Castle RECAP 5/12/14: Season 6 Finale “For Better or Worse”

Castle RECAP 5/12/14: Season 6 Finale “For Better or Worse”

Tonight on ABC CASTLE returns for the finale. In tonight’s episode, “For Better or Worse” In the sixth-season finale, Castle and Beckett prepare for their wedding. However, an unwelcome surprise may ruin things, so they embark on a zany adventure, encountering masked men and mad bikers along the way.

On the last episode of Castle, a secret investigation conducted by Beckett related to her mother’s murder went awry when a man she had been surveilling was killed. When evidence linked Beckett to the victim, she and Castle became the targets of a manhunt that put both of them in grave danger.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Castle and Beckett’s long-awaited wedding is almost here, but when a shocking surprise threatens to ruin the big day, they are sent on a wild mission filled with masked men, angry bikers and a charming ne’er-do-well from Beckett’s past.

Guest Cast: Eddie McClintock as Rogan O’Leary, Maya Stojan as Tory Ellis, Nicole J. Butler as Cassandra, Doug Simpson as Henry Browning.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in for CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action and while you’re waiting for the show to start, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of the current season.

Castle autographs books as Martha says they got the list down to just under 300. Alexis asks him to sign something for their venue – a rooftop place. He’s bummed Kate wouldn’t let them jump off the building for their grand exit. She says the tuxes are there and he tells her she’s the world’s cutest best man. Castle is ready to leave as Alexis reminds him to take the forms for the marriage license.

Kate tells the guys to ask any questions because she’s going to be gone for three weeks. Gates says she was so nervous on her wedding day that she ran into a wall. She says she’s nervous about the vows and Kevin says to imagine the guests are murder suspects in their underwear.

They go to get their marriage license and the woman asks for proof of divorce. Rick hands his divorce papers over and then the clerk asks for Kate’s. She says she’s never been married but the clerk says they’re still married. She’s married to Rogan O’Leary. Martha and Alexis ask her about it and Rick says when they were in college they drove through a Vegas wedding chapel.

Martha asks Kate if her dad knows and Kate says she’s going to be sick. The lawyer is there and tells Kate that her wedding at the drive thru was legal. Kate says she’s getting married in three days and Henry says if her hubby consents, he can push it through. She says she has no idea where he is. Kevina and Javi research Rogan and they say he’s a character. He has a huge rap sheet – impersonating an FBI agent, car theft, all kinds of mischief.

He’s in Willow Creek in upstate New York and the guys send his contact info. Kate tries to call and his voice mail is full. They agree that Kate will head to see Rogan to get her divorce while Rick takes care of all the last minute wedding stuff. Kate heads to upstate to the address. The guys texted her the address of her husband along with an LOL.

Kate pounds on the door and a neighbor tells her she’s not worth it. She says she’s been his neighbor for five years and that he’s trouble. She asks where she can find him and the woman obliges. Kate heads to a bar – he’s a bartender there. She sees Rogan getting glassware thrown at him by a woman and screaming at him because he hasn’t apologized and just wants his stuff back.

The woman tells him to get out of her bar and he says she loves him too much. She punches him in the face and he falls down. He looks up and says – Kit Kat, is that you? Back at his place, Kate says he hasn’t changed and he insists it was just a lover’s quarrel. He asks why she’s in Willow Creek and asks if she’s looking up old flames.

She asks if he remembers their Vegas trip and he says it’s a little fuzzy like most of his best memories. Kate asks if he remembers a drive up chapel and he says he remembers a dine and dash of hoagies. Kate says they’ve been married for 15 years. Rogan asks for realsies and then says it’s hilarious. She says she just found out and that he just needs to sign this paper and he’s off the hook.

He starts to then stops and says maybe they should just give it a chance. Rogan asks what’s so important that she drove all this way to get him to sign these. He asks what she does and she says she’s a detective. He asks how she went from lock picking Eddie Vedder’s tour bus to steal his jacket to being a cop. He says she has to do something first before he’ll sign them.

The guys try on tuxes and Rick says that Kate texted but isn’t done yet. Ryan freaks because his tux is too short. Kate calls and tells her that Rogan will only sign if she breaks into his ex’s truck to get the garage door opener. Rick asks why he doesn’t steal it himself and she says the truck is parked in front of her bar. She says she has a better chance and if she doesn’t do this, they can’t get married.

