Crisis Recap 6/21/14: Season 1 Episode 12 “This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen”

Crisis Recap 6/21/14: Season 1 Episode 12 “This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen”

Tonight on NBC their new drama CRISIS airs with another new episode. If last week was any indication we are putting this on our must watch list. On tonight’s episode called, “This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen” Finley makes a heroic move in the mansion with the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Beth Ann falls deeper into danger, and a mysterious someone seeks revenge against Gibson.

On last week’s episode Finley (Lance Gross) was forced to go inside the mansion as part of a hostage exchange. In an effort to trick the world into believing he was innocent, Gibson (Dermot Mulroney) took extreme measures and set his sight on a new target for his next parent mission. With Meg’s (Gillian Anderson) help, Gibson enacted a piece of his plan that will bring out the truth about the soldier program. Rachael Taylor, Stevie Lynn Jones, Halston Sage, Max Schneider, Max Martini, Michael Beach also star. Mark Valley, Melinda McGraw and Adam Miller guest star. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Finley (Lance Gross) makes a heroic move while in the mansion with the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Beth Ann (Stevie Lynn Jones) ends up in further danger as a mystery person is determined to get revenge against Gibson (Dermot Mulroney). Gillian Anderson, Rachael Taylor, Halston Sage, Max Schneider, Max Martini, Michael Beach also star. Adam Miller guest stars.

Will CRISIS be another huge hit for NBC? Well you’ll have to tune in tonight at 10PM EST and let us know what you think. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you. The advance buzz on this show has been pretty good and old X-Files fans are always thrilled when Gillian Anderson pops up somewhere. Will you be checking out the action? Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts! In the meantime, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

RECAP: Finley works to stop the bleeding on Gibson’s stomach. He asks if this was just for the cameras, not sure that he’s a victim. One of the crew is worried about Gibson but Koz reassures him that the FBI will have him on a Medivac chopper soon. He says it’s time to save Tory Hurst. Their inside woman calls in a fake 911 call of a child crying upstairs. Jonas asks a bunch of questions and Koz tells him to shut up and gear up and says it’s time to go.

Olsen okays a move to get to Gibson. Koz tells his guys to start the fire in the wing and deactivate the window alarms then meet them in the tunnel. Jonas is worried about Gibson but Koz says he’s going to escape and save the kids and he’ll be a hero which is a happy ending. Gibson tells Finley how to get out and save the kids but he’s hesitant to believe him. He reminds him the house is rigged and says he’s dying and they’re running out of time.

Koz’s inside woman tells him that Black Hawks are on the way and they have 20 minutes. He asks if she’s ready for Tahiti then notices something is wrong. He tells Dutton there’s a problem and a change of plans. Koz tells the guy to get Gibson and says he’s coming with them even though it’s a change of plans. Koz says his contract is broken and he’s getting out. Jonas asks who will save the kids and he says it’s not his problem.

The FBI sees the fire on the East wing. Finley smells the smoke. Just then one of the crew comes in and tells Finley to get back. The masked guy grabs up Gibson and he begs him to let him stay with his daughter. He asks Finley for help but he says he won’t help until he admits the truth. Gibson tells him that he did it – he made the calls.

They leave with Finley locked in the cage and Finley says he’ll see him later but then he busts out of the cage, surprises the masked guy and kills him. Gibson grabs up the gun and Finley asks if it was the truth. Finley says he sounds like a scared parent so he believes him now. He hands Finley the gun with a shaking hand. Finley finds the keys and uncuffs him then unlocks Tyler and asks if he knows where the kids are.

Tyler says they are tied up in the bedrooms. Finley gives him a knife and says that he needs to go cut their bonds and get them to the front door ready to leave. Tyler’s unsure but Finley gives him a pep talk and he goes. The choppers are four minutes away. Finley drags Gibson out through the smoke and outs him at a table. He asks what to do.

Finley says to check status of the mines and he opens a laptop and he says they are still armed. He asks how to turn them off but then Gibson collapses. He begs him to tell him how to turn off the mines. Tyler is untying everyone and the kids beg to be let out as the smoke intensifies. Finley checks the radios and figures out the kidnappers were shutting down.

He hears the choppers and says not yet. He grabs a laptop that has a Tahiti postcard and asks Gibson if they were using cops because it’s a dedicated police device. He sends a message that Dutton gets and she sees it. A state cop shows Olsen the same message that says the explosives are active and they are trapped inside. Dutton observes this with interest.

Dunn asks a question to verify that it’s him and she confirms his ID. They tell him something to try to disarm the mines. Beth Ann is brought in and Dunn tells Finley to try Beth Ann as a password. He does and it’s wrong. He asks what to do. Gibson is still unconscious and Finley is suffering from smoke inhalation and collapses. He sees the postcard and sends out a message to Tahiti not to let the kids burn.

