Continuum Recap 6/27/14: Season 3 Finale “The Last Minute”

Continuum Recap 6/27/14: Season 3 Finale “The Last Minute”

Syfy’s series CONTINUUM continues with the finale episode tonight called, “The Last Minute.”  On tonight’s episode, Kiera fights old friends by joining up with former enemies; one unbelievable moment.

On last week’s episode Kiera and John Doe worked together to put an end to the Freelancers; Scar Alec is rescued and reunited with Emily; and Carlos finally pulled himself together and resolved to take control of the VPD from Piron and Dillon. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode In the Season 3 finale, Kiera and Liber8 find themselves in an unlikely alliance as they work together to stop a power-hungry Alec from unleashing his dangerous new technology; at the same time, Kiera’s relationship with John Doe appears to be doomed as forces push them to opposing sides in a larger conflict. Meanwhile, Scar Alec comes to learn that Kellog has been making his own game-changing moves.

Continuum season 3 finale airs at 10PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!


Brad hears gunfire and watches the ruins of his world still at war. Marcellus tells him they have access to the platform for just a short window and that he’s the one who’s going. Brad says he knows the mission and he’s given a device to use if things go bad – a Hail Mary device. Brad tells Marcellus that he wants him to have his globe – he doesn’t think he’s coming back from this.

He thanks Brad and says if this work, maybe it will all stop but Brad says it never stops. They hug it out and Marcellus says the big man himself is sending him off. It’s a very old Kellogg there giving him a grim smile.

In another timeline, Kiera tells Brad that this is when everything goes to hell in a relationship. He says he worked for a half-mad warlord and she says she worked for big brother. She’s worried their timelines are incompatible. She says Sam feels closer but she feels like she belongs here and that he’s a dream. She says even with Liber8 trying to destroy everything that lead to him, he still feels possible.

Brad says even if you can’t get back and Kiera admits it doesn’t make sense. She says he’s the only one that understands her perspective and he says they’re like two sides of an argument and she says they don’t have to have that argument and they kiss.

Alec tells Emily that he’s been careful, just a slow drip here and there. He tells her they have enough to get to their next waypoint. He says when you make plans, destiny laughs and then she laughs. But then gunfire erupts into their room and he rolls her off the bed and shields her with his body. The gunfire stops and he hears soldiers outside. They are both okay. She pulls a gun and tells Alec he knows what they have to do. He knows it’s his other self that has come for them.

Mogul Alec rehearses a lecture about Halo coverage and how it covers the US and 15 other counties. He says it’s about changing the way they think about technology. Kellogg is there when Alec stumbles over his speech. He clicks on the lights, claps and says it was an inspiring speech. He delivers the bad news to Alec that Piron stock has dropped and he’s becoming a laughing stock.

Kellogg tells him not to worry about the speech and says they’re all coming to see him. There are footsteps and they see Jacqueline there. Alec goes over to her and she says the message was delivered. He asks if there were casualties and she says she doesn’t know and doesn’t like doing cloak and dagger stuff. She says it’s not her job and he says it’s exactly her job.

Alec and Emily come out of the woods to Brad and Kiera’s cabin. They look concerned.

Kellogg comes to see Carlos about getting extra security at Alec’s speech. Carlos comments that Alec used to speak for himself and Kellogg says he’s just a cog in the machine and doesn’t play chess master anymore. Carlos says he doubts that and tells him to hire extra security and says the Piron initiative is under review. Kellogg asks if he wants the money to keep pouring into the division and says to make it happen as a personal favor. He leaves.

Alec tells Kiera that Halo Alec knows that eliminating him will pave the way for their future (meaning Kara and Alec’s). He says that’s his goal. Brad says he’s still there and Alec says it’s still in flux. He says when he showed up in the timeline, he created the possibility of their future, but Halo Alec can still prevent it. (My brain hurts)

Alec says he thinks Piron/Sadtech will be in the driver’s seat for decades with complete surveillance and control. Kiera says the other Alec is still researching the time device and is piecing it together and says Piron has rebuilt the anti-matter lab. She says other Alec is pretty far down the road and Jason admits he kind of helped him rig up a Frankenstein kind of thing that will work. Emily says paranoid Alec with a time travel device is not good and Brad says especially not with Kellogg right beside him.
Kara says they need a game plan and help. She turns to Travis and says that’s where he comes in.

