Celebrity Wife Swap Recap and Review: Jenna von Oy and Jill Zarin Exchange Lives 7/15/14

Celebrity Wife Swap Recap and Review: Jenna von Oy and Jill Zarin Exchange Lives 7/15/14

Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again for a whole new episode where actress Jenna von Oy and Bravo TV reality star Jill Zarin swap lives.

On the last episode Joe Piscopo is a comedian best known for his legendary impersonations while a cast member of the long-running television series “Saturday Night Live.” Joe resides right outside New York City with two of his children, Michael and Olivia. Barry Williams is a familiar face to generations of television viewers for playing the role of Greg Brady on the iconic television series, “The Brady Bunch.” Today, Greg lives in Branson, MO where he performs in “The ‘70’s Music Celebration.” Barry has one son, Brandon, who lives part time with him. Barry’s right-hand woman is Marie who oversees the running of Barry’s stage performance each and every evening. From the wardrobe and props to music and choreography, Marie is on top of it all, but her job duties end there. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, Actress Jenna von Oy is best known for her role on the family comedy “Blossom.” Jenna lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Brad and daughter Gray (2), where they live a quiet life removed from the spotlight. Expecting their second daughter, Brad and Jenna are hands-on parents who do everything together, including all of the household chores like mowing the lawn, cooking, cleaning and childcare. ill Zarin is an original cast member of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Zarin lives in the lap of luxury with her husband Bobby, daughter Ally, and dog Ginger in The Hamptons. Her summer home is a five bedroom home with a spa, sauna, pool and sprawling views of the ocean.

We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap, Jenna von Oy and Jill Zarin episode with all the details. You don’t want to miss this episode; you never know what craziness is going to break out! Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.

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Tonight features Real Housewives of New York City’s Jill Zarin and actress Jenna von Oy. Jill is one of the original Real Housewives and lives in the Hamptons with her spoiled dog Ginger, her daughter Ally and husband Bobby. She says kids are overrated and always had help. She doesn’t do anything for herself – no cooking, no cleaning, no nothing – and her husband spoils her rotten and the kids and grandkids too. They’ve been married 13 years and enjoy their alone time.

Jenna von Oy is best known for playing Six on Blossom. After that show ended, she headed to Nashville, met her hubby Brad and has a daughter Gray and another on the way. Her family does everything together and she says family is most important. She doesn’t use baby sitters and the kid goes or they stay home. Brad does the yard work, fixes the car, they garden and are pretty much DIY people. She cooks and considers them foodies. She cooks, he cleans. She also has a dog.

The celebrity wives are packing for a week away from home. Jenna says she’s nervous and hopes her family will be in good hands. Jill is nervous because she’s not sure what she’s in for in the coming week. They each are sent off by their hubbies. Jill is shocked by the modest neighborhood and says this must be the house like where some of her staff live.

They each get to check out the house before they meet the husbands. Jill says the house is shabby chic and says the house isn’t clean enough. Jenna is stunned by the beauty and sees dangers to kids everywhere. Jill doesn’t like the antiques and says she doesn’t like old stuff. Jenna sees the big kitchen and says someone who loves to cook must live there.

Jill is pretty snotty about Jenna’s home and can’t believe there isn’t a window and says the carpet needs replaced. Jenna figures out she’s a Real Housewife of New York for a week. Jill says the house needs to be gut renovated. She says a photo of Jenna and realizes who she is. Now they each read the manual that was left for them. Jenna is told that it’s their summer home. Jill reads that they spoil their daughter with time, not stuff but Jill says she can spoil Gray if she wants to.

Jenna reads that Ginger gets people treatment and is the queen of the house. Jill reads that she should get up and cook for Gray, wash the five dogs and take care of the house. Jill says this must be how poor people live. She questions whether Jenna rreally likes to do it herself or just can’t afford to hire help. Now they get to meet the families.

Jenna hugs Ally and Bobby and meets Ginger. She tells them she was on Blossom and Bobby says he remembers her. He also tells her they’re having a party tonight in her honor. Ally says she seems nice and down to earth, unlike her mom. Jill meets Brad and Gray and tells them she’s a Real Housewife. He has no clue because he doesn’t watch it.

The guests pour into the Hamptons home and Ally helps Jenna get all dressed up and lets her choose some nice jewelry. Jenna says it’s too much and says to take it off. Jill gives Gray her smart phone to play with while she cooks dinner. She says she has no clue what to do with someone else’s baby. She freaks and says the oven is disgusting. She pulls a whole fish out of the fridge and says it smells and she doesn’t know why anyone would bring that home when we have butchers.

