Chris Brown Doing Hard Time – Getting Fat And Beaten Up In Jail

Chris Brown Doing Hard Time - Getting Fat And Beaten Up In Jail

Chris Brown, who’s about to celebrate his 25th birthday, didn’t look all too happy in his recent court appearance. And that might have something to do with the fact that he’s going to have to spend nine more days in the slammer while his attorney works to negotiate his future probation. The rapper/singer also looked a bit bigger in the face — a bit bloated perhaps? Or perhaps he’s just gotten caught up in one too many fights.

Judge James Brandlin ruled that Chris will remain in jail for several more days. If his attorney, Mark Geragos, can’t negotiate a reasonable probation plan, well, then Chris will be facing up to for years in prison — definitely not the place he wants to be. Not sure how this is all going to shape up, but we have a feeling Chris won’t be doing time for four years. Somehow, he always manages to get by without doing time. However, he better be careful, because one of these days his shenanigans are going to put him away.

What do you think about Chris’ appearance? Compare the circle pic to the background pic. Do you think Chris looks extremely different, a bit plumper and less muscular? Or do you think his fatigued state is just a result of flying on the plane from D.C. to L.A. the day of his hearing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Image credit to FameFlynet