Koz tells Dutton they are out of the building. She sees the message. Koz tells her to get out now. He asks her to copy. She hesitates. Dutton sends Finley the password and Olsen asks who sent it and he says it’s unknown. There are 50 stations it could be and Dunn goes to find out who it is. The passcode works and Olsen gives the choppers and ground troops the go-ahead.

They watch on the screen as the choppers hover and guys rappel down. Finley crawls over to Gibson. The HRT team goes into the smoky building looking for the kids. They find Finley carrying Gibson and other team members find the kids. The FBI team applauds as they see the kids stream out of the building. Someone offers to take Gibson off his hands, but Finley says he has him.

Finley tells Dunn he’s okay and says that there was a cop involved, he just doesn’t know who it is. She asks why he called him Tahiti and he says he thinks that’s where he’s headed. Dunn says they need to look for someone who has been on vacation and they need to find who came back just in time to be Gibson’s eyes and ears.

They figure out it’s Dutton and the state trooper points them to her chair. She came back just to work this case. She’s not at her station and they ask where she’s gone to. We see her in the vehicle with Koz and she says they are in the clear. Meg comes in and sees the kids and their parents. She looks around for her daughter. The president is there hugging his son.

She tells the nurse she’s looking for Amber and says they told her hours ago she could see her. Dunn comes over and asks her sister why Amber is still in medical and a doctor pulls them aside. He tells them that Amber tried to leave and go back to the mansion and fought the agents that tried to restrain her and they had to sedate her. He says she’s awake now.

Dunn agrees that now is not the time for Amber to meet her. Meg goes to Amber and Dunn heads back to Finley. Olsen says they will know soon how many survivors they have. Dunn says they don’t have a headcount for the kidnappers and she asks why they wanted Finley. He says he was supposed to be a witness to Gibson being innocent.

Olsen says the kidnappers may have turned on Gibson but he saved the President’s son and Dunn says they have no hard evidence on him. Gibson is stable and is about to go into surgery for his gunshot wound. We see him in a bed and he wakes up and sees a TV screen showing the President about to speak. He grabs his glasses and puts them on.

The news report says that Gibson took a bullet for his son. He smiles in satisfaction. He sees Janice and she comes in crying. He tells her to go be with Beth Ann and to not worry about him but she says Beth Ann didn’t come out and is still missing. He’s in shock and says that’s not possible. The news shows Tory’s rescue and says she’s the daughter of a slain agent.

They say her kidnapper, Thomas Jefferson Smith, has been taken into custody. He’s the person they say is the mastermind behind the kidnappings. Gibson watches with interest. Dunn and Finley come to see Smith and say he’s the Ballard mastermind. Smith says that Gibson was the one who framed him and says he’s the one who trained him.

He asks if they have any concrete evidence against Gibson and they know he doesn’t. Dunn says that Beth Ann is missing and asks if Widener took her. Smith says he would hate to see what Gibson would do to get his daughter back. He denies taking Beth Ann. Smith says he doesn’t know Widener. Smith tells them to arrest or kill Gibson or find his daughter. He says he’s way too danerous for any other option.

The phone by Gibson’s bed is off the hook and he hears Beth Ann’s voice. She asks him to do what they want. The news reports that they think Dutton has Beth Ann. Dunn tells the team members to tread lightly with Dutton and says she won’t go easy. They bust into her place and spot a table set for two and wonder who she was there with. They find evidence that someone was taped to the bed.

In the trashcan is some burned evidence. She says they are scared. They go to Dunn and Finley and ask him why they are so scared. They show him where Beth Ann was taped to the bed. Gibson denies all knowledge of this and says that what he told Finley was only to get his help to get to Beth Ann. Dunn asks what they want him to do and he says he doesn’t know.

Finley asks if he got a call and he says no. He’s dressed and says he’s going to see his wife. Finley mocks him and calls him a hero and Gibson walks out. Finley asks what Gibson will do to get Beth Ann back but Dunn doesn’t know. Janice drives Gibson home and says the press is there and the FBI has been following her.

Janice asks why Beth Ann is the only one still lost. Her phone rings and Gibson answers. He tells them to say what they want. Janice watches in horror and he asks who it was then asks her if was Widener. He tells her to stay away from him and says he’s dangerous. Janice asks if he knows who the kidnapper is and he says they caught the guy.

She says he told her that in their business, it’s never the obvious one. He asks her if they asked her to do something and if she’s had a call. She says no then asks if he’s had a call. Back at the FBI, Olsen tells Finley and Dunn the burned scraps had a few words they could read – self destruct and Sunday. Gibson calls and hears his daughter and the caller says tomorrow he’ll be asked to do something to get her back.

