Castle RECAP 3/17/14: Season 6 Episode 18 “The Way of the Ninja”

Castle RECAP 3/17/14: Season 6 Episode 18 "The Way of the Ninja"

Tonight on ABC CASTLE returns for a brand new episode in it’s normal 10PM EST spot. In “The Way of the Ninja” Castle and Beckett are pursued by a ninja assassin while investigating the homicide of a Japanese ballerina. Did you watch the last episode? If not then you’re in luck because we have the full detailed recap right here for you.

On the last episode Beckett wass recruited to assist on a Narcotics investigation, but a routine mission turned deadly when an undercover operation went array. To survive, Beckett had to engage in a battle of wits against some.

On tonight’s episode a Japanese ballet dancer is mysteriously murdered, Castle and Beckett’s investigation into her secret life uncovers evidence that she was killed by a ninja, and now that ninja is coming after them. “Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Penny Johnson Jerald as NYPD Captain Victoria Gates, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in for CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be live blogging all the action and while you’re waiting for the show to start, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of the current season.

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A woman rushes down the sidewalk. A knife hurtles toward her and embeds in her chest. Castle invites Kate to a concert but she has a friend in town. She says her friend Carly is uber competitive and it’s annoying. Rick offers to tag along but she says that her friend would try to seduce him. They get a call for the murder and Kate makes him promise to call and end her evening with Carly at 10.

Javi tells them the victim die at 3 am and she’s a Japanese citizen named Jade. They try to figure out why she was down there so dressed up. The coroner gets snippy and tells them the knife was thrown into her chest. Kate says it was a lucky throw and Castle says it could be a circus knife thrower.

Kevin shows them a drop key they found. Kate asks about her purse and there’s no info but the cell shows a boyfriend named Dean. He tells them she was a ballet dancer at the conservatory. Kate asks if she has any enemies and he has no idea. They show him the drop key and he says he doesn’t know what it is. He tells them she didn’t socialize much and was focused on dance. He’s surprised to know she was found dressed up to go out.

Kevin tells them he found the drop key was for an elevator at the Marigold Cookie company near where her body was found. Kate and Castle head there. It’s all shut down and he talks about how creepy it is. She tells him the place is filthy and says Jade would have never come in there since it’s filthy. They wonder why she would use a key in an elevator with no power in the building. They find a secret room behind the elevator.

They go in and see a clean room and a shrine. The knife they see could be the murder weapon. They hear a noise and Kate goes to investigate. There’s a puff of smoke and a ninja person shows up, snatches the murder weapon and then is gone. Castle is thrilled.

Gates is shocked that they were attacked by a ninja. They think whoever it was is the killer. Kate says maybe not a ninja but a guy in a tracksuit. They still have no motive but are checking out the stuff on the shrine. There’s no security footage available but they’ve got a unit watching the building.

A woman from the embassy comes to the station. They ask if she had any enemies and she says Jade wasn’t talking to her parents – they were upset she moved to New York. They show her the shrine and ask her about the symbols. She says it’s a sign of creativity and the shrine is used to honor ancestors. She tells Castle there is no such thing as ninjas anymore. Castle isn’t buying it and says Jade was killed ninja-style.

Kevin says there are no prints on the shrine or at the warehouse. Castle says ninjas don’t leave prints. Kate says it could have been a ballet dancer but Castle doesn’t want to hear that. Turns out there’s a male dancer Lee that had a thing for Jade but she rebuked him. The guy threatened to kill her and has a black belt in karate. Castle says the guy could be a ballet dancing ninja and the cookie place could be his batcave. Kate mocks him. Castle says he’ll prove Lee is a ninja.

They come in to talk to Lee and Castle says he’s already met him earlier. The guy is confused. Lee tells them that Jade skipped their practice and he was at the movies. Kate asks where he was until 4 am – one hour after Jade was killed. He says he only threatened her because she was distracted and missing rehearsals. He tells them Jade wasn’t serious about the craft and he knew she was leaving. Castle slides a cup over and Lee fumbles it. It falls to the floor and Castle tells Kate he’s not a ninja. Lee tells him he’s Korean and that Castle is racially profiling him

Kate asks why he thought Jade was leaving. He says she left practice every night at 8 to make a call on a pay phone. He says he confronted her and she told him she was quitting. Castle wonders why she would quit the ballet since it was her dream.

Kevin says an usher confirmed that Lee was at the movies and Jade was making calls every night to a tea import company. They think she was up to something shady. Kate offers to cancel her plans with Kate but they insist she go on.

The three amigos head to the tea company that doesn’t look like a tea company. A limo pulls up and drops off an older gentleman. They head over to investigate but Castle thinks it’s not wise since they don’t know what’s behind the door. They tell him not wimp out and try the door. It’s locked but then they get buzzed in. There’s sexy music playing and lots of Asian party girls. Castle says if this is a tea company, he wants a cup.

Castle says it’s the modern day equivalent of a geisha house. Businessmen take meetings there. They are dressed like Jade was and they have no clue why Jade would have been there since she had her dream job and a rich boyfriend. They agree to not be cops for the night. The lead hostess accepts Castle’s black Amex and they get a table. Three hot ladies join them and Kevin quickly tells them he’s married. They tell them last time they saw a short haired girl and they say Jade. Kevin tells him that Javi had a crush on Jade.

The girl near Castle asks if he wants to buy some private time and he says no but then she whispers in his ear that if he wants to know about Jade he needs to speak with her privately. The guys are surprised that Castle agrees to leave with the woman. There’s some crazy karaoke going on. Behind closed doors, the girl lays down on top of him and tells him to play the part. They look like they’re fooling around. She tells him that she told Jade to stop and that she was going to get hurt if she didn’t stop. Castle’s alarm goes off to remind him to call Kate but he has to get more info.

