Crisis RECAP 4/13/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Designated Allies”

Crisis RECAP 4/13/14: Season 1 Episode 5 “Designated Allies”

Tonight on NBC their new drama CRISIS airs with another new episode.  If last week is any indication we are putting this on our must watch list.  On tonight’s episode called, “Designated Allies” Gibson’s wife seeks information about the CIA’s secret soldier program. Meanwhile, the CIA targets an off-the-grid Dunn and Finley when they go to drastic measures to gain information; and Meg investigates her company’s connection to the kidnapping while desperately attempting to get Amber back.

On last week’s episode as Finley and Dunn continued to look into the backgrounds of the parents, three of the parents were tasked with using their influence to steal a key piece of the mastermind’s puzzle from the CIA. Meanwhile, Meg dealt with the aftermath of her actions. At the mansion, Amber dealt with the unwanted attention of one of her captors while Beth Anne and Kyle started to get closer. Dermot Mulroney, Michael Beach, James Lafferty, Max Schneider and Max Martini also starred.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Gibson (Dermot Mulroney) uses his wife Janice (guest star Rebecca Spence) to gain information about the CIA’s covert soldier program. Dunn (Rachael Taylor) and Finley (Lance Gross) go off grid, becoming targets of the CIA when they take drastic measures to get information. Meanwhile, Meg (Gillian Anderson) searches for her company’s connection to the kidnapping and is willing to put everything on the line to get Amber (Halston Sage) back. Michael Beach, Stevie Lynn Jones, James Lafferty, Max Martini, Max Schneider also star.

Will CRISIS be another huge hit for NBC? Well we’ll have to tune in tonight at 10PM EST and let us know what you think. We’ll be recapping all of the action  right here for you. The advance buzz on this show has been pretty good and old X-Files fans are always thrilled when Gillian Anderson pops up somewhere. Will you be checking out the action? Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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Sharlene Wirth sits with Dunn upset because her mom is in custody. She asks if her mom will be released for her dad’s funeral. She sketches out what she can remember of where she was held. Dunn tells Sharlene that Finley saved her mom’s life and he says he’s sure her mom will be out. The computer techs work on the sketch she provided and they ask her about Thomas Gibson and if he interacted with the guards. Sharlene says they cut off his finger then took him away to question him about where he used to work and Beth Ann says it was at the CIA.

Janice hears a phone ringing and finds a cell phone in her cabinet. It’s actually her hubby calling but she has no clue because of the voice changing device. He tells her she must cooperate to save her daughter and that she needs to contact CIA Director Widener. She says he’s only her husband’s ex boss and Thomas says that’s a lie – he says he’s Beth Ann’s godfather. He tells her they know everything and that she must get Widener to her house. He tells her she has to poison him to save Beth Ann.

The techs work with the materials as Dunn brings Sharlene to her mom. Meg hugs the girl and tells Dunn that she is Amber’s bestie. Meg whispers into her sister’s ear – I know that you’re alone but you should tell your partner that she’s your daughter. She leaves with the Wirths.

Finley asks Dunn why she doesn’t trust her sister but she tells him her personal life is not part of the investigation. He thinks she’s being cold to her sister when her daughter is being held and she tells him she’s done with this conversation. She tells him Widener is there and they wonder at that. Widener tells Olsen that the soldiers they found were presumed dead but he has no clue how they are connected. Olsen says as soon as they’re awake he can speak to them. Widener says they need to cooperate and Olsen agrees.

On the way out, Widener stops to talk to the two agents. He gets a call from Janice and says to let them know when he’s awake. He leaves. Olsen tells Finley and Dunn that they are awake. He says Widener lied to his face so he wants answers before he will let him talk to them.

Widener comes to Janice’s house but has a full security detail with him – he says it’s protocol. They search her and he says he’s been wanting to talk to her. She offers him coffee and he kicks the security guys out. He tells her they are doing all they can to find Beth Ann and Thomas. She offers coffee again and he follows her to the kitchen. She asks if there is any connection between Thomas and the kidnapping and he says no. She pours a vial into the coffee. Thomas watches on video. She asks if he takes cream and he says she would do anything for her daughter. He says it’s going to be okay but he’s not going to drink the coffee. He dumps it out.

Koz watches with Thomas and asks if he thought she was going to be able to pull it off. Thomas says no and that the poison wasn’t even real. Janice tells him what the caller said and that she was told to poison him. She cries. Thomas says this was all part of his plan. Koz asks why he’s really there. Widener takes her in his arms and rubs her back and holds her. Koz looks as Thomas crosses off “she will break” from his list.