Jill is using Jenna’s recipe and has dinner ready but worries that it’s burned. It looks edible and she head downstairs to get wine. Brad tries it and says the prosciutto is overdone. Jill is very proud of herself. Brad is not so impressed. In New York, the party is in full swing and catered by a famous chef. Bobby introduces everyone to his new wife and she comes down the stairs.

Ally is nervous for her because she doesn’t throw parties like this and likely hasn’t worn heels in years. Jenna says she’s used to the spotlight, but doesn’t care for glam and glitz. She’s introduced to David Burke, the chef, and is thrilled because she’s a fan. Then the grandkids come in and Bobby pulls out presents for all the kids. Jenna doesn’t like that he didn’t play with the kids.

She’s freaking because the kids are climbing up and dangling off the glass stairs. Brad puts Gray to bed and Jill is bored. She says if she had a sitter she could go out to dinner but everyone is sleeping and she has nothing to do. Jenna chars with Bobby’s son David and his wife. He tells her that it would be nice if his dad has family-only events but says he just leaves them sitting off to the side.

Jenna is worn out from the party and heads upstairs. She says it’s tiring to be “on” and doesn’t know how Jill does this everyday. Jenna is up with four hours of sleep and checks Jill’s emails for her business. Brad gets Gray ready for school while Jill makes her lunch. Gray is crying and miserable. Jill tries to comfort her and Brad says she won’t be able to keep up.

Ally is out by the pool and Jenna is finishing up with Jill’s work. Bobby is making breakfast for the dog. Jill is chasing down the dogs in the yard trying to bathe them. She says if you want to have dogs, you should hire people to help you. Jenna sits down with Ally and asks when they’re together as a family. Ally says their lives revolve around entertaining. She asks if she gets time one on one with Jill. Ally says it’s usually shopping, eating and with a million other people.

Jenna thinks Ally needs more attention from her parents and they need quality time. Brad and Gray are back and Jill is still doing chores. Gray is helping. Jill is going out of her mind and says she needs a housekeeper. They go outside to pick up dog poop. She’s grossed out. Bobby and Jenna head out to go shopping. He tries to get her to buy more stuff and pulls out his Black AmEx. She doesn’t understand shopping for fun.

She’s looking forward to sitting down with Bobby but he’s invited a bunch of people along. Jenna tells them that family time is most important to her and socializing not so much. She says they are very settled. She doesn’t appreciate his loud friends. Jill talks to Brad and asks if they ever go out. He says they go out to eat sometimes and admits they don’t go out without Gray.

Jill tells him that they should be out of the house living their lives. She says that the kids grow up and move out and then you need a life of your own. She tells Brad that he’s going to have some big surprises in store when it switches over to her rules.

The wives have been living under the house rules for the last few days and it’s the morning of the rule change. Jill says there are some things she’d like to help them with and give them some luxuries. She isn’t sure Brad will like this. Jenna says she’s excited about presenting new ideas but respects the old. Jill and Jenna greet their families.

Jill is bringing in a nanny and Brad doesn’t like that and says he’s not ready for it. Jenna says no more socializing and family bonding is the priority. Ally wishes her luck with that. Jill tells Brad a groomer is coming to pick up the dogs. Jenna says they need to child proof the home but Bobby doesn’t see it. Jill is taking Brad out for a mani-pedi.

Jenna tells Bobby that he needs to give his grandkids the gift of time not stuff. Then Jill is ready to spoil Gray but Brad doesn’t like that. Jenna tells Bobby that he’s got to do some chores and he says this is not the way they do things. Jill offers Brad a nice dinner party and says she’ll bring in help to clean. She says he’s going to learn from her how to entertain.

Jill has the groomer come deal with the dogs. Brad doesn’t want to make a habit of this. He doesn’t want his dogs spoiled and makes her promise not to have their nails painted. Jenna has Ally and Bobby child proofing the house. She has pool noodles for them and Bobby complains about putting 99 cent noodles on the glass stairs. Ally says she likes the idea of child proofing but says her mom will flip over how it looks.

Jill spends the day spoiling Gray. They go shopping and Jill says it’s retail therapy. She buys her toys and Brad thinks it’s overwhelming. Jill tells her to take everything she wants and Brad is horrified. Brad starts to put stuff back on the sly and Jill notices. She tells him she gets to spoil her because it’s her rules. She blows $600 at the toy store in minutes.

