Covert Affairs LIVE Recap 7/15/14: Season 5 Episode 4 “Silence Kit”

Covert Affairs LIVE Recap 7/15/14: Season 5 Episode 4 “Silence Kit”

COVERT AFFAIRS continues tonight on the USA Network with another episode in its fifth season called, “Silence Kit.” On tonight’s episode Annie’s stake out ends abruptly when the CIA discovers confidential intelligence may have been leaked.

On the last episode Annie and McQuaid join forced to escape Venezuela; Joan and Arthur worked to extract the operatives. Calder’s clandestine affair took on a new dimension. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Annie’s stake out ends abruptly when the CIA discovers confidential intelligence may have been leaked. Meanwhile, Joan and Arthur compete for government funding, and Calder’s personal and professional lives collide.

Tonight’s episode looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Covert Affairs” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the third episode of season five of Covert Affairs tonight. In the meantime, enjoy a preview of tonight’s episode below.

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Annie got the chance this week to meet the notorious Roger. Roger can be a bit of a recluse although when it was Auggie that came to him for help – Roger decided to see what he could do. He took it upon himself to look into the “Postman” and what he found was an NSA agent. Wilson has powerful connections inside of the organization and just thinking about what that man could be up to has Roger worried. More so than usual!

The CIA can promise him protection all they want, but can they be there for him when he really needs them?

Joan didn’t even want to follow up on Roger’s lead. She wasn’t sure he was a credible enough source and frankly messing around with the NSA is going to be hard by itself. But rushing in to investigate one of their seemingly “clean” agents could cause more trouble than its worth. So Annie has to find something little more concrete than Roger’s source. Hopefully, something they can actually bring Wilson in for questioning.

Annie began following Wilson. She was trying to get the proof Joan so obviously depended when she was hit by a random car.

She had called Auggie afterwards just to notify him. And instead of taking her assurances at face value – he came rushing to the hospital. The hospital was going to let her leave on her own yet Auggie cancelled his date in order to see if she was alight for himself. He was originally going to take Hayley to a black tie event the office was holding. However Annie has always been his soft spot.

Annie didn’t want Auggie come down there because she knew what would happen if he did – she would have to tell him about her condition. And if he learns the truth then he would he tell her to quit her job. Annie has a heart condition and she’s been secretly getting treatment for it with the help of her old friend, Eyal Lavine. But Eyal didn’t like the way she was ignoring it and, not surprisingly, neither did Auggie.

Auggie doesn’t like the fact she’s still on active duty though according to Annie that won’t be a problem anymore. When she was hit by that car – they took blood samples from her. Soon Langley is going to learn about her condition and if that’s how she’s going out then she at least wants her last mission to be completed on a high note.

Annie had found some dirt on Wilson (she stole his files from his therapist’s office) and with her limited amount of time left on the job – she needed to get Joan’s ok right away. So she and Auggie were going to crash the benefit. Though they were unaware their timing as turns out was perfect for their plans.

Joan recently learned that Langley’s funding was going to get cut. Senator Pierson feels that the tragedy of Chicago proved Langley wasn’t up to the task of protecting American citizens. So she’s going to outsource some of their intelligence unit. That way she can find a firm more reliable. Like, say, McQuaid’s firm.

McQuaid assigned Arthur to schmooze the good Senator. If they can get the contract Langley formerly had then it would yield them an extra 40-50 million a year. And seeing as Arthur wants to prove he’s good at this job – he attempted to defund his wife department right in front of her at the black tie benefit.

Joan gave Annie the ok. But Annie was unable to turn Wilson’s wife against him. The woman refused to believe her life with her husband could all be a lie. So Annie was forced to retreat.

Her last mission was proving to be a bust when she returned home empty handed yet that instantly changed. Who does she find waiting for her at her apartment – Wilson. He saw her following him and he was lying in wait for her with a stun gun.

Annie managed to get out of that sticky situation though it ended in Wilson’s death. And seeing as he was armed when he broke into her apartment – Annie got the leverage she needed to get a search warrant. They found ton of files linking him to Chicago and another terrorist attempt.

So Annie was going out with the bang she wanted, but someone else must have stepped in to help. Joan got her medical records and all she found out was that Annie had a concussion. She knows nothing about the heart condition. It was as if someone erased it.

And Auggie won’t rat Annie out now that she got this big win under her belt – so her job is safe at the moment.

The End!