Jasmine holds a gun on Travis and says they’re closed. He says the sign says open and she clarifies, closed to you. He turns and then Kara is there and she tells Jasmine they don’t want trouble. Jasmine says this better be really good. She brings them to Lucas. When he sees that Kiera and Travis are there together, he immediately says – whatever this is, I am in!

They bring Lucas back to the “lab” and he tells them he can definitely work with this. Alec tells him not to touch it. He says he doesn’t need to touch it. Travis tells Kiera not to be a disappointment and calls her Protector. Kiera tells them she was asleep and was fighting for the wrong side for a long time. She says they were right about her.

Kiera says she’s awake now and she doesn’t condone their tactics, they won’t be friends or allies but they need to change the future before it comes into being. She says she’s willing to sacrifice for this and it’s a legacy she wants to leave. Travis says to get to work.

Alec is being interviewed by Diana about being 20 and a success. The woman says he inherited a Fortune 500 company with a relationship with the police department. Alec says they took out a corrupt mayor, neutralized Liber8 and she reminds him that Dillon had a lot to do with that. She asks where the hell he came from, who is Alec Sadler, boy CEO. He says he dreams for a living and she says she hopes that dream comes true for him tomorrow.

They listen to Alec’s interview as Travis and Jasmine load up weapons. Brad asks Kiera what she thinks. She says it’s unsettling to watch and says she wonders how they’ll know if they succeeded. He says he brought a beacon that he can plant that marks a certain juncture in time as a critical nexus of change. He says he’s supposed to plant it so they can prevent other changes from being made.

He says the only way to know is if he activates it and nothing happens. He says that means that their other selves are gone because the future is prevented and they are committed to the present iterations of their lives and this new history. Kiera says Halo launches tomorrow and says they will only have one shot to stop it. She wants to review the plan again.

Travis tells her to run the plan again even though Jasmine insists they’re ready and Kiera just needs to be where she’s supposed to. Carlos is at the auditorium with Kellogg to discuss security. Carlos wants to hear that Kellogg is serving the public trust. Kellogg says Piron will serve law enforcement as promised. Carlos seems like he’s not too sure.

People are going through metal detectors at security to fill the auditorium. Caterers are wheeling stuff in to the kitchen. Periodically security checks a cart. He checks on and it passes muster. It’s Jasmine in disguise. She goes into a supply room, pulls off her disguise and tells them she’s in. She pulls her tray of meatballs aside to reveal her weapon and assembles the huge rifle.

A security guy with a headset stands by a freight elevator. Something invisible ripples past him and into it then closes the door. The speech starts with a video presentation. It explains how all the people you deal with for your health and well being are supported by Halo, your health and lifestyle oracle. It’s real time medical monitoring by Piron Corporation. The video says this is what peace of mind looks like.

Alec is introduced and comes out to a standing and applauding crowd. He looks out at them and is a bit nervous. He wrings his hands, wipes them on his pants and then talks about how he started out on a farm with a dream to make a difference, create a better tomorrow and serve people. He says he’s that boy and Halo is that dream and holds up his arm with the device on it.

He says the whole world is your computer and you just need elegant access. He says it’s always watching and listening to you. Lucas says here we go and takes over the feed with a Liber8 video that says that it’s a lie and a shackle on anyone who wears it. He says it will usher in a future where you have no freedom because of the technology.

Jasmine is in position by the time Jacqueline gets the video feed from Liber8 blocked and the correct video back up. Alec resumes his speech saying once upon a time, there was fire. Jasmine takes aim. He continues – and there was a caveman saying it was a bad idea. She takes two shots and misses him with both. The crowd screams and they start to evacuate the crowd and hustle Alec off stage and says they need to get him back to Piron. They have him on the freight elevator. But then a gas comes down from the vent and Alec, Jacqueline and the others start coughing. They are trapped with the gas.