Janice overhears and asks what they want him to do. Olsen is told there was an anomaly on the Gibson’s phone tap – there are 73 seconds of static and Finley says that was the kidnapper’s call. Gibson goes to Meg’s house and says he has information for her on why Amber is so much more broken than the others. She tells her security to let him in.

They tell Dunn that Gibson is at Meg’s and she heads out. Gibson tells Meg that Widener is going to use him, likely against her and he says he just wants his daughter back. Meg says you first and asks what he knows about Amber. He tells her that Amber was having an affair with Mr Nash and says he noticed it but no one else knew. He says she watched him die in her arms.

Gibson says he knows that difficult to hear as her mother. He asks her about Widener. She says Widener called her to help him find money and she said no. He asks why and she asks if he killed the boy himself or had someone else do it. He asks why Widener wants the kidnappers’ money and she says she doesn’t know but says that she would make him beg to get his daughter back.

Dunn and Finley show up to Meg’s and demand to know what the caller said. He says all he heard was static. They ask about the self destruct and Sunday and he doesn’t answer. Meg tells Dunn that he wanted to know if she helped Widener take the kidnappers’ money. Dunn says they need to search the place and they need to leave until it’s clear. Meg says she’ll get Amber and go and asks Dunn to come along.

Dunn comes with Meg to see Amber who is sitting on the sofa. Meg says Amber won’t talk about what went on. Meg asks if they will get Gibson and says she thinks he’ll get away with it. Dunn doesn’t deny it. Meg calls to her daughter and says her Aunt Susie is here. Dunn asks if she can sit with Amber and she looks at the scrapbook she’s making for each of her classmates.

Dunn says it’s a funny way for them to finally meet. Amber asks if she’s the one who found them and asks why it took so long and they left them for so long. Meg has tears in her eyes as she watches the exchange. Later, Finley tells Dunn that Amber will heal and says she’s strong. She asks how he knows and he says he knows her mother and she’s strong.

Finley tells Dunn that this latest plot isn’t Gibson and they try to figure out what is going on and who has Beth Ann. He says he has an idea about that. The sun rises over DC. Gibson and Janice are about to be interviewed by the press and Dunn and Finley come in. Finley says he has something to say to the kidnappers.

He turns to the camera and says he’s talking to Dutton. He says they know who she is, her name, face, where she group, her friends and family. He says – you’re burned, you know that. Dutton has Beth Ann tied up and Koz comes in with food. He tells Dutton not to get too attached to her and says to come on, that Gibson will be on the air soon.

The FBI watches Gibson and Janice on the news and they just say they are there together waiting on Beth Ann to come home. Then we see Finley’s message to Dutton. She sees this and him saying you can’t run, we’ll find you. He says to call her and bring back the girl and they’ll help her. The news then shows Dutton’s photo and information on her.

Koz comes in and sits down with bottles of beer. He kisses Dutton. He tells her not to let Finley get in her head and says the buyer is five minutes away and they’ll get the money and give him the girl and then they are headed to Tahiti. She repeats him, Tahiti. Beth Ann listens horrified. The interview continues and then they get a text message that’s a local address but says “Tahiti.”

The news says the next item is a thank you from Tyler to Gibson who saved him. Gibson is asked about the President refusing to pardon Widener and he says it’s none of his business. The Gibson’s watch the interview and the caller tells Gibson that it’s time for him to self destruct. He says he’s ready.

Finley, Dunn and the team head to a warehouse that’s at the address they were sent. There’s a car there and Koz and Dutton are there, but are barely alive. They asks them where Beth Ann is and Koz says he sold her. They ask to whom and he says to the people who shot me. He says his comm is here too and says he was double-crossed.

They ask if Widener has her and he says they don’t use names because they get you dead. The ask his name and he says no names. He says he’s not a child killer. He has a gun in his hand and says – if you think the mansion is bad, wait until you see what Gibson does to get his daughter back. He points the gun at him and they have to fire, but he knew that – suicide by cop…

Dunn says that what he must have meant was that whatever Gibson is going to do will be worse than the kidnapping. At the school, Gibson stands by Tyler as a chorus sings and there’s a banner for Beth Ann hung across the stage. Gibson thanks him for putting this event together and he says that it’s right for the President to be there.

The secret service doesn’t want the President to go out and shake Gibson’s hand but he says he has to because Gibson saved his son’s life on national TV and he will look like a coward if he doesn’t. He asks if they will keep him safe and they say they checked both the Gibsons head to toe and the theater and it’s clear. We hear the kidnapper saying to Gibson that he must do something even he could not imagine.