Rick tells her to get it over with and come home. Kate hangs up and goes to the truck. She pulls out her Slim Jim and slides it into the door of the truck. She grabs the garage door opener but then sees a police car coming. She hides under the truck then rolls out after the cop car goes by. She tells Rick she got the remote and wasn’t caught. She says she’s on the way to get the papers signed now.

At Rogan’s place, he’s chased out the door by a masked man. He’s slammed down and then tossed into a truck which almost runs Kate down. She dodges it then asks herself – really?

A lady cop takes Kate’s statement. She asks if she got the license and she says it didn’t have one. The cop asks who was taken and she says Rogan O’Leary. The cop closes her notebook and says her department doesn’t have the resources to check on every Rogan claim. Kate says she needs him now but the cop says to take it from her and give up on him.

Kate calls Rick and he says he’s going to come up and help because everything there is fine. Looks like the #CaskettAlways wedding is still on. He gets a call and says they lost the venue. A circus was there the night before and there was a fire breathing accident. He’s panicking and asks where they can find a venue in Manhattan that will hold 300.

Alexis says they can do it at their Hampton’s house and they’ll hire luxury buses to take the guests there. Martha and Alexis say they can get everything moved and they send him off to help Kate find her deadbeat husband. Next morning, he and Kate are poking around town and go to see Rogan’s ex. A woman is there and tells them to keep him if they find him.

Kate tells his ex Shelby who came out of the house that he was taken by two men. She says he’s always pissing people off with his scams. She says that he took money from her for a scheme and now she may lose the bar. She says she loves Rogan in spite of it all. Shelby says she understands that he’s an irregular guy and can’t marry her because his wife is in a coma.

The woman says he married his college sweetheart – Katie something – who has been in a coma for 15 years. Kate asks if there was anything Rogan wanted from her garage and Shelby says there was a laptop – her laptop – that he wanted. Kate is furious that Rogan knew they were married and was using it as an excuse to avoid a commitment.

Rick checks the laptop and says there’s porn on there but not much else. Kate is bummed that she’s going to miss her spa day with Lanie. She calls and asks her to get her dress and bring it to the Hamptons. Rick says they just need to find her husband now so they can get married. He says nothing can get crazier. They come into Rogan’s apartment and find a gang of armed guys there. Rick says he was wrong.

The guy holds a gun on them and demands to know where Rogan is. The guy hits Rick and Kate says they’re looking for him the same as they are. The guy snatches the paper from her hand and says that she’s married to Rogan. He tells her that her hubby owes him a lot of money. Rick asks how much he owes him and he says $5,000 for services rendered. Kate asks what it was for and he says Rogan hired them to steal a phone from a stripper named Sapphire.

Kate says she will pay them once they find Rogan and he says he wants money now. Rick has $500 on him and the guy says that buys them 12 hours before they start breaking legs. Kate asks if he’s okay and Rick asks why her husband paid five grand for a strippers phone. Kate calls the guys and asks them to log in remotely to clean off a laptop.

They go see Sapphire and ask her about her phone. She says she still has it and shows it to them. They ask about Rogan but she says if they don’t want a lap dance, she has to go. Kate says she knows something. Lanie tells her she went to pick up her dress but a pipe burst in the apartment above her and there was too much damage. Kate’s dress is ruined. We see it – it’s a wet rusty mess.

Kate is devastated and tells Rick their perfect day is falling apart. She says her husband is missing, they have no leads, they’ve lost the venue and the dress. She says it may be a sign and Rick says it’s a sign of a great love story with obstacles that only the worthy can get over. He says it’s like a fairy tale with ups and downs and says if they want their happy ending they can’t give up.

Tory calls Kate and says she was scrubbing the laptop and found a hidden folder of photos that were recently downloaded to a phone. Tory sends them and Rick looks through them. He sees a guy with a stripper. The bench they’re on has a photo of a local pastor and he’s the same guy in the photos getting a lap dance. Rick thinks the pastor may have had Rogan kidnapped.

Kate and Rick go to meet the pastor. He says he’s always there to help people. They show him the photos and he gets mad but then they tell him they’re not there to blackmail him. He says he’s been blackmailed by Sapphire for the last six months. He says Rogan came into it later and says he would get rid of the photos for good if he gave him 25 grand. He says he didn’t kidnap Rogan and was going to pay him off. He shows them a bag of cash and says he was going to buy the laptop and phone. He says if they find Rogan to tell him that he’s ready to pay him.

