Queen Elizabeth Puts Camilla Parker-Bowles In Servants’ Quarters for Sandringham Christmas?

Queen Elizabeth Puts Camilla Parker-Bowles In Servants' Quarters for Sandringham Christmas?

Yay, a new report from the Daily Fail. Exciting non-news about the royal family, as always. According to their latest report on the royals day-to-day functioning during Christmas at Sandringham [which could totally be the name of a reality show], Queen Elizabeth has been forced to put some royal relatives in the servants quarters. Gasp!

A source tells the Daily Mail [via Celebitchy], “Sandringham is a large house but everyone will be crammed in like sardines. There are just so many young royals now with children and the numbers keep going up. It’s great for the Queen but a nightmare to cater for.”

Apparently, due to Prince George‘s first Christmas, this is one of the largest family gatherings at Sandringham in decades. All those not invited the christening wanted their close-up with the new heir. Apparently, space is so tight that Sarah Ferguson wasn’t even invited, despite the fact that her two daughters were. And many of the more distant relatives that were invited will have to make do in the cottages and the servants’ quarters. What else are they to do, when there is simply no more space? And can you guess who was probably housed in the Servant’s quarters? Oh, of course we’re talking about Camilla Parker-Bowles. Well, the Queen probably wanted to put her there, but couldn’t considering she would have had to put her own son there as well.

The report states that those who were definitely housed in the Servant’s quarters were the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley and his family, and Linley’s sister and her family as well. They could apparently either stay in the chef or porter accommodations, or [!!] even the footmen’s bedrooms if there’s no more room. Damn, don’t they make it sound as though these people will be sleeping in slag heaps? There are cottages available, people! Go stay in the freaking cottages! We know you want to be close to the royal baby, but you’ll see him at lunch and dinner. I think that’s fairly enough time to spend time with a newborn who does nothing but cry, according to his own parents.

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  1. DuchessLazy says:

    She must have put Waity in the Bimbo Quarters.

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