Javi says some of the guys look shady and tells Kevin to take a lap and look around while he entertains the ladies. Kevin gets dragged on stage to sing karaoke. The girl tells Castle that there was one guy Jade always flirted with and they called him Mr Saito and he’s dangerous and important. She tells him that the guy throws private parties and hires girls from the club. She says Jade had been trying to get into the parties and finally did. She says that she heard that Saito found Jade going through his things. Before she can tell him what things, the three of them are ejected from the club and Castle gets a receipt for $6,000. He’s outraged.

Castle tells them he got a lead but panics when he realizes he didn’t call Becket. He’s almost killed by a throwing star but saved by a ninja and tells the guys “ninja attack” and sure enough there’s a black-clad, sword wielding guy there ready to attack. There are a couple of them but then Javi and Ryan pull their guns. They tell them to stay away or die next time. The ninjas disappear almost in thin air.

Gates is stunned that there were two ninjas. One seemed to be attacking them and one protecting. She tells them it sounds crazy. Castle says they could be rivals in an ancient feud. She tells him to get a grip. Javi says what the do know is that Saito is the guy that likely killed Jade and that the club probably won’t help them without a warrant. In Japan, Saito is like Smith so it may be hard to find. Castle suggests they check for who may have catered the party and they agree. Castle asks if he can expense the 6k and she tears up the receipt.

Kate calls and then blows up at him when they’re together. She yells at him for making out with a geisha and he defends himself. He tells her he couldn’t call her at 10 because of the ninja attack. He asks her what she’s really mad about. She tells him that Carly was boring and that marriage ruined her. She worries that marriage is going to make them dull. Castle laughs but she’s serious. She says that bar he was at is full of married men bored with their wives.

He tells her they need to write not being boring into their vows. He smooches her into forgiving him. Aw…

Kate steals cronuts from Ryan and tells him that Castle is at home writing down notes about the ninja attack so he can use it in a book. They found their Saito and he’s in organized crime in the Izumi clan. They try to figure out what a ballerina wanted with a gangster. She tells them to call Jade’s family and ask what the connection might be. They also go to see Saito.

There are some weapons in Saito’s office like the ones they were attacked with. Kate shows him a photo of Jade and asks if he knows her. He says no and they remind him he met with her at the geisha bar. They tell him she was also at his party and he plays dumb. They tell him witnesses say they were fighting and she was ejected. He denies all of this. She asks for a list of all who were at the party and he tells her to get a warrant and tells them to hit the bricks.

Kate and Javi say they need to find a witness. Also, turns out the woman who came in and said she was from the consulate was an imposter. Hmm…

They try to figure out who the fake consulate lady is and they wonder if she works for Saito. Turns out she lied about talking to Jade’s parents because she was an orphan from the age of 10. They can’t find any records prior to her being at the orphanage. Kate says they need her true identity. Castle and Kate go see Perlmutter, the coroner, but he found little. He did find one mark. It’s an odd scar and he says she got it 10-12 years ago. It’s from schrapnel like from an IED and was treated by a US military surgeon. The treatments was tell-tale and would have been done in Okinawa at a base.

Javi says they did a search on explosions there and you see the Ozu family. The mob killed them and blew up their house and the murder weapon found there looks like the weapon that killed Jade. They think she survived the hit. It was a guy named the Green Dragon who killed them. They theorize she was treated at a military hospital to hide the fact that she survived and she was looking for the man who killed her family. They think Saito is the Green Dragon.

Kevin says the team watching the cookie factory saw someone go in. They head over to investigate. They see a guy behind the screen changing clothes. It’s the woman who impersonated the consulate officer. She tells them it’s not what they think. She checks her pockets and finds a badge. She tells them she’s not only a cop but Jade’s sister!

At the station, she explains that both she and her sister survived the Green Dragon attack. She says they heard their parents begging for their lives. Their uncle was a cop who falsified the report to say they died. Kate asks why she lied and she says she had to protect herself from the Green Dragon. She says Jade couldn’t let it go and she came to New York to find him. She says her sister called to tell her she found the guy but needed proof. She says she came to stop her.

She says an American businessman came to Japan to meet with the Green Dragon. It’s Randall Bedofrd, Jade’s boyfriend’s Dad. They find out that Bedford has been in business with Saito for years. The cops come to see him. He explains that Jade’s dad was partners with him and Saito and he went to their home to warn them. He says that he left Japan to avoid trouble. He says he had no idea who Jade was. Bedford tells him that Jade ransacked his files to find out who Saito was. He says the night of the party Saito called him in a rage and he begged him not to hurt his family. His son is outraged at his Dad. Kate tells him to help him put away Saito.

They bust in and arrest Saito. He tells them they’ve been played, isn’t the Green Dragon and didn’t kill Jade. He goes to tell them who it is but he’s killed. The guy who shot him tells them they killed the Green Dragon but then died in a shoot out. But then the other ninja is there and the two brawl. They aren’t sure which one to shoot. Turns out Bedford is the Green Dragon and Saya, Jade’s sister, is the other ninja.

Castle says a white ninja is the perfect disguise. Saya is ready to slash his throat but Kate talks her down and says to let him live with who he is. She drops the knife. Castle tells Kate there’s no way they will ever be boring.

Gates tells Saya she got the authorities to agree not to press charges for her impersonating a consulate officer. Says thanks Kate and Kate gives her the dagger that was at the shrine. She says that Jade had it made as a replica of the one that killed her parents. Castle says ninjas do exist and Saya says she’s no ninja, just a practiced martial artist. Castle plays with the star and accidentally tosses it. You hear a yell and then Gates yelling Castle’s name.