Emily is in the exiting crowd and police stop her, call her Maya Hartwell, and say she’s under arrest for the attempted murder of Alec Sadler. She stops and asks if it really takes three of them. They cuff her and radio that they have a suspect in custody. Carlos tells security to get the elevator doors open. Everyone is passed out and Carlos says to get EMTs down there.

Carlos grabs up Alex and says EMTs need to check on him. He says no and says he just wants to get out of there. Carlos gives the order to get him back to Piron. He thanks Carlos who says he’s just doing his job. Alec is hustled into the SUV and is gone. On top of the freight elevator, unseen, is Kiera with Halo Alec still out cold. OMG – they swapped Alecs!!

Alec comes to and tells her she’s making a big mistake. She says Travis is right about Halo. He asks if she even hears herself. There’s a knock and Kiera opens the elevator hatch. It’s Carlos – Halo Alec is shocked that Carlos was in on it too. He says it’s all clear.

Back at Piron, Jacqueline is in a tizzy but Alec says it’s the safest part of the city. He tells her he just wants some time to absorb it all. She says she’s sorry for over-reacting and says he must still be in shock. She says to let her know if he needs anything and she leaves. He gets to work. He checks to make sure she’s gone then pops in his earpiece. Lucas tells him to plant the bug. He puts it on a server and Lucas takes control and shuts down the alarms, cameras, locks and external communications. He says the clock is ticking.

Jacqueline makes a call on her cell phone. Alec contacts Kiera and says he can’t find the device. She looks at Halo Alec and then tells the other Alec to destroy the anti-matter lab if he can’t find it. She takes Halo Alec outside and he tells her if she does this, she will never be able to get back home to her family. She tells him she’s counting on it. Carlos calls him shithead and says they’re leaving. Alec says he’ll have his job and he says he can have it.

Good Alec bashes up the anti-matter lab. Halo Alec tells Carlos this is like kidnapping and Carlos says no, this is actual kidnapping. Halo Alec says they just can’t swap him out and says someone will know. Carlos says only people like them that know that they know would even think it was possible. Carlos tells him that he knows he sent mercenaries on other Alec.

An SUV speeds toward them and Halo Alec tells Carlos that he has an RFID chip on him like people put on pets – he says Jacqueline is coming for him. Carlos evades it and speeds away. He’s trapped by private security with guns who grab up Halo Alec and put him in a car while Carlos is held at gunpoint.
Kiera comes back and asks where Brad is and Jason says he had something to do.

He also tells her they have Emily. She asks how that happened since she was supposed to stay out of sight but then gets a call from Carlos who tells her Halo Alec is gone. He says that his security detail took him and Kiera says he’ll be headed back to Piron. Good Alec sits at Piron and wonders where he would hide it. He notices a shadow in the light fixture above his desk and climbs up and retrieves it.

He unwraps it and says – gotchas – he slides the last piece in but then the door opens and Halo Alec is there and says he’s getting sick of his face. Good Alec slams him into a wall and runs off. He passes Jacqueline and then Halo Alec is also there and tells her to put Piron on lockdown. As he runs, Good Alec calls Lucas. He’s on the stairs and says he needs an exit. Halo Alec is hot on his trail.

He asks how long he has to wait and he says he’s close. Jasmine, Kiera and Travis march up to Piron, all bold and cocky. Halo Alec finds Good Alec and tells him he’s warning him – he says he won’t let him sacrifice everything they’ve worked so hard for. Good Alec tells him that they didn’t want this and Halo Alec says he will make sure Emily dies in his arms again and again. Good Alec says this timeline isn’t big enough for the both of us and Halo Alec says he agrees and then pounces on him.

They fall through a glass that shatters. Out front, Kiera and Liber8 beat down security. They kick ass then head inside to help Good Alec. She tells Travis to hold the lobby and she and Jasmine go to the elevator. Travis asks what about the police but she says – they won’t be coming.

