Jamie says he saw Peter drop off the wire so he couldn’t have been wearing it.

Gates brings Elizabeth in and they tell them that someone in the US Attorney’s office has lied about the wire being missing. Stephanie had the files but then erased them. Gates says they know she listened to the wire and found something she shouldn’t have heard. They play the recording and he says they planted drugs on him to force him to testify. He says no one, not even the cops, play by the rules so he’s leaving.

Kate says the cop who planted the drugs confessed. Elizabeth asks her why and Stephanie says she was doing it for the greater good. Castle accuses her of shooting Peter. They haul Stephanie off for Peter’s murder. Elizabeth commends them on their exemplary work despite pressure from her. They ask about the money and she says Peter donated a bunch of money to rebuild his hometown that was destroyed in a hurricane.

Gates asks her sister if she still has a case against Jamie and she says she’ll rebuild her case the right way and will get him. She thanks Gates for doing her job well and invites her out for a drink. They hug it out. Awww…

Castle tells Kate that Elizabeth isn’t that bad and Kate says she can’t come to the wedding. Kate says are they having the wedding for them or the other people. She says to write down just the people that have to be there to make them happy. They agree to make their lists in just one minute and they get ready. They each write down one name and then stop and show their papers. They both wrote “you” and they smooch! Double awww….

He says he also has to invite his mother and daughter, her dad and aunt. Espo and Javi and Gates and then they start writing out their big lists again!



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