Cressida Bonas Snubs Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth: Refuses To Join Royals For Boxing Day Celebration

Cressida Bonas Snubs Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth: Refuses To Join Royals For Boxing Day Celebration

I have to wonder if part of Cressida Bonas’ appeal is that she doesn’t jump through hoops to accommodate Prince Harry’s every request. Perhaps he really does enjoy the challenge that she constantly presents. As is tradition, the entire Royal Family gathered at Queen Elizabeth’s estate in Sandringham to celebrate the holidays and Cressida was also invited to be there as Harry’s guest. It was one more step towards making her a serious presence with the royals. It has been rumored that Harry is ready to settle down and that he intends to propose in the coming year but Cressida is dragging her feet.

According to the Jan. 13th print edition of US Weekly, it is revealed that Cressida turned down the invite because she couldn’t handle the stress of meeting the entire Royal Family under such important circumstances. This isn’t the first time that Harry has been ready to take an important step forward and Cressida has halted him in his tracks. It’s one of the reasons that Kate Middleton isn’t exactly Cressida’s biggest fan and she thinks that the relationship is ultimately doomed.

It’s pretty obvious that Cressida isn’t yet ready to give up her current life in order to fall into line with the royals. She’s also smart enough to realize that once she steps out with Harry for a formal engagement she will be under intense scrutiny from that point on. Do you think Cressida will ultimately be the woman that Harry marries or does she already realize that the royal lifestyle isn’t for her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Cressida Bonas Snubs Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth: Refuses To Join Royals For Boxing Day Celebration”

  1. DuchessLazy says:

    If I were Waity Kate and thank God I’m not, I’d keep my mouth shut because she’s not exactly a class act nor has her record been spotless. She can’t keep her dress down in public and can’t go to Remembrance Day without acting like she’s 5 years old. Doesn’t know much about public duty either, it’s pretty scarce with her and William.

    And while seniors are freezing to death in their homes by the thousands in the UK, unable to afford heat, William and Waity are planning an expensive vacation for next year. William is royal patron of “Age UK” but the elderly dying and neither he nor his filthy rich family are doing anything about it.

  2. Nedra says:

    Write an official letter to yourself and ask why you are obsessed with people who have different opinions. I’m sure that will baffle you for a while and nice new ID’s too, you are sure are busy with all those eh ?

  3. Nedra says:

    Kate ? Blahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

  4. Guest says:

    Yeah, no one said William is “responsible for” the elderly freezing , but he could certainly help them.
    Amazing amount of hot air there, ice rant, but William is Royal Patron of “Age UK” and they know exactly what is happening to the elderly. As Royal Patron William could make sure they receive help. After all, he’s the Prince. But he hasn’t helped them.
    Not only that, his family is so immensely wealthy they could actually pay to heat the homes themselves, without even feeling it financially. Stop acting like it’s a popularity contest for William. Frail,helpless elderly people are dying by the thousands. That’s a fact.