The doctor tells Finley and Dunn that the guys were in chemically induced comas and they can only have a few minutes with them. They approach Hawkins who gives his name, rank and serial number. Dunn tells him he’s not a captive and that he’s free and in America. She asks what happened and he repeats it. Finley asks about the mission and the civilians and Hawkins says he’s not at liberty to discuss it. Finley says he saw the footage and he admits they killed women, children and each other. He says it wasn’t a mission – it was just training. He cries and says he doesn’t want to go on the mission. The doctor comes in and tells them the CIA is there and is taking custody of the soldiers so they have to go.

Olsen watches the footage from their interview and an agent says that Widener is at Janice’s home but the CIA won’t let them in citing national security. Olsen tells him to get Widener on the phone.

One of the kidnappers watches Amber make her bed and asks if her housekeeper taught her that. She says her mother did and he asks what her mother would think if she knew about her and the teacher. Beth Ann asks Amber if she’s okay when she sees her in the hall. She’s shaking and tells her that the guard told her no one would get hurt but he isn’t following the rules. Beth Ann says they need to protect themselves and tells her she has an idea. That guard watches the girls get ready for their showers. Beth Ann gives Amber has a toothbrush with a razor blade in it hidden in a towel. Amber peeks at it.

The doctor stares at Dunn and she asks him why he’s staring. He says he wasn’t staring and Finley says the CIA cleared the main gate. They don’t want to let the CIA take them. Dunn says they can’t lose the connection. She says if they take them, no one will ever see them again. Finley asks the doctor if they have bio-hazard containment and he says he does.

Widener tells Janice he has to go. Thomas’ tech tells him they have almost hacked into Widener’s phone. Koz asks why Widener would stay after she tried to kill him and Thomas says that he knows what Widener really wants from Janice and she does too. Widener tells her he thinks about being with her and she kisses him. Thomas tears a page out of his notebook and says he didn’t want any of this and didn’t want to put children in danger or take on the CIA. He says the best way to deal with pain is to embrace it. Widener lays Janice down on the couch. Thomas says if you embrace pain, it has no power over you. He watches them.

Dunn and Finley set off the bio-hazard alarms and take the doctor with them after they smash his phone. Finley backs an ambulance into the hallway where they are and they take the two soldiers and the doctor.

Meg hugs her husband and he asks if she really wants to do this on her own. He asks her about the man that used to work for her. She says he did something horrible but she never asked what it was. One of Meg’s guys says that they got a hit – it’s a guy named Jonas – and he’s the doctor that Dunn just kidnapped…
[11:38:32 PM] Rachel Rowan: The kids line up for food and Kyle asks Beth Ann how her arm is. She chews him out and tells him if he wants to help he can get his Secret Service agent out there to tell her how her Dad is and how Jin Liao is. He tells her that Hearst isn’t bad and she says he’s one of them and he must accept it.

Widener is leaving the house and they initiate decryption. Thomas says the CIA will take the soldiers from the FBI and he will take them from the CIA. The kidnappers sit all the kids down and bring Thomas out. They hand him a paper to read and it says that a razorblade is missing and they better hand it over within 10 seconds or there will be a search. One counts down and then they line the kids up to be searched.

Dunn tells Finley they need to keep Olsen clean of this and she throws his phone out the window. Jonas tells them they need to take them back and that it’s a mistake. She tells him to be a team player and asks when they will be awake again. He says he doesn’t know.

Nash asks Thomas what the kidnappers were asking him and he says he’s not allowed to say and acts very meek and scared. The kidnappers come to search the girls’ room and the naughty guard keeps Amber there. Nash asks him what he’s doing and the guard chokes him out. He throws him to the floor and grabs Ian and pulls him into the room with Amber and closes the door. He tells Amber to tell him what she let the teacher do to her – how she let him touch her. She says she let him touch her and the guard tells her to tell Ian that he isn’t even good enough for her to look at. Ian tears up and the guard throws him at her and tells Ian to search her. He kneels down and searches her. The guard says the room is clear. Ian sits depressed and she’s in tears.

Widener tells his men to do whatever it takes to get the soldiers back and Olsen tells his crew to find them first. Dunn tells Finley she has a cover story for them – that they thought it was fake CIA coming for the soldiers and there were protecting them. He asks her why she can’t keep a partner. He tells her she should know by now she can’t trust him. Hawkins asks them to help him stay awake so he doesn’t see the people. He says they are going to make him do it again. He gestures to the doctor and Finley is down and so is Dunn – he stuck them both with some knock out needles. Jonas tells Dunn – I do know you. He gets his radio and calls Station Orange – he says – this is the doctor – request for pick up.

