Scandal Star Columbus Short Arrest Warrant Issued Over Bar Fight Assault: History of Violence Against His Wife Exposed

Scandal Star Columbus Short Arrest Warrant Issued Over Bar Fight Assault: History of Violence Against His Wife Exposed

If you watch the show Scandal then you’re already familiar with the Gladiator reference. It’s what Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) refers to her employees as and Columbus Short is described as such while portraying Harrison Wright. Little did we know that the term also could carry over into his real life. On March 15th Columbus was celebrating a friends engagement at Gabe’s Bar and Grill in L.A. When a fellow party goer decided to run his mouth a little too much.

Apparently, according to TMZ the guy made a snappy remark about how Columbus may make more money than him, but he is bought and paid for by women, including Columbus’ wife. That right there crossed the line and Columbus got up and sucker punched the guy to the point of rendering him unconscious for several minutes. The actor bolted pretty quickly but is now being investigated for criminal battery. It’s also not the first time that Columbus has settled a conversation with his fists. Back in 2010 he got into a fight while playing basketball and knocked another players’ teeth out.

It sounds like this guy is a bit of a hothead that goes from 0 to 10 in mere seconds doesn’t it? The question now is whether or not L.A. Police will charge Columbus or let the situation slide. He also busted the guy’s nose and there are photos documenting the damage that was done. Do you think that an arrest is coming for Columbus? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Update March 26th – Columbus Short has a warrant out for his arrest due to his nasty viscous sucker punch at the bar discussed above. Seems as if TMZ has uncovered evidence that Short has a short temper and is currently on three years probation stemming from his 2010 basketball court brutal assault.  Short is has obviously violated his probation more than once:

1. Short was arrested for physically attacking his wife in front of his children. The incident occurred back in February at his Woodland Hills home at around 2 AM. According to legal docs, Short and his wife started arguing and it got physical. Short’s kids — a 2-year-old and 10-year-old — were watching. He’s been charged with spousal battery. Prosecutors also charged him with child abuse because of the emotional trauma the kids suffered by watching. Short pled not guilty on Tuesday.

2. Short was arrested 2 weeks later in Chatsworth, CA. According to the police report, Short and his wife got into a heated argument and he allegedly pushed her.

3. And less than a month later — on March 15 — Short was involved in a bar fight. TMZ broke the story … Short allegedly cold-cocked a man at an engagement party, breaking his nose and rendering him unconscious. As we just reported … there is now a warrant out for his arrest in connection with this incident.

Looks like Scandal better look for a replacement!