Kate says she thinks Sapphire may have it in for Rogan. Another dancer tells them that Sapphire took off right after they left. She tells them to check at her BF’s Jimmy’s farm on the outskirts of town. Kate and Rick pull up there and they spot the truck that took Rogan. They have binoculars and see armed guys at the barn.

Rick wants to call the cops but Kate says they have guns on their own property and no other proof. The guys get into the truck and leave and Kate tells him they need to check and see if they have Rogan. He asks what if they get caught and she says they can say they’re tourists from the city. They head into the barn first and Rick says it looks like it’s from an Amish horror film.

They see someone trussed up and go to see if it’s Rogan. The head falls off and Rick screams. It’s a dummy. They hear choked laughing and turn and see Rogan tied up and gagged, laughing. Rogan asks Kit Kat who he is and she says it’s her future husband. He asks how they found him and Rick says they followed the trail of disappointment. Rogan calls him a douche. Rick calls him the same.

Kate undoes one of his hands and says to sign the form. He says once he’s free he will and he says to trust him. Rick says that he was blackmailing a pastor. Rick says they should go somewhere safe. Rogan says the guys are going to kill him because there were other photos on the phone. He says one of the guys is Barbozza.

Rick and Kate freak and tell him that Mickey Barbozza is a mob hitman who’s been missing for over a decade. He’s been hiding out there in the little town. They tell him he stole photos of a fugitive mobster who killed dozens of people to get away and has eluded a manhunt for years. They untie Rogan and head out but there are two guys there with guns. Rogan asks if it’s him or they’re completely screwed.

Martha tries to call Rick and is worried. Javi and Lanie sit and look at the ocean holding hands and say they hope the bride and groom make it.

Now all three are tied up in the barn. Rogan asks what will happen and Rick says they are going to kill them all and it’s a crappy bachelor party. Rogan says the pastor had it coming because the pastor was the one who scammed him into making an investment – turns out that money was going to the blackmailing stripper. He says it was a good plan until the murderous mobster part.

Barbozza shows up and holds a gun on Kate and asks where the photos are. Rogan says he deleted them and the mobster says he’s going to count then kill her and they won’t need the divorce papers. Rick says he knows where they are and tells him they can take him to them. Rogan asks why they’re taking all of them and Rick says so they can kill him, his wife and her new lover. He says it will look like a classic lover’s quarrel.

They go into Rogan’s house and the bikers are there with guns drawn. Kate tells them that Mickey is worth $100 grand from the FBI. The mobsters are surrounded and the bikers take him and go. The local paper shows the headline about Mickey. Rogan thanks him for saving him. Kate asks him to sign the papers and he hesitates and then says he doesn’t want her to be sad about it and says she’s better off without him. Kate tells him to just sign them. He finally does.

Rogan tells Rick he’s a lucky man and he wishes he had what they do. She says maybe he does and he says that she’s going to lose the bar. Rick hands him the bag of money from the pastor and says the pastor says they can call it even as long as there is no more money. Tildy comes in and asks him what the hell is up. He tells her that his wife in the coma died and Tildy says she’s sorry. Kate tells her not to worry because she’s in a better place. He says she left him some money and shows it to Tildy then tells her he loves her.

In the Hamptons, Kate has on her mom’s wedding dress that her dad gave Lanie. Martha comes in and asks for a moment alone with Kate. She tells Martha how grateful she is for them pulling the wedding together and Martha thanks her for making Rick so happy. Martha gives her a pair of sapphire earrings and says they’ve been passed down through her family for weddings and have been waiting on her.

Rick calls and Martha steps out. Kate asks where he is and he says he’s 20 minutes away. He says the judge signed off and she’s single for just a few more minutes. He says he has their marriage license and he’s on the way. They hang up but then Rick sees a black SUV in his rear view mirror. It runs up on him then pulls up beside him.

They are freaking out because Rick is late. Kate calls his phone again and it goes straight to voice mail. Then she gets a call and heads off in their wedding Rolls. She jumps out and runs to the scene of the accident. Rick’s car is in a ditch and burning. She breaks down into tears.