Luke asks the guards if they’re going to check his kiester and they say he can keep anything up his butt. They ask why he has so many meds and why they’re not in a bottle. He says they’re at home. Kyle chews him out for stealing drugs from other kids and he says now that Sloan is gone he’s all he got. Kyle tells him to put them all back where they belong.

Beth Ann asks her Dad if something happened and he says no – says he was thinking about her mom all alone and says he’s glad he’s with her. She tells him they weren’t together before and he says maybe they can give it another try.

Finley and Dunn come to on the concrete floor and see Jonas with a radio. Finley hears them say there are two minutes to extraction. He pulls a gun on Jonas and asks what he’s going to do with the men. He shoots at him and then Jonas tells him to ask his partner’s sister. They are still fuzzy as they see black suited men with earpieces come and take the men away. Finley tells them they can’t take them and one guy says – we were never here, go back to sleep. They both conk back out.

Ian tells Beth Ann to give him the razor blade. She has it in her mouth and pulls it out. He tells her he wants to flush it so they guards can’t find it. She asks him what happened in the room and he asks her to give it to him. She does and he walks out with it.

Finley and Dunn come to again and she wobbles over to him. She asks if he heard what the guy said about Meg. She asks what he grabbed off the guy and he says it’s an ID page. Dunn says it’s not his real name and he asks if she thinks her sister is involved and she says they need to go ask her.

Ian follows the skeezy guard downstairs and toys with the razor in his hand.

Widener gets a call confirming they have the soldiers. Widener tells his people to trace the next call. It’s
Jonas calling him from a payphone and he says he’s done. He says he never meant to be involved in something like this and says he was only willing to do science. Widener asks if they traced it but they didn’t.

Ian is ready to take down the guard when Nash grabs him and pulls him into a room. He and Beth Ann tell him the guard would have killed him. Nash tells him he knows why he’s mad. Ian drops the blade and she kicks it away. Kyle picks it up and she tells him that Hearst is the bad guy in all this. He takes the blade and holds it up to the camera and tells him to come out and talk to him. Thomas has Hearst in a cage and he tells him to go out and convince Kyle he’s in on it or he will kill him and his daughter. Hearst goes out and tells him he’s just a job and nothing more and now this kidnapping is his job. He tells him he doesn’t care a thing about him. He tells him to hand over the blade and if he makes him come out there again, it will be bad.

In the back, Thomas tells him to hand over the blade and for them to put him back in the hole. He punches one and then goes.

Dunn comes to confront her sister and she admits she knows him. Meg says her company’s pharmaceutical division had a contract with the CIA that Jonas ran. She says she doesn’t know what it was because she didn’t have clearance. She asks why Jonas left and Meg said the project went bad so she severed the relationship with Jonas. Dunn asks if her husband knows she was sleeping with Jonas and Meg says no. Meg says she tracked him down and found his wife. She gives the information to Dunn and tells her everything she’s ever done, she’s done for Amber. Dunn leaves irritated.

Jin wakes up and Thomas goes to him. He says he had them all scared and Jin says he’s just tired. He tells Thomas he dreamed that Thomas was in charge of the kidnappers.

Finley gets in the car with Dunn and says they need to tell Olsen. She says no then tells him that they need to find the kids so he needs to know the facts. She tells him that Amber is not Meg’s daughter. He tells her to trust him and says it. She says that Amber is her daughter. Finley says if the FBI finds out, they’ll have her badge and she agrees. He says he’ll keep her secret. She says now they need to call Olsen.

Beth Ann sits by Kyle and apologizes for pushing him. He says it’s better that he knows the truth and she kisses him. The guards come and tell Beth Ann to come with them.

The FBI are all over Jonas’ house and the wife is angry and says that they must love wrecking her home. She tells Dunn that first her sister did it, now her.

Thomas talks to Janice and says they let them call as a reward for her cooperation. Beth Ann tells her mom she misses her.

Ian asks Luke for some drugs and he asks what he wants. Ian asks what do you want.

Thomas comes back into the op center and pours a drink. He tells her his wife did a terrible thing to day to get them access and asks her what they found out. She gives him the coordinates they are to take the soldiers to and he tells her to send them new coordinates and to let Koz know they are headed his way.

The FBI tear apart Jonas’ house and Finley looks through some files. The two soldiers they found are in a picture with Gibson and the two guys they killed in DC. Dunn asks if Gibson is hostage or kidnapper.

The CIA van is stopped by some “cops” who say there is a downed power line. They kill the agents so they can take the soldiers. The tech tells Thomas they have them. He says that means it was worth it, what his wife did.