Each Alex has a part of the device, but the other one grabs both parts and runs for a ladder. He goes to the roof and looks around. Other Alec is there and says he’s seen the future and he’s not in it. They grapple on the roof and the device falls out of his pocket. Jasmine and Kiera creep around and beat a security guy’s ass. Jasmine holds that area. Halo Alec is kicking ass because he says he wants it more. He chokes Good Alec and thinks he has him, but then Good Alec grabs up the long part of the device and jams it into his neck. That Alec curses – oh shit – as he bleeds out. (I’m assuming which Alec is which based on dialog, but you never know with this show…)

Kiera shows up on the roof and holds her gun on the Alecs. The bleeding one says, your future dies with me and then pulls out the shard and he bleeds out rapidly and dies. The other Alec tries to convince her that he’s Good Alec and says he knew, even in that cage, that she would come back for him. She lowers the gun and says she chose him because she believes in a better future than hers, one that she knows he will build. He goes to her and hugs her and tells her he’s sorry.

Lucas opens up the van and Travis loads in a dead, plastic-wrapped Travis. Kiera and Good Alec come out and he asks what they will do with his other body. Kiera says they’ve come full circle. She lasers the RFID chip out of dead Alec and inserts it into Good Alec. Travis says they have to go and he says he has to stay and do something right with his company. He says to tell Emily that he’ll find her.

Kiera says she knows he’ll do the right thing. But will he? Hmm. He watches them go and then waits as Jacqueline comes out. He tells her that they managed to slow them down but says they will win the day. He says they have work to do. Carlos asks Kiera what happened to Halo Alec and she says legally it’s best that he doesn’t know.

He tells her it’s like he’s Commissioner Gordon and she’s – she tries to figure it out but can’t get the reference. Carlos promises to try and get Emily out of custody then asks her about Liber8. She says it’s complicated. We see Jasmine, Travis and Lucas in a facility with a scrapped time travel portal. Travis says let’s get set up.

Kiera finds Brad and says that Halo Alec is dead and that his future is dead and order has been restored. He says he wants to believe that but says the doubt will creep in and asks doesn’t she want to know. Kiera says she doesn’t need proof and says they aren’t supposed to know for certain and says that’s the point. He has the beacon and says it will send a signal but if no one hears it, nothing will happen. Kiera asks what if someone hears it and he says that means they failed. He says they both want to know that.

They walk hand in hand to a patch of ground, he activates the beacon and stabs it into the ground. It unfolds and then sends out a blue light and a mega flash. Car alarms go off all around them. They wait to see what happens. Nothing does. Brad tells her she did it and she says no, we did. They hug it out.

Good Alec plays with the device. Kellogg comes in and says, two Alecs enter, one Alec leaves. Kellogg congratulates him and says he hopes it doesn’t derail anything for them. Alec beeps his earpiece and calls for security. He stands and walks over to Kellogg and says he has to go. Kellogg says he can cover for him. Good Alec says he’s not there to work the company. He’s there to tear it down. Security comes in and Alec says to escort Kellogg out and take all his security devices.

They do nothing. Kellogg tells the team that he hasn’t told him yet and tells them to wait outside. They go. Alec asks what he hasn’t told him yet. Kellogg says he’s been having Halo Alec sign documents over the past few weeks to take all his power away. He says Jacqueline has been a tremendous help. He says his behavior was concerning them. Kellogg takes his chair and says he has nothing against him per se. Security comes in and he tells them to give him a ride home. He tells Alec that he’ll have a severance package and can maybe come back and work for him one day at a reduced level. Good Alec is horrified as he’s escorted out. Kellogg looks well pleased with himself in the driver’s seat.

Kiera tells Brad she wonders what the future will hold and he says it’s nice to wonder. But then all the lights go out around them. A voice says, it has begun. Brad says shit. Where the beacon is, a portal opens and heavily armed men wearing helmets and insane armor from the distant future are there. Kiera asks what they should do and Brad tells her to run. They do.