Chelsea Handler Bashes E! Network and Reveals She Hates Kim Kardashian in Howard Stern Interview! (AUDIO)

Chelsea Handler Bashes E! Network and Reveals she Hates Kim Kardashian in Howard Stern Interview (AUDIO)

In an interview with Howard Stern, funny (and sometimes mean) lady Chelsea Handler dishes on what it’s like to work for E! and also reveals which Kardashian sister she loves best — and which one she can’t stand. If you’re a fan of her show and watch it regularly, you know that she’s not shy in voicing her disdain for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. When asked if she has the sisters on her show, she reveals that she’s not a big fan of Kim. But, first, she totally bashes the network that houses her late night talk show.

“E!’s just become a sad, sad place to live,” Chelsea says of the network that helps spread her wildfire, most of which targets the celeb world. “And, you know, I might be looking for a new house soon.”

When Howard asks her if she’s REALLY considering looking for a new place to distribute her show, she says, “I think so. I think so.” Before she can elaborate on the topic, Howard interjects and wonders whether or not execs are begging her to stay. “Because you’re their biggest show, are you not?” he adds, wondering how in demand she might be in the current market.

This is when we get to the Kardashian action. Chelsea says that the Kardashians are actually the biggest show on the network (duh!) and goes on to say that, sure, she’ll have them on her show occasionally but that she much prefers Khloe (as a solo act) because she has a personality. “You know, I don’t have a whole lot to say to Kim. I’m usually not there when Kim’s there” for guest appearances. I guess actions speak louder than words!

What do you think about Chelsea Handler bashing the Kardashians and contemplating a network hop? What do you think E! will do to protect one of their biggest money makers? Watch the hour+ long audio clip below. The Kardashian hating begins around 46:40!

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