Cheryl Hines Puts Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wedding On Hold – Won’t Marry A Lying Cheater!

Cheryl Hines Puts Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wedding On Hold - Won't Marry A Lying Cheater!

After proposing to Cheryl Hines back in May, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was expecting to marry her later this summer at the Kennedy family compound. It seems that the wedding is most definitely on hold if not totally canceled, thanks to Bobby’s inability to be faithful. We already know that his cheating on his last wife, Mary Kennedy, helped to push her towards suicide and it seems that he has yet to understand just how crushing his bad behavior can be.

A few weeks ago, Kennedy was said to be having an affair with Connecticut socialite, Chelsea Kirwan, and another woman who still remains nameless. According to the July 14th print edition of Star Magazine, Hines has taken these allegations very seriously and after taking into consideration Bobby’s history with women, she quit making plans and took off her engagement ring. Sources say that she is doing her own investigating to get to the truth and if she determines that Bobby has cheated it’ll crush her.

Don’t you have to kind of anticipate this stuff if you are dating a Kennedy? I’m serious; these guys all cheat. It’s almost as if it’s as much in their DNA as politics is! At least Hines is smart enough to actually evaluate the situation rather than just assuming that he’s being loyal to her. Thank god she’s not running on blind faith! Do you think this wedding will ever happen or is a confirmation of a split coming up over the horizon?

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