Cressida Bonas Family Holds ‘Wedding Summit’ Before Prince Harry Engagement

Cressida Bonas Family Holds 'Wedding Summit' Before Prince Harry Engagement

Is it just me, or is is starting to seem like Cressida Bonas and her family are actually overly excited for Cressida to get officially engaged to Prince Harry? We’ve known the engagement is coming for a while now, but this latest report makes it seem like Cressida’s family is slowly starting to put pressure on Harry and the royals to make the engagement come faster.

According to the Daily Mail’s royal source, Cressida’s family has reportedly held a ‘wedding summit‘ to discuss her impending engagement to Prince Harry. Seriously?!

A source explains, “There is a family gathering to discuss an engagement. The announcement will be sooner than many people think.” Another one of Cressida’s friends reportedly added, “Harry and Cressida will be married. It is all going ahead. It is just a matter of time.”

Basically, Cressida, her friends, and family all want you to know that she’s getting married to Prince Harry, dammit! It’s totally happening, and it’s happening soon. I mean, they even had a wedding summit, which I don’t think even the Middletons has. Oh, I can already imagine this – Cressida’s family will be the Middletons part deaux, a.k.a. slyly trying to famewhore their way into every part of the royal family’s crevices.

Anyway, it looks like the pressure’s built built, and Harry better gather up and propose soon. For what it’s worth, the report’s source also adds that Harry’s planning to take Cressida to Balmoral this summer, to introduce her to Queen Elizabeth and officially propose to her. However, Harry reportedly wants to wait for Prince William and Kate Middleton to wrap up their Australia tour. So basically, expect an engagement during late summer/early fall, and then a wedding in summer 2015.

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