The dog groomer brings back the dogs and they’re in little outfits. Brad isn’t pleased. Then Jill has a beauty bus pull up and she hops on. Brad worries what the neighbors will think. He draws the line at a spray tan but is going to do a mani, pedi and facial. He says there isn’t enough Bourbon in Kentucky to get him to do a spray tan.

Jenna gives the staff time off and sends Bobby out to mow the lawn. He’s clueless. She wants to see him get his hands dirty. He doesn’t like the new rules and sees them as wasting his time. The nanny is watching Gray while Jill prepares for the adults only Hamptons style party. She says it’s okay to have a barbecue and let the sitter watch Gray. Brad ties to clean up and she tells him to stop and let the help do the work.

Jenna brings in the grandkids and has made one of the rooms a grandkids room. She has toys and stuff there that will only be there when they visit. Bobby is horrified because that was a suite he used for special guests. Brad brings Gray out but she tells him to put her up. She says his friends hired babysitters to come to the party so they don’t want to see a kid there.

Jenna has the grandkids there with Bobby and has him fingerpainting with the kids. She is happy at the sweet moments between him and the grandkids. Ally says the new rules have brought them closer as a family. Bobby tells Jenna it’s a good family day and says he’ll hang some of the art up in the house. Jenna takes Bobby out to dinner with some family he doesn’t see often. Jenna tells them welcome to Camp Jenna.

Jill takes Brad out to dinner at a nice restaurant in Nashville. She asks how he feels and he says guilty. She says she’s happier at home playing with the nanny is better than her being stuck in a high chair. She tells him that he should feel guilty about not showing his wife a good time. Brad admits that it was a relief not to have to rush home to get the toddler in bed.

The swap is done and Jill and Jenna are ready to head back home. They pack up. Jill kisses Gray goodbye and Brad drives her. Jenna isn’t sure what she’ll think about this. Brad says he’s shaking and excited to see her. They meet up and Jill runs to Bobby and hugs him. He has flowers for her and says he missed her. Then the couples sit down to talk about their experiences.

Jill and Jenna hug it out and then introduce the husbands to each other. Jill says she thought she would get Faith Hill, a bazillionaire. She says she saw it as a mission to help a young couple. Jenna says when she saw the giant home, she knew who was going to her home was in for a change. She says she could tell that no kids lived in that place.

Jill brings up Ginger and tells Brad that Bobby cooks lamb chops for her. Jill says she’s her child and Jenna reminds her she does have a child. Jill says she gave Gray the iPhone to baby sit her and Jenna says she cooks with her but Jill says you can’t use two hands and juggle a kid. Jenna tells Brad about the party and that the grandkids knew they were getting presents and expected it.

Jill says the toys keep the kids busy and Jenna say the family is shunted to the side at the gatherings and Jill says kids don’t belong there and tells Jenna they’re overrated. Jenna is stunned. Brad tells Jenna about Gray’s toy store splurge. Jill says that she caught Brad putting the gifts back and Jenna says gifts from the heart are more precious.

Jenna tells her she turned the guest room into the grandkids room and Jill says she loves that. Bobby tells Jill about fingerpainting with the kids. He says it was great. Jill says that there is nothing wrong with having some extra hands. Jenna is freaked out by the nanny idea. Jill tells her to put Gray to bed and then go out with Brad. Jenna says she thinks they need to do less glamorous socializing.

Jill says there is room for improvement on spending quality time with the family. Brad says that Jill treated him and Gray with love and he won’t forget it. Jill tells her that no one is perfect and says you can’t take all the credit or the blame. Jenna says her takeaway is that she and Brad need more time together. The wives head home.

Jenna is excited to see Gray – she’s never been away from her before. Jill says she can’t wait to get home to Ally and Ginger. Jenna hugs Gray and says she is perfectly happy with her quiet home life and is happy to be home. Jill comes in and Ally says she misses her. Jill says she’s open to learn and that there’s no right or wrong in raising a family. Jill says she wants the three of them to have dinner with the dog and focus on spending more time together as a family.

Six weeks later. The Zarins have backed off the gitf giving but the grandkids’ suite is full of toys. Bobby and Jill are spending much more time with Ally. The pool noodles were taken away. Brad and Jenna have realized their marriage needs more attention and have a babysitter once a week for date night. They even hired a housekeeper.